I received Facebook messages, was asked for my cell phone number and received text messages and phone calls from someone pretending to be Michael Bolton, They wanted me to pay first $700, then $450, then $250 for a case that was suppose to have $700,000 in it, event tickets and other personal information. I don’t think that if the real Michael Bolton wanted to send anything to anyone he would expect them to pay anything. Also I was to receive 10% of the contents of the case. When I got the phone call it presented as coming from Dallas, Texas. I would not expect anything from him or anyone else like that. Makes me mad that some people might fall for the scam.
I hate scammers, but I was so hoping it was really Michael Bolton, I just wanted to really talk to the real Michael Bolton, have him sing me a song. Meet and greet.

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Hi Brenda and sorry you have encountered these scammers.  They have been on the go for quite a while now and they target many celebrities.  There are one or two stories they try to con people with and yours is one of them.  All you can do is ignore and report to Facebook who will then remove the page.

Michael only has one account on Facebook and it is a "page" not a "personal page" and therefore cannot ask anyone for friendship.  Also Michael's accounts on both Facebook and Twitter are verified by the blue circle with white tick/check in.  

If scammers made direct contact with you through messenger, unfortunately, this does seem to be another avenue they are now using and all can advice is that Michael would never get in touch with anyone through such means and please keep believing it is not Michael.

Unfortunately, it is known, some people have been caught by these scammers.  Human nature for when you are fed something you desperately want to hear it is sometimes difficult to let that little voice of reason come in and guide you. 

Take care Brenda and thanks for taking time to come in and share with us your experience....thanks !!! :)

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


I myself have been contacted several times as I actually was given information by you Sylvia on who to contact. What makes me even more upset is the fact that concerns regarding this do nit seem to be taken seriously.The solution as I am un a law enforcement related field is not to report them because social media removing them is unfortunately not a permanent solution because they come back under nee accounts. Getting authorities involved is the only permanent way to deal with such people. Unless there are consequences to their actions they will continue to do what they do. This is not fair to the fans or people like Michael Bolton. One account on Instagram that contacted me actually has over 445 followers that means 445 people this person is attempting to scam. This person has another account on Instagram as well and has again made contact with me so far not trying to scam me at all but I am expecting they will once they get their nerve back up. I find it highly disrespectful that there is this problem but an apparent lack of concern regarding it. Seems being in the field I am in I understand the dangers and problem more than people paid to worry about it. The dangers of a scammer go deeper sometimes than some people realize such as an attempt or intention to commit identity theft.I received a passport with Michael Bolton's picture on but again because of the field I am in was able to detect the deception as it had expired 8 years ago first of all plus scammers have ways to create fake documents in someone's name not to mention the scammer secured a fake untraceable Google issued phone number so that tells me they have been doing this for awhile to know how to make their selves untraceable.

Scammers are a multi-million pound industry so, as far as I can see, it will never be stopped.  It would appear there are various groups carrying out scams on Instagram, Facebook and at times, Twitter.  Should also say it is far from being only Michael Bolton who is concerned for most celebrities are targeted.  I myself have had plenty for Richard Marx and Kenny G as well as Michael.  Have to say I have stopped putting comments against posts from Michael on FB and number of false accounts contacting me has dropped considerably.  I believe you have to report them and hope that the media platform involved will remove them as a source to which you could apply legal representation will never be found and even if found, resources and cost is not there to do anything about.  These scammers operate from various countries with one of the main ones being Nigeria so how does any law enforcement agency start to legally prosecute any one from there and how long would such a legal battle take.  Truly believe only way is to report and have them removed in the hope that those who are gullible will be afforded a little protection by the account they believe to be real being removed and the more they see these accounts are being removed may, in turn, hopefully, make them think before accepting friendship etc. from anymore false accounts.

Only misgiving I have is especially with Instagram and Twitter who have not followed Facebook''s wonderful lead in checking on these accounts when they are reported and removing them within hours.  Twitter requires verification and authority notices from the person being imitated before they will even consider removing an account.  Those individuals, who may be getting scammed, and report are not listened to on Twitter and it would appear to be the same case with Instagram.  When I have reported accounts to Twitter at least I did get back a response asking for verification when took reporting a step further than just what they offer on their platform but with Instagram have had no such response.  Have reported numerous accounts on Instagram and keep reporting them just about every day, they are not removed and getting no feed back from Instagram.  They have removed one account I've reported but have reported about 5 or 6 but thing is they look innocent on the surface and do not know how much Instagram delve into an account when it is reported. Trouble is most false accounts are not easy to locate unless they do get in touch with you for, as same as on Facebook, they can hide themselves from general observation.

Just to also say Diana this has been going on for a few years now and passport pic along with many other supposed documents of Michael's i.e. driving licence etc, have been used in attempt to con people and unfortunately, in some instances, successfully.

As have said truly believe all you can do is report and keep informing people of the threat from scammers and how to try and avoid.  Look at all the scams carried out through e-mails involving multinational businesses, like banks, insurance companies etc and if it were possible to stop, believe their resources would have found a way but even all they can do is close down each attack.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Diana, I have forwarded your info and email on to Michael's management but it is a big quest for them with other things going on. This has been happening for a long while now and they have a team on their social media group working on it but if you don't send the page you are taking about it is hard for them to look into it and take care of it.  They do have the info above that you send them and know in general what you are saying and hopefully will get back to you.

Unfortunately, my 75 year old mother has been scammed.....twice that I know of, and of at least 10K for the "briefcase" scam.  She lost my father earlier this year and is so devastated and lonely, she wants to believe each "fake" is the real Michael Bolton :(.  She is currently in a "relationship" with the fifth imposter and insists it is really Micheal Bolton.  I sent an email through his website in hopes a member of his team would be willing to contact her and tell her that the real guy would never ask her for money.  I doubt they would care....there are probably several others like my mom out there and I know they cannot respond to them all.   Its hard to see her fall for this over and over...she's gonna end up broke....or worse!   Who knows what can happen when they get her address, bank accounts, SSN, etc :(.  

Hi Lori, wow it’s nice to get a message from this site! Well first, I’m sorry about the loss of your father and all the wrong that’s been done to your mom. Thanks for reaching out. I’m not associated to Michael or his management, I’m just a fan who’s not on Facebook. Well first, Gail, the moderator of this site started this discussion about the fake Facebook pages in 2014:


This current site is not updated any more Lori, but, to my knowledge,  the info on that page still applies. Now, to cut short on fake Facebook pages etc, Michael and his management decided to gather everything about Michael in one place, in a Facebook group:

Michael Bolton group on Facebook:


Now, I’m not sure which site you’ve sent a message through, this one or Michael’s official Facebook, but the best way to get your message relayed to the right person, is by writing to Gail at the address boltoninfo@aol.com and she’ll do her best to help you. Good luck to you and your mom sweetie, take good care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


me too.  Just happened yesterday.  I feel so stupid.  Who do I contact to tell his management team

Hi Maureen, his management team has been vocal on the internet about the repeated scams, but other than that there isn't much they can do.  There are MANY scammers out there falsely representing celebrities and others that are private parties that will solicit you into a romantic relationship and eventually start asking for money.  Some of them are very good, and will invest months to convince you that they are the real deal, and some of them are also very good about covering their tracks so they don't get "caught".  At ANY time, if someone asks you for money, they are likely a scammer.  Red flags.... saying they are in a profession that requires them to be away (oil riggers, secret service, military).   They will never be available for face time chat, will put off "meeting" in person, etc. There is a TV Show that actually helps aid in exposing these types of people....good watching ;)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catfish:_The_TV_Show

Thanks Lori!! These theives were good. I fell for it and sent the Amazon cards but called Amazon right away and their fraud division is on it.
I am in a chat with someone that wants me to buy a vvip ticket for $2,000 and then we can meet in person. He says he loves me and we could be together

I am Currently in a chat on hangouts with someone named Michael Bolton. he has sent me a few pics (from stock photos) found on the internet. he is talking on the chat about some club he wants me to be in. wants me to find a house with 3 bedrooms and a pool. but i need to pay for a package LOL. I'm stringing this guy along to see exactly where he is headed. so far nothing he is saying is adding up. I'm gay so he is playing into that, he has contacted me out of the blue from two different phone numbers. one is from Maryland and the second one is from Florida. What do you suggest I do about this fake?  I have been chatting with this guy for about two weeks now. I still have the phone numbers he originally contacted me from but there is no answer on those numbers. 

wanted a meet and greet for 1/25/2022 concert for Michael and his Charity advised that they were canceled.  Tickets and meet and greet were for my daughters 35th birthday present.  In I thought a private chat with Michael he stated that Scott his Manager could arrange a meet and greet after show for $2,000.  Sent me a picture of his ID and a picture of himself.  Did not send the money.  Went through private chat on Whats app for a few days.  Charity was thoughtful and sent my daughter two American Greetings Birthday Cards.


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