Welcome everyone to the 2014 Tour Review Thread.  The upcoming year is going to be exciting with so many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, videos etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and the MBC Charity Event which will most likely be held later in the year too. Michael has multiple projects in the works so we never know what will happen next!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2014 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2014 to all of you!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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Smiling big for you, Sylvia, Cardiff is a lovely city too, thanks for sharing....your first concert is about to begin....see you here later :))))).


Kathy T. :)

Sylvia, I tip my hat off to you girl, willing to come back here after your concert... We're all so excited for you, so you'd better drop by with at least a little something, whether you have your head on straight or not! lol Have a wonderful and memorable time, talk to you soon. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Sylvia, have a blast at the show, I am sure you are already in there!  Try to behave but have lots of fun.  Enjoy your VIP tonight and again have fun. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


Beautiful pics Wee One, only thing missing was Michael!!! LOL!

Mary(meg's mom)!

Have a Blast!!!

Gute Idee Tine! Jetzt müssen wir alle die Finger kreuzen, damit er auch nochmal auf Deutschland-Tour geht!!! Wenn das der Fall ist, werde ich Michael durch ganz Deutschland nachreisen, so wie es Sylvia unsere schottische Freundin nun in England macht! Und vorher muss ich einen Lehrgang in Fotografie machen. Ich will auch so schöne Bilder wie Christine!!!!!Also Mädels, schon mal das Sparschwein füttern!!!

Good idea Tine! Now we must cross all fingers, so that he also goes over again on Germany tour!!! If this is the case, I will follow Michael through the whole of Germany, as well as it makes our Scottish friend now in England to Sylvia! And before I must make a course in photograph. I also want so nice pictures like Christine!!!!! So all german girls, already the piggy bank feed!!!

Petra (Germany)

Suuuuper Idee Tine ...dann blockieren wir die erste Reihe:-))))

Hmmm Petra, so gut wie Christine werden wir wohl nie...sie hat ein Händchen dafür. Ich finde sie hat es toll gemacht und da kommen wir nicht ran...aber wir wollen ja keine Konkurrentinnen werden :-))))

Liebe Grüsse

kommt auf jeden Fall nicht von heute auf morgen ;-)

That is cute Petra...yes you all must save for Michael's next visit!! He will return :))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Danke Petra....nettes Video ....so pleasant to watch...but the video was interrupted all the time :/ Grrrr....

LG christine

Hi Tiffany,

The UK fans got them through their purchase of VIP Ticket packages offered through Gigs and Tours.  Sometimes back here venues will do that also.  Not as often but sometimes.  I am waiting to hear from Sylvia too! 

Robin in MD :)

You are welcome Tiffany!

Robin in MD :)

Hi everyone and I am going to try and upload my pictures first and see what happens and if I can explain, okay I have WiFi connection, but it is not the best nor by far the quickest and apologize now for not replying to different things you have all put in and especially too over on Twitter so if I can cheat and do a collective huge THANK YOU to you all on here for all your messages and every good wish you have sent, I really do thank you but as it is taking about 5 minutes to access one e-mail notification I can't possibly go through them all nor can I check on everything that has been put in so another collective thank you to everyone.

Here goes for pictures and BTW not one of Michael !!!! lol   I had a rather large bag with me because I had on a jacket which had to get folded and put in the bag and I also had another bag inside first one with gifts for Michael and by the time I came to try and find camera I couldn't...I would have had to have taken everything out of bag and I just thought...no !!!! LOL   I sat and savoured every damn moment so at Wolverhampton I will try and get some pics of him because I am in 3rd row so should still turn out okay.

Now for pics and first one is of Drew and took this as those who had VIP Packages were all taken up stairs and along corridors and someone spotted a ladies and a few of us made a dive for it and as so happened, not deliberately done either, but I was last out and just as I got to door of room we were all in who comes through another door but Drew and I think the poor boy thought I was attacking him for I gave him the biggest bloody hug out and thanked him for a wonderful show and said how delighted I was that they were in the UK and hope he was looking forward to the tour BUT I knew he wasn't catching my accent....your in trouble Kathy....and he said about loving the UK and I said about this being his first time with Michael and he looked and he kind of frowned and I thought he hasn't understood me again and than he said; "So it is !!!"  as though it had just dawned on him.  Whilst talking to him I was raking in my bag for camera because I said to him I have got to get your picture and just as I found it who appeared looking for Drew but Milo so he got the hug of his life with Drew laughing in the background and then I said pictures, pictures and Milo was backing away saying; "No, no !!"  So eventually I gave camera to Drew and asked him take one of Milo and I and then there was someone down the corridor who called on Milo because I was going to have asked him to take a picture of myself and Drew but he had to go so I asked Drew if I could take picture of him and I cannot believe how it has turned out.  The last picture is of myself and Kelly who when I was eventually leaving the theatre had a bit where she was standing giving out signed photos so I started to talk to her and thanked her for show and said about getting picture taken with her and then I said to her about putting it on MB's website and maybe over on her FB page and she looked at me and I said I follow you on your FB page and Twitter and then I introduced myself thinking that somewhere in the back of her mind she might remember my name, OMG remember my name I got the shock of my life at her reaction and I got a huge hug from her and stood and spoke to her for a while and she is just so lovely and it dawned on her that I was from Scotland but we were in Wales and she started saying to me about coming all the way down for the show and I told her I was going to Wolverhampton and then onto Bristol and of course back up to Glasgow and mentioned about you coming over Kathy and she remembered that you had told her and I said to her can you imagine the two of us together in Glasgow and she said; "It is going to be wild !!!" To which I replied you are right there Kelly and I said to her she had better warn Michael !!!!! LOL    Sorry folks but my pictures won't upload at all I will try tomorrow on the blog page and see what happens or even try and get Drew's out on FB because I managed on there earlier on today without too much trouble...see what happens !!! :)

Now onto actual show and well, well, well is about all I can say...fantastic doesn't even come into it...oh boy, what a guy !!!! :)  There is no way I can give you a set list but I will try and remember some of the songs and he sang The Prayer with Kelly and got standing ovation for that and also Nessun Dorma and he was fantastic at that and, and he twice put the mike down and second time he came to me and I couldn't believe it and have to admit when he did it I wished I had had my camera but I will never forget it and think he came to me because I was the only idiot that I could see that was doing any chair dancing but I couldn't stop myself and I actually wanted to get up and start dancing and it was the perfect little area between seats and stage to have danced on and just to mention the stage was only about 2 to 3 feet high and I was sitting almost directly in front of him for he was ever so slightly over to my left.  He also sang "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" with Amanda and she is wonderful, what a voice and the medley's that both her and Kelly did were tremendous and so was Jason's solo performance, he was wonderful.  He sang "Steel Bars", TLT which was an encore as was "Georgia" and there was also "You Don't Know Me"; SILYBIL; HCWBL; and obviously, in the audience, WAMLAW and when he started that a few of the girls went up to the stage so just as he started to head back I got up and went to the stage and soon there was a crush of people because security didn't make any attempt to move us and in actual fact during whole show there was only once I heard a bit of a noise at back of me and I gathered it was someone taking a video and the security guy came and told him to switch it off but at beginning of show Michael said about taking as many pictures as you wanted as long as you got his good side and there was flashes going off all the time and nobody said a word; security people were great and I even had a laugh with one at end when I was leaving theatre because he was finished and leaving but because I was about last to meet Michael and in fact only left room after Michael had gone and then meeting Kelly the place was just about empty when I was leaving and he asked me  "where I had been all this time" and then said to me that he saw me having an extra squeeze of Michael when getting picture taken with him and we parted having a good laugh at and me having a lovely memory of that extra squeeze.  Will try and remember more of set list but everything is just coming in bits and pieces but want to get this first review, if that is what you can call it and I think it is developing more into, very definitely, Sylvia's first tome, out of road before I hit Wolverhampton or I am just going to end up getting things mixed up and forgetting stuff.   There was one other moment during show which OMG will live with me to my dying die and firstly to say that Michael had gone right along the line shaking hands and he took mine and just as he was drawing away I gave him an extra little squeeze BUT he came round a second time and instead of taking my hand he stretched right over me to shake hands with someone and I could have grabbed him quite easily and I am going to say where but will leave that to your vivid imaginations but what happened was his scarf was actually touching my face so I put my hand up and lightly twirled one end round my finger and as he went to move away he then realized what had happened and he put his hand down as though to move mine but I just looked up at him and laughed and gave it a little gentle tug and he looked down at me and started smiling and then I let it go and that moment in time I am never going to forget, never !!!  The whole show was tremendous for it felt as though he was on for ever but at same time as though he had just walked on stage and it was over but absolutely and utterly wonderful and I cannot wait for Wolverhampton.

Now onto M&G and how that was done at this theatre was we had to remain in our seats and have our laminates on display and one of the security people came and asked us our names and crossed us off his list and then we were all asked to file through door and as I have said up stairs and round corridors until we got into this large room and we were all seated round the wall and there was probably about 30 and the professional photographer was there and then Michael came in and spoke to us and thanked us all for coming to the show and then each went forward and Michael shook hands with them and they said a couple of words to him and that was it and I would have said it was pretty short but at same time could see with number that it couldn't really have been done any other way and Milo was there too and he was ushering people on quickly for a couple of women did want to start talking and also he was seeing to bags so that they weren't cluttering up area where picture was being taken and when it came near to my turn he said to me would he take my bag and I said it was okay I would leave on the seat but I took out gift bag I had for Michael and then when Milo saw I was going forward with a bag he said he would take it and came towards me and I told him it wasn't for him and he wasn't getting as it was a present for Michael and he started laughing and when I went forward to shake Michael's hand he was actually looking at the bag and laughing and I spoke to him but I new by look on face he didn't pick up what I had said and then Milo and camera guy and Michael eventually pointed toward camera guy and then I realized he was ready to take photo  and then I got to hand bag to him and I said it was a belated birthday present and something from Scotland and I think the penny dropped then because he looked at me and kind of frowned (you know that questioning look he can give) when he heard Scotland but by then I was getting ushered away because there was the last people to see but as I turned and went toward where my bag was I saw Michael look inside the bag I had given him and then he said; "Oh, I can see it is golf related !!!" and I just said as I was walking away that of course it would be something golf related when it was for him.  I then had to wait until camera man had taken last picture or I would have been walking in front of him and then Michael was ushered out the door by security and Milo and he was talking to the security guy as he was going out.

So that folks is a run down of my first show but by God it certainly ain't going to be my last.....not by a long shot !!!! lol.  

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend.




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