Hi everyone!  My husband bought me the new MB Cd a few weeks ago (and its been playing nonstop since!) and left it in my car for me to find after a long day at work.  He left this cute note with it for me, I thought you all would enjoy it too: 

Take the long way home!  You are my just one love! When you get home, I'll be Ready for you!  You are the best  because our crazy love makes me a survivor, my lady.  You know what you're doing to me.  You comfort me.  You murder my heart and I hope its not too late to sign your name on my heat.  Be careful coming home.  I don't need you to fall off the road!

How wonderful!  I'll keep this note forever I think.  Anybody else have similar stories with MB lyrics or song titles?

**Counting down to November 5th!!!!!**

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Hi Jessi, no I'm not that lucky lol but I think your husband is adorable! Thanks for sharing! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
The www is wonderful at times isn't it?! Have fun with the new album with new songs for you to enjoy!!!
Jessi (from USA to follow along with the past few posts!)
ps. My husband is SO adorable! In MANY ways!
Mine neither! Last year he sent me a text message on our anniversary saying "thought I would send a text as it's more personal than a card!" Think that was only because he had forgotten and didn't get time to buy a card, it did make me laugh though. Our 25th is at the beginning of September, wonder if I'll receive another text?

My husband is sweet--he's not good like that with song titles but sweet in other ways. He never forgets our anniversary and we are going away in Sept. on a weekend for our 26th anniv. this year. I think the idea Jessi's husband had with the CD titles is adorable.

He's gotten used to my being a MB fan over the years.
Mine either!!! Hes a sweetheart but when it comes to music that where we are so different!!! He's not a MB lover!! Doesn't like it at all! But he does listen in the car cause every cd in the cd player is Michaels!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hey Robin, I guess most husbands aren’t that creative with MB song titles, but my husband is really sweet too. Our anniversary isn’t that hard to remember: it’s on my birthday, our 24th is coming up! In his previous job, until he got laid off 2 years ago, he’d call me twice a day and say “I just called to say I love you!” and that was one of “our” first songs… :D He does love MB’s music and even got used to opera! Now Carol, if you force yourself to see the bright side, a text message is at least composed by him… Hopefully, he’ll feel like he has to make up for last year and honor your big milestone, do let us know! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Awww Sylvie that's a nice story about your husband. Mine has been to 2 MB shows and a Bombers softball game years ago and he does like some of MB's music. When I won the call from MB from that Twitterparty in May he made sure I had time to gather my thoughts and all that afternoon and he made dinner that evening, not knowing when the call could come in for sure. He was happy for me and told his work friends that MB calls the house now! LOL (Kidding with them). Had them going for a while and then he told them I won a contest. He had fun with it and he really liked the flowers that were sent by the contest from Michael too and helped me make a hook to hang them to dry and keep. He was so sweet about it all. He has appreciated the fact that my friends and I have had a fun times being fans of MB's and MB has treated us so nicely over the years too. And he likes some of MB's music also. It's all good!

Robin :)
Hi Robin, looks like we got 2 of the good ones! The important thing for them is that we're happy! I'm glad you've found a way to keep the flowers and hope they do another contest next year! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
So sweet! Lucky girl (but i think he's so lucky too...) Kiss from beautiful Italy
Hi Jessi welcome to the forum.
That was a lovely thing your hubby done for you.Very nice!
It really is a great CD isn't it?
All the best
Dianna xxx


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