Welcome to the 2018 Concert Review Thread!!  Hopefully, you will come here and post all your exciting experiences at the Michael concerts and events this coming year.  Michael will be having concerts all over the world this year, so everyone please let us know how it goes.  Include photos and all the info you feel like sharing!!  I know a lot of you are members of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but don't forget about those of us on the forum!  Bring your fun here as well!!  Thanks, Gail

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Thanks. Gonna try my best to check this youtube event out.

Here is link to a FUN video taken at the Buenos Aires concert last night and it is included in a tweet so not automatic play.  It is short and it is only "speaking" but it is FUN ... enjoy !!! :)


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Article on Michael's show in Buenos Aires last night and whilst cannot find a translate button at least it comes with lovely pic along with set list which can understand if can speak English.


Here is set list:

Stand By Me

To Love Somebody

Dock of the Bay


You Don't Know Me

That's Life

Go The Distance

Make You Feel My Love


The Prayer

Nessun Dorma

Sweet Home Chicago

Old Time Rock & Roll



Steel Bars

Time, Love & Tenderness

Seems quite a long set list but that is what has been printed.

Here is pic that comes along with and it is lovely and for info Michael is still wearing black velvet jacket with white shirt and pale blue denims

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I was hoping that "Can I touch you there" would be a part of Michaels 2018 concert tour.   

I'm thinking this is a greatest hits tour song list?

I have to say I can't help feeling a tad gutted that yet again `Soul Provider' has not been included in the set list.  That song was mentioned such a lot in Michael's book 'The Soul of it All' and to be honest it is my personal favourite of his.  I did ask him at the last Meet and Greet why he had dropped it and he just said that they like to mix it up a little bit.  I really hope he starts to include it again.  But don't get me wrong I am more than happy to be at any of Michael's concert and I love all the songs he does.

This is the standard setlist they print up way it reads to me. Sometimes he's doing Soul Provider as the encore and he will mix things up at times. You never know. So this isn't written in stone so to speak as to the songs he will actually do each night. He changes things around. I collect them from shows and then edit them to remember what he did do at my concerts when I can.  Hope this helps some.. He has done Soul Provider just not all the time.

So don't give up on him doing it!! :)

Robin in MD USA :)

Suppose really kind of difficult to fit them all in in one show and we all have our own favourites.  If he would only do a show that was about 4 or 5 hours long he might manage to fit them all in then and we certainly wouldn't complain at a show like that, would we ... NO !!! LOL

Think knowing we are going to get shows this year with June for you Therese and then us in UK in October/November is starting to get the excitement building.  Will be great hearing from you Therese just what the shows were like in Australia before Pauline and I have ours and hope announcement will be made soon for the Australian Tour.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thanks Syliva. Yes I heard about 3 weeks ago they should be announcing sales soon.  Typical MB fan I'm editing with excitement, lol too much to bear ...ha ha

Hi Therese and have just picked up this link in a tweet about Australian Tour and have sent to Gail for confirmation and thought you would like to see !!!!!! lol


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Checking for confirmation on these. ;)

Thank you very much.

Also thanks Sylvia


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