Suggestions for songs to be included in Michael's Set List for 2015

This thread has been started because of an idea a few of us had and which some of us, such as myself, Kathy LAFD and Petra decided to go a stage further with and come on here and ask you to post FIVE songs that Michael has not sung on stage, rarely sings on stage or, has not sung for a number of years, which you would love to hear him singing at a concert. We know and understand, everyone has their own favourites and some are probably those that Michael has in his set list at present, like Steel Bars, When A Man Loves A Woman, but we ask you to think carefully about your FIVE songs and to try and pick those that he seldom sings but which YOU love.

What we hope to achieve is a list, of the TOP 10 songs that YOU will have chosen, which we can present to Michael and ask him to give consideration to possibly including, at least, one of the songs on his set list during 2015 as it being a song voted on by his fans. We have asked Gail, moderator of the forum, for permission to do this and also if she would be willing to pass our list to Michael and she believes a good idea and has agreed to pass to Michael on our behalf. Have to make it very clear, whilst list will be passed to Michael, it gives no guarantee you will hear one of your songs at a concert you go to, nor does it guarantee, Michael will feel it relevant, to include any of the songs voted on, in his 2015 set list.

We hope it lets Michael see how much we care about his music and how much we love it all. Also how much we appreciate the way Michael involves his audience, US, so much in all of his shows and how much we all thank him for doing so. Have also to say hope it lets him see how much fun we all have coming together on this forum which is a part of Michael's website and for those that do not know, this was something Michael himself asked be included when this website was set up. The facility of a forum is available on these sites but the great majority of celebrities do not give this to their fans i.e they don't pay for it, as Michael does, for us.

We are asking that you have your FIVE songs posted on this thread by 1st December so, before the Christmas rush starts, we are able to draw up the TOP 10 list. It will also give Gail the opportunity to send to Michael before 2015 arrives. Only one post, containing five songs, is allowed per person.

In advance, we want to thank everyone who comes onto this thread, for your support is more than appreciated and we also hope you have FUN in thinking up your FIVE songs. We also hope, during 2015, Michael sings all your favourites and each and everyone of you has a concert, as near your doorstep as can be, so that you get to a show next year

Picture was taken on 20th May, 2014 at Cliff's Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, UK and please feel free to use if you wish to. 

Sylvia, Kathy LAFD and Petra.

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Thanks Sylvia and Robin Md....I think it is great to see all the lists coming in and it is tough to pick 5 that have never been sung or rarely sung because it depends on your concert attendance over decades and amount of concerts one has attended recently. I know you mentioned that earlier Robin Md and I just wanted to kindly remind fans to read the rules and directions carefully at this time of the launch of contest :) Better sooner than later! AND keep the lists coming as all will be accepted and the songs meeting the description in the directions and rules will continue on to the final 10 list :) Thank you all who have already participated! Tell your Bolton friends to come and vote!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Now you have to consider that he'll have to drop songs to add new ones in. So perhaps you need to hang on to those songs requested, that he always sings as a do not drop?

NOTHING is going to be dropped from any list Sally I have said votes are registered to people and you can ALL rest assured those votes are registered. All that will happen is, IF one of those songs Michael regularly sings at concerts, happens to make its way onto the TOP 10 list of songs, it will be marked to let Michael know we are not submitting that to him for consideration but we are keeping it in the list to let him see how popular it is and obviously for the people who voted, to see how many votes it got.  I believe what Kathy means is that it cannot be included, technically, in the Top 10 list, it has to be dropped because we cannot submit a song to Michael asking him to sing it when he already does but it is not going to dropped completely off of these pages.  There will also be a list drawn up of ALL votes placed on ALL songs submitted apart from a separate list of the Top 10.

As I say rest assured folks all songs voted on and registered will be included in final list.

Also it doesn't matter if songs submitted are on set list at present because whole point is to ask Michael to consider ADDING a song, or two, to his set list  that is NOT on it so if you pick one that is already on set list you are going to hear it.   What you have really done is spoiled a vote that you have to possibly vote for a song that Michael has never sung that you would love to hear as much as the one you have chosen. 

A lot of people don't get opportunity to go to concerts or, in fact, have never been to one and as we did not supply a set list they then don't know what is on his set list so fact they are voting for their own favourite songs, to me, is no big deal.

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia that is what I meant about not using an often performed song. I didn't make that clear....sorry. We are bound to have special circumstances and unique situations when dealing with a contest such as this one. It is all only meant for fun so everyone please be patient and bear with us!! Thankfully we aren't performing brain surgery or anything!! LOL Just a little bit of fun to get us all united and EXCITED for Michael's upcoming 2015 concert tour!!! OH YEAH!!! Thanks Sylvia and Petra for your work on this fun contest and for filling a void BEFORE MB's concerts start!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Boa noite dona Sylvia, é com muito prazer que envio-lhe as músicas, apesar de gostar de ouvir Michael cantar todas.

  To Love Somebody

  Nessun Dorma

  Love is Wonderful Thing

  Drift Away

  Knock on Wood

Aproveito a oportunidade para reiterar todo o meu respeito e carinho pela sua pessoa.


I have thanked Luciana for taking part and have told her her votes are registered.


Obrigado Luciana pelo seu voto e eles foram registrados. Muito obrigado por ter participado.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Amie, Here! Here! girl! Unchained Melody. Now you're talkin' my friend. LOVE THAT SONG. Wish he would do that & "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding.

I'm loving this & look everyone's coming out. Good to see you all out here or is it y'all. :)))))))

My top five songs are

Missing You


How Am I Suppose To Live Without You

Said I Loved You But I Lied

Love Is A Wonderful Thing

My Top 5 Songs:

1. Only A Women Like You
2. Ain't Got Nothin' If You Ain't Got Love
3. Drift Away
4. Murder My Heart
5. A Love So Beautiful

Petra (Germany)

Hi Sylvia, I have to say I really agonized over this list, trying to consider factors like  how songs would sound in a concert hall and whether Michael would even consider singing them, due to the demands on his voice at this point and time. Many of other fans’s songs are on my dream list too, but realistically, before I change my mind again, these would be my requests:

-When I’m back on my feet again (fave song, doable with piano accompaniment)

-What’s going on (loved his version since ’94)

-Missing you now (miss this song so much)

-Hallelujah (awesome song never experienced live)

-You are so beautiful (would love to inhale this one)

Of course, there are plenty like “Rock me baby”, “Reach out” and “Ain’t got nothing if you ain’t got love” I’ve heard before, would love to hear again in concert and definitely liven up the evening,   but it would mean the world to me to hear “Georgia” again, since I’ve only heard it twice amongst 7 concerts. Thanks again ladies for this opportunity, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks Sylvie and your votes are registered !!! :)

Sylvia. Your wee Scottish friend.



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