I have a question...or sort of a survey really.  How many of you would be interested in purchasing or bidding on older items of Michaels. T-shirts, CDs, old fan club newsletters and magazines, etc.  MBC has the opportunity to get these but aren't sure of the interest to raise money at this time.  Most of the long time fans have all these items and others have gotten them from ebay, etc. So before they decide whether to take an offer given to them they wanted me to check to see if there would be any interest.



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I would be more than interested Gail for I know there is a lot of stuff I haven't got and if a list of what MBC have got was available I most certainly would be checking it thoroughly !! :)    Also appeals greatly because of the knowledge that MBC would benefit ....would certainly far rather give my money to MBC than some seller on eBay !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I personally have most of the things from the old days like you said Gail but if enough people are interested then maybe it's worth pursuing by the MBC. Did a fan decide to donate their collection to the MBC to make money?  It's great if they did.

I hope it works out to the MBC's benefit!

Robin in MD:)


I also have most of the "older" items Gail but perhaps other fans would be interested. Hope they leave a message here so you can determine interest. Hopefully there wouldn't be a lot of work for you to do Gail. Perhaps the "owner" of these items would be interested in starting their own thread here and that would free you up. Also, in light of recent donation problems, maybe Andrena can create a link that directly sends the money to MBC? That way the "owner" doesn't need to bother with the financial aspect. Just thinking out loud :) 

Kathy and LAFD Bob



Hi Gail

I haven't been on here much lately I know

I have a lot of Michael's stuff as well and you are right most from ebay

BUT I probably would be interested in a few things.

You know it is very easy for anyone to pay for anything using PAYPAL so maybe it wouldn't cost much if you were to list a few things here maybe as a buy it now price and let us see what the fans are interested in.

When Michael was over here I really wanted a Michael Bolton Coffee cup but they didn't have them here for sale

I just read Kathy's idea Brillant a link straight to Andrena for the funds is a fantasic idea :)

Love Dianna xxxx


who has a lot of reading to do :)


Hi Gail, I guess it would depend on what and the price but I'd love to take a listen at a list and maybe help MBC is some small way. I guess it would be a kind of on-line fan reception silent auction? Great idea! Take care Gail. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: Good to read you Dianna! 

They will be donated to MBC for them to auction off but they would have some expenses at the begining and they are just wondering if it is worth it.  Are there enough people who don't have the older things that would bid or buy them...I'll wait a day or so to get the majority feel. Thanks!  Gail

Hi Gail, are these items new or used? I would like to own a new T-Shirt or possibly slightly used CD to my collection. Especially if MBC would benefit. Thanks in advance.


They are items a long time fan is going to donate to MBC. Don't know if they are items never been used. Gail

Hi Gail,

I just popped in here again to see if any of the items donated are being autioned off or sold yet? Any more news on these?

Thank you,


No I haven't heard anything and this is a busy week for Andrena so will check with her when she returns from Reno.   Gail

I would be interested, Gail. I have picked up a few things on Amazon, I do not buy on eBay. No doubt there would be something(s) I would want that would very happily benefit MBC.br />


Kathy T.:)


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