This time next week i will be at the Sydney Michael Bolton concert :) front row too :) Cant wait to see and especially hear you our beautiful Michael xx

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Hi Kim,
Hope you will have a fantastic time. Singing, dancing, and lovin' every minute of it!
Hope you can share it with us too!

Of course i will and hopefully pics if they let us :)
Welcome Kim, Have a great time!
Robin :)

Hi Kim..Have a great time and get some great pics..Let us know all about the show!!!

Have a great time!! It is so cool to have front row, just enjoy and have fun!!!
Hi Kim isn't it fanastic not long now for me I am going to the Brisbane show.
Lets us know how it all goes and your right hopefully we will be able to have picture's.
Love Dianna xxx
Im super excited for everyone here its been a long wait for us Ozzie fans :)
will be looking forward to hearing how everyones night goes :)
Dianna fingers crossed for great photos for us :) i will have mine on contnuous so i dont have to pay attention too much to the camera.
Found with Spandau, the only thing that worked was using the camera semi manual, tried face recognition, sports settings etc didnt seem to make a difference on my camera, but they were hard always moving about too :)
Yep if they let me take pics i will add them asap and try remember what i can, i usually get a bit dizzy with this stuff, I met michael at a signing years ago and walked for ages in te wrong direction to the trains before i realized.
when i saw Michael last time is such a blurr now, will be relieved to know he is in the country so i know he isnt going to be cancelled again like last time, though probably a bit close now as he plays Perth tomorrow :)
The State theater looks like a cool venue online too, cant wait :)
Yay! Yay! Yay! today is the day :) :) :) :) so excited and WHAT a day, the season Finale of Lost is on in america too, so will be trying to start that downloading before i leave so i can watch it tonight if im up to it :)
Been watching 6 years and for the last 3 years i have been downloading it, so i dont have to wait usually a week+ for Oz to catch up and then i get to rewatch with hubby :) So this is big for me too :)
But been waiting alot longer for Michael to come back :)

Im also feeling a little bittersweet as saw him about 16 years ago and then had tickets for both sydney dates on the tour that was cancelled and was taking my Mum as she liked Michael too, would have taken her this time too, but we lost Mum to cancer 9 months ago, so im hoping she is watching tonight from heaven.
Love you mum xx
Hi Kim
Enjoy the show.
I'm sure your Mum will be right beside you :)
Will be waiting to hear your review!!!!
Love Dianna xxx
Thanks Dianna xxx not long for you either :)
im sure she will be :) i brainwashed a few with Michaels music :) even my 18 year old niece after i bought tickets said im jealous, and i was shocked and said you like him? she said yeah i know all his songs from you playing them when i was little, as my sisters family moved in with Mum & Dad for a few years when times were tough and i was still at home :)


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