Hi Everybody,


First time posting on this board... so apologies if this is in the wrong place!


The review of the DVD live at the Albert Hall can be found at




The Blu Ray DVD has 2 bonus tracks which includes Nessum Dorma........ at last l am thankful for buying a blu ray player! lol


Best wishes

Carol (London)

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oh what a rotten trick that was Clare,glad you got your revenge by playing it all weekend lol!
I,m looking forward to getting my copy,(hopefully) tomorrow fingers crossed.
Sandra xx
Thanks for sharing, Mine is on the way now. . I am looking forward to getting it!!
Same here, Robin. I got an e-mail from amazon.com this morning that the DVD and CD have been shipped! Yea! I've listened to brief snippets of the new tracks on the CD and I really like them.

I got mine this morning from Amazon and guess what I've been doing today?? Huh> Can you?

Yep, thats right.....making use of the drier weather to plant up my flowerpots on my decking!!!

I did manage to watch the countdown to the concert though it was so exciting!!

I'm going to wait until tomorrow evening and will sit and watch the dvd in its entirety, in peace a quiet. Just, me, the dvd and a cup of tea and rich tea biscuits!!

I hope you all get yours really soon.

I only realsied today that I've inadvertantly bought three copies!! Ooops!! Oh well!!

Love Jennifer XX
lol jen i bought a copy of each from amazon blu ray and normal then i went and bought a copy from hmv so i knew one or the other would come first and it was hmv i have always had my cds or dvds before the release date from them so now i have 3 copys the more the better as i will only ware this copy out lol

What are we like eh?? Mad, mad, barking mad!! Ha Ha Ha!!

We can have a copy in each room now!!

Love Jennifer XX
Received my copy of the DVD yesterday. Watched it last night. I enjoyed it alot. I do wish the band members were still up there like that, that's my only negative thing about it. :( I wasn't at that particular venue/show but over the years, being a part of his audience, at the stage just like this audience and experienced the same fun and excitement with the songs that are classic for him in concert and favorites, brings back such fun memories!!!!!. It's great to have that on DVD to keep... The venue was beautiful inside and the sound must have been incredible live.

I saw quite a few familiar faces in the crowd too!!LOL Way to go ladies.

I enjoyed Michael's interview and seeing the countdown to to showtime segment..Love the interview with Milo!!!! He's the best!


I was hoping to have mine by Mothers day but alas it's still coming
Oh well that's life!
All the reviews sound great I can hardly wait!
Thanks Robin
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Dianna, I hope you get yours before your concert!!! You will know more what to expect in a way and then get to experience it all LIVE!! Woo Hoo! I am excited for you and your upcoming concert. I forgot are you attending more than one? Yours should be there before then I hope.

Hi Robin,
I really want to have it by the concert.
I was hoping for Michael to sign it maybe!
There's only the 1 concert that I can attend so I will have to soak it all up and enjoy.
Love Dianna xxx


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