This is my Red Beagle. His name is Snoopy, every Halloween he brings great joy to all the little kids because he always goes as Underdog!!! If you have seen the movie Underdog that came out a few years ago, you will see that he is a mirrored image of Shueshine!! LOL, the pictures are just too cute I had to share them with you!!!!!


Love, Shannon xoxo

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Soooo cute!!
Thank you Eileen!!!! He is a breath of fresh air!!

Love, Shannon xoxo
Hello Shanon, he likes the dog of Colombo, the detective of LA many years ago !!!! I had a dog in 1970-1980, a little black poodle, his name : Tucky, but his user name was Frisou, because he has a lot of curles. I know the love we can have for them... You are lucky ! Thank's for sharing these pics Bye BD
So cute!!
How cute!
I agree he is very cute.
Love the outfit and the children would love this for sure :)
Love Dianna xxx
Hi Shannon, your dog Snoopy, and his halloween costom are adorable!


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