Welcome everyone to the 2017 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with concerts scheduled already for 2017!!  MB has some USA shows starting off the year in January and more shows through early April so far and I’m sure many more to come around the globe as the year unfolds!  Also exciting for 2017 is the February 10th release of Songs of Cinema and I am betting a few more songs from the CD will make it in the tour setlist!  Woo Hoo!  This is the best time to be a fan with MB’s concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2017 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past.  

Let the year long concert party begin and I wish concerts for all of you in 2017!! I know many fans are on other social media sites but I do hope we can continue with the exciting tour reviews here in 2017!  You all make the thread fun.  

Happy Concert Time again in 2017!!

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Amazing. Vivid description , I was beginning to feel that I was there .... oh I wish . Happy you all enjoyed the night . Seems I'm in need of a concert sooner than later.
Robin, thanks for a fantastic review! Love all the details. Next time I'll need to stick around & hang out with you ladies. I was with my daughter who had to be to work at 5am the next morning. So I needed to get her home.
And I can TOTALLY relate to the "ADDICTION " part. I was up most of the night looking at the pictures I took & going over & over every minute of the concert in my head the entire night. Ahhh....such wonderful memories!!
Guess that will all have to get me through until the next concert!
Thanks again for your post!

(Your Utah Friend!)

Amny time, Robin & Paula. As I said & I'll say it again, these shows & especially Michael are an addiction. Paula, I understand being able to see his shows in Vegas. I always say, it's not the amount of time one gets, it's the times one gets. :)

I have to say this again ...MIchael is so lucky to have such great fans. The best fans ever!!!!

Thanks for super review Robin and so, so glad you had a great time and saw so many band and crew members outwith the theatre setting and also met so many BB's especially Kathy LAFD and of course, for first time, as it was her first time in Vegas, Ann from the UK and it sure looked as though you were all having a blast at the stage together, dancing and singing .... absolutely lovely to see all the videos and all the "goings on", yeah, lovely !!! :) .  

Thanks again for super review and glad you had such a great time .... rock on till the next "Bolton Adventure" !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks Sylvia. Love getting together with BB'S & meeting BB'S as well. Gail was one of the first BB'S I met in 1997 at a softball game. Everyone was talking about computers, email, MB groups & I'm luck, "Huh?" I didn't have one back then.

Hey Robin R, thanks for posting your review! OMG, you were swimming in Bolton relations on Sunday! Yes, it was after the ’02 gala we met Holly and she was so sweet to us. Glad to hear Elaine decided to go. I know what you mean about “Stand by me” sounding like LIAWT and can hear you screaming! lol I’m really glad to hear you did hold Michael’s hand during WAMLAW girl and that you’ve had so much fun interacting with everyone. Thanks again for posting sweetie, take good care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks ever so much Sylvie QC Canada. I knew you were with me when we met Holly. Love the times we've met.

Great review Robin!! How fun that you ran into the MB gang before the concert...you had a little preview!! Elaine definitely lucked out with her seat too!! I don't know how she can resist NOT going to a MB concert in her own neighborhood. Such good self control ;) Glad it worked out for her to sit next to you! You all were more patient than Ann and I were after the show ;) So happy the wait was worth it as it usually is! Thankfully there is always another Bolton concert sometime somewhere on the horizon for another chance to see the gang!! Geez it was sooooo hot on Sunday night so I can understand Michael's voice being bothered by all the air conditioning everyone needed just to stay alive!! LOL No song list Robin? I am starting from back to front again on posts so maybe you included that somewhere else ;) Glad you had a super time and didn't even need to travel...woohoo!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hi Robin

Nice review, lots of excitement that night. It was lovely to meet you and Elaine, and sat right behind me and Kathy.I was stood right next to you at the stage when MB took your hand, how sweet of him. Great meeting some American fans seen as this was my first Vegas show, Leesa Lynn and Kim even though each meet was quite brief. It really is lovely to get to see people face to face and hear thier voices after just knowing them by a picture.

I'll be doing my review after i,ve caught up on sleep, holiday to Vegas was supposed to be in October but I decided to move it forward so I could attend the show. All last minute rush, but when I make up my mind that,s it just do it!!! Lol

Once again lovely meeting you Robin and all the other ladies, and that,s it for now....

Ann (Newcastle) U.K

Hi Ann...I will be posting my review soon also :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I know I need to come up with the setlist. I will try to soon. Neat seeing you out here Kathy LAFD. It was awesome. Bob gave me a hug. I have a special feeling for firemen so, yeah. :)))))) I always have. Some people love the military guys & understandably so, (off topic) here but yeah.


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