Have started thread as can see many of us want to wish Michael a Happy Birthday because messages are starting to be placed in different sections of the forum so thought it far better to have one place for all messages to be put  in order that, hopefully, when it is complete Gail may be able to send Michael a copy of the complete thread for him to see all his birthday messages. 

Believe, without doubt, message I am going to place in this description is one that completely and utterly deserves to be here before any others and it is a message from our very own Ashley:


" Reply by Ashley Hayes 3 hours ago

Dear Gail can you do me a little favorite when you got little time do it tomorrow it is Michael Birthday and I want to make sure he read it thanks so How are you doing? and your family tell them we said Hi your friend Ashley

 Two cute teddies and a warm birthday message.Dear my Brother Michael I want wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow I love you so much. Thank you be my friend and my brother you are an awesome brother to me. amazing dad to your kids. I just want told  you that Happy Birthday I hope you have wonderful Birthday love your friend and sister Ashley"


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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Thanks for letting us know Gail and thanks a million, again, for doing so.....thanks !! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Many thanks, Gail!!!

Petra Christine (Germany)

Hi Michael. Happy 61stsexy birthday to you & celebrate it good with many more returns. Your birthday last year was a special one. I was happy to be with you though it was 2 weeks in advance. Love,xox :) Robin Rehder, the boltonnut from L. A. CA  

Hi Gail,

With only a few months before Michael's Birthday now, I wanted to know if any plans are coming up to help him celebrate this year? I don't see a concert scheduled yet for that day, or any coming my way as of yet. Best wishes to you Gail for a nice Thanksgiving Day and as always thank you for all you do for us.


Hi Kellie and just coming on to give my two cents worth and don't believe anything special will done for Michael as it is an ordinary birthday, albeit another one, but it is just the 62nd and having been there I sure didn't want a whole load made of it.....hey, you start to get the feeling the back nine is slowly slipping into the back eight and you don't want reminded of that .....LOL  If no one has any objections I don't see there being a problem if I, or anyone else, starts a birthday thread along same lines as I started this one say toward middle of January next year, once all Christmas and New Year festivities are over, maybe giving a month for everyone to put in their birthday wishes and giving Gail the time to get it to Michael before his birthday on 26th Feb....don't see a problem with it if Gail agrees with that suggestion and everyone else too and we keep it to lovely personal messages from everyone.

Personally I would think something "special" would be far better being left, organised and discussed, much nearer the time, for his 65th and God willing we are all still around to help him celebrate it...JMO !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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