Suggestions for songs to be included in Michael's Set List for 2015

This thread has been started because of an idea a few of us had and which some of us, such as myself, Kathy LAFD and Petra decided to go a stage further with and come on here and ask you to post FIVE songs that Michael has not sung on stage, rarely sings on stage or, has not sung for a number of years, which you would love to hear him singing at a concert. We know and understand, everyone has their own favourites and some are probably those that Michael has in his set list at present, like Steel Bars, When A Man Loves A Woman, but we ask you to think carefully about your FIVE songs and to try and pick those that he seldom sings but which YOU love.

What we hope to achieve is a list, of the TOP 10 songs that YOU will have chosen, which we can present to Michael and ask him to give consideration to possibly including, at least, one of the songs on his set list during 2015 as it being a song voted on by his fans. We have asked Gail, moderator of the forum, for permission to do this and also if she would be willing to pass our list to Michael and she believes a good idea and has agreed to pass to Michael on our behalf. Have to make it very clear, whilst list will be passed to Michael, it gives no guarantee you will hear one of your songs at a concert you go to, nor does it guarantee, Michael will feel it relevant, to include any of the songs voted on, in his 2015 set list.

We hope it lets Michael see how much we care about his music and how much we love it all. Also how much we appreciate the way Michael involves his audience, US, so much in all of his shows and how much we all thank him for doing so. Have also to say hope it lets him see how much fun we all have coming together on this forum which is a part of Michael's website and for those that do not know, this was something Michael himself asked be included when this website was set up. The facility of a forum is available on these sites but the great majority of celebrities do not give this to their fans i.e they don't pay for it, as Michael does, for us.

We are asking that you have your FIVE songs posted on this thread by 1st December so, before the Christmas rush starts, we are able to draw up the TOP 10 list. It will also give Gail the opportunity to send to Michael before 2015 arrives. Only one post, containing five songs, is allowed per person.

In advance, we want to thank everyone who comes onto this thread, for your support is more than appreciated and we also hope you have FUN in thinking up your FIVE songs. We also hope, during 2015, Michael sings all your favourites and each and everyone of you has a concert, as near your doorstep as can be, so that you get to a show next year

Picture was taken on 20th May, 2014 at Cliff's Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, UK and please feel free to use if you wish to. 

Sylvia, Kathy LAFD and Petra.

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Hi, great Ladies.

thanks for your hard work

with love Marie

Bravo Sylvia, Petra and Kathy! :-)

thank you very much, it's very interesting!


and NOW Michael good luck!


love Silvy from CH

Great job Sylvia, Kathy, and Petra. Thank you all very much for this wonderful project. I believe Michael will surprise us. Thanks again ladies, and to everyone for making it a success. Much love.


Awesome!! Can't wait to hear Completely in Feb and March...:) :)  This was fun! Thanks ladies!


Crossing fingers for the same song Lynn in March/April!!!!!!!:):)

Thanks for doing ladies.  

Robin in MD catching up!! LOL

Have decided to draw up a correct list following information and corrections Sylvie has very kindly posted on here of the 132 songs chosen and the final Top 10 section so that if anyone wants to copy, for their own information on where to access songs, they can.   I did think about changing original notice but believe it could be rather tricky and time consuming especially in trying to get it to fall in exactly the right position so rather than risking a head ache decided to add this and hope it is acceptable to everyone.  Can I say I have left some previous information about where some songs originated, i.e. from soundtracks etc. because if you want to hear them they are available on YouTube. 

132 songs voted on:

A Heart Can Only Be So Strong : (All That Matters) 1

Ain't Got Nothin' If You Ain't Got Love : (The One Thing) 1

Ain't No Sunshine : (Timeless The Classics Vol 2) 1

All For Love : (Only A Woman Like You : Japanese version

                       Recorded for "O Clone" Brazilian

                       TV series which ran from 2001-2002) 6

A Love So Beautiful : (Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995) 15

All That You Deserve : (Only A Woman Like You) 3

All The Way : (Vintage

                       Soundtrack from novella "Beautiful" premiered

                       at Rede Globo 2005) 1

As : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

A Time For Letting Go : (The One Thing) 2

At Last : (Vintage) 1

Back In My Arms Again : (Michael Bolton) 1

Best Of Love : (All That Matters) 2

Bring It On Home To Me : (Timeless The Classics) 1

Call My Name : (Everybody's Crazy) 1

Can I Touch You, There : (Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995) 6

Can't Get Close Enough To You : (All That Matters) 2

Completely : (The One Thing) 24

Carrie : (Michael Bolton) 1

Crazy Love : (One World One Love) 1

Dance With Me : (Only A Woman Like You) 5

Drift Away : (Timeless The Classics) 5

Eternally : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

Fallin' : (All That Matters) 1

Fly Me To The Moon : (Bolton Sings Sinatra) 2

Fools Game : (Michael Bolton) 5

Forever's Just A Matter Of Time : (All That Matters) 2

Forever Isn't Long Enough : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 2

From Now On : (Soul Provider) 1

Georgia On My Mind : (Soul Provider) 3

Gina : (The Hunger) 3

God Bless The Child : (Vintage : UK version) 1

Go The Distance : (All That Matters) 4

Gotta Keep Dreamin' : (Hitsville) 8

Hallelujah : (Gems) 2

Hold On I'm Coming : (Timeless The Classics) 1

Hear Me : (Til The End Of Forever) 3

Heart of Stone : (Blackjack) 1

Hope It's Too Late : (One World One Love) 5

Hot Love : (The Hunger) 1

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You : (Soul Provider) 8

How Can We Be Lovers : (Soul Provider) 3

I Almost Believed You : (Michael Bolton) 4

I Can't Stand The Rain : (Timeless Classics Vol 2) 1

I Found Someone : (Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995) 3

I'm Alive : (Til The End Of Forever) 1

I'm Not Made Of Steel : (The One Thing) 3

I'm Not Ready : (Gems) 3

In The Arms Of Love : (The One Thing) 4

Invisible Tattoo : (One World One Love : UK version) 2

I Only Want To Say : (Not on a CD : Jesus Christ Superstar - Gethsemane

                                   Sung at ALW tribute shows) 1

I Promise You : (Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995) 9

I Surrender : (Only A Woman Like You) 2

It's Only My Heart : (Soul Provider) 2

I've Got You Under My Skin : (Bolton Sings Sinatra) 1

I Wanna Hear You Say It : (Only A Woman Like You) 4

Just One Love : (One World One Love) 5

Knock On Wood : (Timeless The Classics) 1

Lean On Me : (The One Thing) 8

Like A Rolling Stone : (Timeless The Classics Vol 2) 1

Losing You : (Not on a CD : On YouTube and given

                      description as being "Demo for The Hunger with

                      Jonathan Cain from Journey."

                      Jonathan's version is called "Just The Thought

                      Of Losing You) 2

Love Is A Wonderful Thing : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 9

Love Is Everything : (Gems) 2

Love Is The Power : (This Is The Time) 2

Love With My Eyes Closed : (Only A Woman Like You) 4

Missing You Now : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 18

Money (that's what I want) : (Hitsville : UK version) 1

Murder My Heart : (One World One Love) 7

My Lady : (One World One Love) 5

My Funny Valentine : (Bolton Sings Sinatra) 1

Need You To Fall : (One World One Love) 4

Nessun Dorma : (My Secret Passion) 1

Never Get Enough Of Your Love : (The One Thing) 2

New Love : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 3

Next Lifetime : (Til The End Of Forver) 3

Now That I Found You : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 5

Once In A Lifetime : (Love Songs

                                 Soundtrack 1994 film

                                 "Only You") 12

One More Time : (Not on a CD : from soundtrack of film

                             "Sing" released 1989) 1

Only A Woman Like You : (Only A Woman Like You) 7

Over The Rainbow : (Gems) 2

Pride (In The Name Of Love) : (Gems) 1

Reach Out I'll Be There : (Timeless The Classics) 1

Rock Me Baby : (Not on a CD : BB King song Michael sang

                           with him at an Essense Award ceremony) 3

Safe Place From The Storm : (All The Matters) 2

Said I Loved You But I Lied : (The One Thing) 6

Sajna : (Gems) 5

Sexual Healing : (Timeless The Classics Vol 2) 1

Sign Your Name : (One World One Love) 1

Simply : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

Since I Fell For You : (Timeless The Classics) 2

Slowly : (Only A Woman Like You) 3

Smile : (Vintage) 1

Soul Of My Soul : (The One Thing) 16

Soul Provider : (Soul Provider) 8

Southern Ballad : (Blackjack) 1

Stand Up For Love : (Soul Provider) 6

Start Breaking My Heart : (Everybody's Crazy) 1

Steel Bars : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 19

Summertime : (Vintage) 1

Survivor : (One World One Love) 3

Tears Of The Angels : (Not on a CD : recorded for a US

                                     documentary called "Terror At

                                     Home" 1

That's What Love Is All About : (The Hunger) 4

The Best : (One World One Love) 1

The Center Of My Heart : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

The Courage In Your Eyes : (Til The End Of Forever) 1

The Hunger : (The Hunger) 4

The One Thing : (The One Thing) 2

The Prayer : (Gems) 3

This Is The Time : (This Is The Time) 2

This Is The Way : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

This River : (Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995) 3

Til The End Of Forever : (Til The End Of Forever) 1

Time, Love And Tenderness : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 3

To Feel Again : (Only A Woman Like You) 1

To Love Somebody : (Timeless The Classics) 1

Tracks Of My Tears : (Hitsville) 4

Vivo Per Lei : (Gems : German version

                       Sang this song with Helene Fischer in

                       Germany on her show called "A Wonderful Evening

                       With Many Stars" 1

Walk Away : (The Hunger) 3

Wait On Love : (The Hunger) 6

We're Not Making Love Any More : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 3

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life : (Vintage) 1

What's Going On : (Hitsville) 3

What You're Doing To Me : (One World One Love) 1

What You Won't Do For Love : (Timeless the Classics Vol.2) 1

When A Man Loves A Woman : (Time, Love & Tenderness) 1

When I'm Back On My Feet Again : (Soul Provider) 18

When I Remember Loving You : (All That Matters) 1

When There Are No Words : (All That Matters : UK version) 3

Without Your Love : (Blackjack) 1

You Are So Beautiful : (Gems) 1

You Don't Know Me : (Vintage) 7

You Mean More To Me : (Michael Bolotin) 1

You Wouldn't Know Love : (Soul Provider) 2

Top 10 List

1st (24) Completely

*2nd (19) Steel Bars*

2nd (18) Missing You Now

2nd (18) When I'm Back On My Feet Again

4th (16) Soul Of My Soul

5th (15) A Love So Beautiful

6th (12) Once In A Lifetime

7th ( 9) I Promise You

7th ( 9) Love Is A Wonderful Thing

9th ( 8) Gotta Keep Dreamin'

9th ( 8) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

9th ( 8) Lean On Me

9th ( 8) Soul Provider

* Although "Steel Bars" came 2nd with 19 votes we are discounting this as Michael already has on his set list, therefore, 2nd place is given to those two songs with 18 votes.

There are 12 songs, in total, in the Top 10 because 9th place gained 4 votes of 8 each.


A total of 132 songs were voted on.

Top 3 albums with most songs chosen from:

Only A Woman Like You (12 Contains 13)

One World One Love (11 Contains 12 on each version)

The One Thing (10 Contains 11)

Earliest song voted on: : "You Mean More To Me" : originally on Every Day Of My Life 1976 and can also be found on Michael Bolotin The Early Years 1990.

Additional information:

I should also like to add that Gail has let us know that she has passed on relevant information about our request and our Top 10 and here is hoping Michael will take it into consideration for 2015 so please, to all those attending concerts in 2015, if you hear one of the songs do come in and let us know......please !!!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend


Hey Sylvia, thanks for the update. Yes, we'll definitely report on whether Michael has sung any of our choices, after we recover from the shock! :D I do want to keep a positive attitude, so let's just hope for the best. At least, we all had fun taking part. Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

I wanted to let you know that I got a message from Michael today regarding the songs in the top 10.  He apologizes for not responding before now but he has been busy filming the Detroit movie and other events. He said that they are considering some of these songs for sure but no promises right now. He said it was great to have your choices.  Thanks to everyone!  

Thanks so much Gail.  Michael is so sweet.  Crossing fingers to hear Completely at some point.  Thanks for sending the song list to him for us.  This is exciting!!!

Robin in MD :)

Hi Gail, thanks for the update, about the list and what Michael has been up to.  I'm personally going to keep my expectations low, but I hope to be surprised! :D Take care Gail and thanks again very much. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

There you go Sylvie. Keeping expectations low & be totally surprised. Thank you Gail for updates. I remember when Michael did completely in 94 & A love so beautiful in 96, I do believe. Wow! Love both songs. I want to come out here & wish everyone a Merry & blessed Christmas & those celebrating Chanakah, Have a good one.


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