Welcome everyone to the 2017 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with concerts scheduled already for 2017!!  MB has some USA shows starting off the year in January and more shows through early April so far and I’m sure many more to come around the globe as the year unfolds!  Also exciting for 2017 is the February 10th release of Songs of Cinema and I am betting a few more songs from the CD will make it in the tour setlist!  Woo Hoo!  This is the best time to be a fan with MB’s concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2017 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past.  

Let the year long concert party begin and I wish concerts for all of you in 2017!! I know many fans are on other social media sites but I do hope we can continue with the exciting tour reviews here in 2017!  You all make the thread fun.  

Happy Concert Time again in 2017!!

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So looking forward to reviews girls !!! :)

Sylvia Your wee Scottish friend

Wilmington NC Bolton birthday concert review Feb 26, 2017

Hi all. I am glad I was able to attend MB’s birthday concert again this year. I’ve been able to see him on his birthday 3 times in the last few years. This review is a tad long, so get a cup of whatever you like!! LOL

Wilmington, NC is a lovely city with lots to do and see while in the area and a friend went with me on this trip that didn’t go to the show but wanted to see Wilmington again. We toured some historic mansions and walked the river walk and had some great food and enjoyed the area before Sunday came for me to see the concert.

I was lucky and got a front row seat left end of center section by the piano. The seats were at the stage and it was a low stage. That always works. I knew from staff they were preparing a surprise birthday party for MB again this year backstage after. I was able to have some pics of us with MB from Hagerstown, MD taken back by staff and my CD since I still do no have my signed copies from PledgeMusic (maybe by end of this week now way it looks, fingers crossed) But thought since I was going to see MB maybe my Amazon copy could be signed if I saw him at the car after or something, so I went prepared.. LOL I also had 2 birthday cards for MB, one serious and one that was funny and was able to get them taken backstage for him to see also. So that worked out!

The venue is pretty and sound was great. I am glad I got to see Nic from NC again and her lovely mom. We chatted some before the show and also I ran into a Bolton Buddy from the 1990’s that lives in the area. I don’t think she’s on here but if she does lurke, Hi Sue, was nice to see you again too after all these years. LOL

MB came out and started the show with Stand By Me playing guitar and after he got done and said Thank You the band started to play Happy Birthday to MB and we all sang. He had a big smile on his face and shook his finger at his band and stuff and when it ended everyone cheered him and laughed along and he said OK someone was in big trouble…no just kidding, thank you very much.. There is THAT!!! Said how turning 30 was very traumatic.. He wondered how it would be after 30. So ALL NIGHT he was turning 30!! LOL When he came to sit down for Dock of the Bay by the piano the lady beside me was like OH MY GOD, because he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and he heard her!!LOL.. He looked down at her and I and said, you all ok?? I said YES I HAVE MY FAV SPOT. LOL He laughed and then started the song..LOL The lady by me was cute about it. We did have a great spot!! LOL He did the usual first set of songs and sounded fantastic and was laughing and kidding with the audience. He saw me and smiled down and then later pointed.. of course I pointed back! LOL We kidded back and forth a little, Well after he did Sweet Home Chicago, HE KEPT HIS BLUE GUITAR!!!! Turned to Ryan and I saw him say OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL! I was ready to squeal! LOL He then introduced the song off Songs of Cinema and said it’s the first time they were going to play it.. OMG!!!!! I was in HEAVEN.. MB and the band did a great job, it sounded awesome the whole building singing and clapping along, it was really rockin.. MB did miss the words a little once, ooops, but he got it right back. Everyone cheered and screamed. I hope he keeps it in the setlist.. OMG.. You all know me and MB playing guitar!! LOVE IT!!!!! I had asked him on twitter several times to please put it in the setlist and also in his card I sent backstage as a PS..Nothing to do with anything I said I’m sure but hey, I loved it.. Later Ashley said they had rehearsed it but were not expecting him to call it.. LOL She was glad he did it too. The band loves it!! Well when he walked past me to go off stage after that song and change I said “THANK YOU FOR THAT!” and thumbs up, he smiled down at me and did a thumbs up back! LOL

Next was the duets with Sam and they were lovely as always. She’s gotten more confident as time has gone on and people saying behind me how cute she is and how nice she sounded too. So nice to hear that. When he introduced How Am I Supposed To Live W/O You he gave credit to the ladies for making the song #1 twice for him. First when Laura Branigan recorded it and again when he recorded it. I said it was also in the Netflix Special and he said that’s right it’s in the special. LOL The crowd was great and truly loved MB.
Oh earlier when he was putting the guitar on after taking the jacket off someone whistled and said something and he laughed and said it’s not that kind of a show. Then some noise off the side of the stage happened with sound equipment. He looked over and said that person was very upset! LOL

Well I had the steps just over from me to my left for him to come back from the audience so I was glad to see that. I gave Nic a heads up too he was on her side for her to hopefully get a handshake. She was a few rows behind me (She did-yay!!!!!). He came out the side door to my left and down that aisle and went half way back the orchestra…The rows were shorter where I was in the pit so I stood and watched and then walked to the steps and waited and he took my hand and touched the top with the other as he went up.. He smiled at me..After he was back on stage some of us up front stood and was rocking out to How Can We Be Lovers and then tho by the time he did Steel Bars they sat down so I did too. Don’t want to be rude. LOL

When he went offstage after that show past me he did come over to me again and took my hand and I said Happy Birthday and he smiled and said thank you.. But I knew it wasn’t over yet!! LOL Encore coming up!!

The encore was Georgia and he did a beautiful rendition as always and we had a great view once again.. Too soon tho the concert was over and they were lining up!

MB was very happy and smiling and really seemed to appreciate the love the audience was giving him all night long.

After the show I got a copy of the set list and was able to then get my signed items back from one of his staff..they all are so kind as they also had party to get started backstage! I chatted to JP some at the stage too and he was picking on me how he was messing with me trying to get pics of him this time and turning away.. I knew he had been and he high fived me. He’s too funny. Love JP. I also briefly met Kim from New England and then I went outside to see if I could see MB at the car.

We had time as he was having his party and luckily for me my car was right at the lot by the back of the venue where the vehicles were in a garage. It was nice because once the band came to the bus the 4 of us out there could chat with them.. I sat in the car and got warm a while first. The weather in NC was 80 on Friday and Saturday, I wore flip flops and crop pants and a t-shirt touring around. By Sunday it dropped to 60’s and 40’s later. So I had a coat and boots on by then. CRAZY Weather. LOL

I met a nice couple and their friend waiting for MB. They were very sweet and excited to see the band and eventually meet MB. Ashley came out and we chatted and got photos, she’s a sweet lady. Ryan also came out and I finally got a photo taken with him after all these years.. Ashley took on of us on her phone too. She said that MB loved his party and was in a great mood. JP was back there too briefly and we talked a little again. LOL

The one security guy told us to be patient and that MB would come and take pics once he got out in the car so we waited. When MB came down the steps inside the garage we could see him so the 4 of us sang Happy Birthday, he stopped in his tracks, put his hand to his ear and smiled as we sang (off key) to him. LOL He then laughed and thanked us as he stood by the car. They got him inside and his security guy was driving and they pulled out and stopped at the garage doorway and said we could visit at the car. The one lady ran around the car and I was laughing.. She was so excited.. Well we all were but you know I like seeing folks meeting him the first time. I stood back and watched her and her hubby take her pic with MB and the other lady also was named Robin. She had heard Ashley call me by my name and then we talked too. We spell it the same. So MB saw me and said Hi Robin and I said hi and the other Robin told him that was her name too. He asked if we knew each other, I said no just met. He said to her I bet you have not been to as many shows as THIS Robin and he looked at me. LOL He is so funny. That gal told him about her late dad and how he had sung Old Time Rock and Roll and how much she loved it that MB sang it.. AWWW it was a sweet moment and MB was happy she told him the story. He held each persons hand as he talked.. Milo was so kind to take pics for me on my phone. I didn’t want to dig the camera out since they all had phones too and it was easier. He took on of MB talking to me and holding my hand (he told me it was cold) and then another one of us looking at the camera. MB and I chatted a good little while and I was able to actually suggest to his agent who was in the front seat where I’d like some more shows. MB said talk to this man and the fella listened and asked where I live and all. (I h ad no idea till later one of the crew told me he was MB’s agent). Yikes!LOL So hope that little bug in his ear will help get more shows up this way later this year..Never hurts to ask! LOL MB was kind and wanted to know if I had gotten the autographs back an we chatted a little about Netflix and the show and his birthday.. It was nice to get to talk to him that much at the car. Then it was time for him to go. We all thanked him and he left.
It was an amazing evening with getting to see MB, the band and his staff that are the best people in the world. The truly care about MB and the fans. Everyone was asking us if we liked Old Time Rock and Roll and of course we do. The one guy Evan was talking with me and he said MB was happy and that is what matters.. YES it is!!LOL

So I ended my wonderful time in NC with getting to chat with MB. I am a happy Bolton fan-this will carry me thru till the next adventure..

This was a big long…So much to tell! LOL
I have pics and have to edit them but will put some in the gallery soon.. I promise.

Here are a few from the show and out back afterwards. MB makes them cute. Thank you MB and band and crew for another amazing Bolton Adventure till the next one! 

Robin in MD On Cloud 9 and plan on staying for a while.

Very nice review, Robin! I felt likeI was there with you!  Loved the pictures especially the one of MB holding your hand.  I am so glad you had such a good time and had time to relax which you sorely needed right now. Glad to have you home but what an experience in such a beautiful city. 

Kathy (PA)

Aww thanks Kathy. You were with me in spirit the entire time and I have something for you from MB!! I didn't forget your pics with him girl!! LOL

MB made it a great night for one and all.. Yes I needed this break more than you know..I hope you and I have another MB adventure up here soon!!

Robin :)

Awesome about all photos there, Robin & neat some were taken from your phone. Wow!

Great review Robin. Sounds like great night. I can pass on the Od Time R&R song, Michael does it great but I can't stand Tom Cruise and it makes me think of him when I hear it. I like Sam, but I don't think her voice is strong enough to sing with Michael. But that's just a personal opinion. She's very pretty and has the nicest parents. We've talked to them at several shows. I'd like to see Ashley do a little something with Michael, or when the band does their que, maybe something then? I also wish Michael would stop doing How Am I as a duet. I think it ruins it, but in our house we call it Dougs song. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.

Happy Cloud 9, those events are always a treat aren't they. I hope MB manager took notes as you suggested places for Michael to perform. Haha,


I am not a Tom Cruise fan either but he didn't write it so it's not HIS song so I don't care about that, it's a cool rockin concert song anyway..And I agree I'd like to see Ashley sing with MB or something more than always back up with MB.  I said that to her once a while ago.  No one will ever duet with MB like Kelly did, she will be my favorite in the show to do the duets but I do think Sam has gotten better with time.  She is stronger than she was when she first started and more comfortable.  

This reminded me when MB introduced Old Time Rock and Roll he mentioned it was written by Bob Segar.  He said how he opened for Bob years ago and demonstrated people doing a slow clap while he was on stage as the opener and saying where is Bob? Where is Bob? Saying that's how it is when you are an opening act.LOL He was funny doing it. I forgot to say that in my review.

I do not mind the duet of How Am I as it's different. I guess that song isn't one that bothers me sung either way. LOL

I am sure you hope they noted where I wanted some shows as they would be good for you too! LOL I tried girl, I tried!!!! :)

Take care Sally!

Robin in MD :)

No one can top Kelly! She was the best. Fan friendly beautiful and talented!

Love the Bob Segar story. I love when he does that.


I know Love Kelly too, Jeff loved her too when he met her and got hugs and a pic with her!!LOL Made his day!  I loved it that she was so sweet when he was with me! LOL

Robin in MD :)

Hi Sally, I just wanted to say that I support the fact that I think Michael should sing HAISTLWY by himself. I don’t think the duetting ruins the song, but I think the lyrics make no sense as a duet, in my opinion. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling Michael might be singing it as a duet to help with the high notes. I know nothing. Take care Sally. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Great review and sounds like awesome time! Great pics! What a nice high to last a while. Hope we hear about some more concerts soon. I heard there is a new casino in the DC area, my brother and his fam live nearby, I sure hope he does that one!


Yes they did build a new one. Never know!!  Maybe we will see one another again at one Lynn. 


Robin in MD :)


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