Hi Everybody,


First time posting on this board... so apologies if this is in the wrong place!


The review of the DVD live at the Albert Hall can be found at




The Blu Ray DVD has 2 bonus tracks which includes Nessum Dorma........ at last l am thankful for buying a blu ray player! lol


Best wishes

Carol (London)

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Just had an email from HMV- its on its way!!!!
I know Louise, I had a package delivered from Amazon this monring and I was so excited!!!

Then....just before I dived into it with my large parcel scissors....I realised that it was for my son!! DOH!!! And, that I've ordered the dvd from HMV!! I'm such an idiot!!

I cant wait!!!! I know I have to..but I just cant!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
hi jen dont panick i had an email from hmv this morning saying the dvd was in the post today so you should get yours very soon if you have not had one already ,i bought mine from hmv and 2 from amazon as i knew one or the other would get here first lol

Hi Louise

I too have had an email from Play.com to say its been posted. It is an early birthday present to myself, and just cant wait for it to come through my door. I know much wont get done this weekend, apart from watching this DVD!!!!
Love Clarexx
Hi Clare, l use Play.com as well, had a few problems last yr with hmv with michael's charity single.... they cut the label so it missed the number of my house! lol.... finally got to me 3 weeks later, this time l am personally going to the shop so l leave with it in my hand! lol
See you soon at Hampton court.

Love Carol (London)
Mmmmmm, I don't have a Blu-Ray player...
Comet.co.uk have an LG blu ray player at £99

I'm off to buy one over the W/E.


Love Jennifer XXX
I've already got mine and it is amazing!! xxx
I was talking about the dvd!
Oh my goodness!!!

You lucky, lucky lady!!

I hope you enjoy watching it.

Tell us all about it, wont you when you can peel yourself away from the TV!! Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
I've now watched it twice!!! It just takes you right back to the night so needless to say it is fantastic!!!! Much better than the other live dvd- this one is really 'in your face'!! LOL
Have you watched the interview yet Louise?
Love Dianna xxx


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