Welcome to the 2018 Concert Review Thread!!  Hopefully, you will come here and post all your exciting experiences at the Michael concerts and events this coming year.  Michael will be having concerts all over the world this year, so everyone please let us know how it goes.  Include photos and all the info you feel like sharing!!  I know a lot of you are members of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but don't forget about those of us on the forum!  Bring your fun here as well!!  Thanks, Gail

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Super video showing Michael leaving Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, Argentina after show last night and stopping to allow fans to get pics taken with him and also shows little clip of him singing WAMLAW.


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Article with pics from Michael's concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 5th March.  Katia found and shared on Twitter.


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Article on Michael's upcoming show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 13th March,  Katia found and shared on Twitter so, merci Katia !!! :)


Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Some pics from Instagram of Michael on stage last night at Espaco das Americas, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

https://instagram.com/p/BgSSEgnlJFb/    Courtesy of Espaco das Americas

https://instagram.com/p/BgS0TE0B7Pg/   Courtesy of setorvip

https://instagram.com/p/BgSyua3huQN/    Courtesy of filipevicente

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Michael has sent below tweet and pic of himself from Brasil and pic shows him, from waist up shot and on left hand side of pic, with what looks like flower beds and a fountain in background but can't make out as they are out of focus ... it is a lovely pic and well done and even although Michael says he is tired he looks well

Hello from beautiful Brazil!! A bit sleepy but feeling good!

A further two lovely pics of Michael on stage of Espaco das Americas, Sao Paulo, Brasil and first comes from Agencia Brazil News and second from Andre Tedim Photography.



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Great article/review of Michael's concert last night in Huntington, New York........


On March 29, Grammy winner Michael Bolton performed at The Paramount in Huntington, where he was backed by his talented band.
Bolton kicked off his set with a distinct cover of "Stand by Me," where he accompanied himself on his black acoustic guitar. "New York, thank you so much," Bolton said. "Thanks for coming to see me tonight. I get to sleep in my house in Connecticut. It's a short drive with a lot of traffic." He also told his fans to make all of the noise they want, and that there is only one rule: "Take all the photos you wish." Bolton continued with "To Love Somebody," which he described as his first hit from his Timeless collection, where he even sang a few lines a cappella towards the end. The acclaimed musician sat on a stool for the following song, accompanied with his guitar. He shared that "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" was his second major hit as an artist from 1986, and he paid homage to Otis Redding.
One of the highlight songs from the first half of the show was his powerhouse rendition of "Said I Loved You...but I Lied," which featured stunning female backing vocals (from his band). "It's not a classic quite yet," he said. "It's just a title. Just a play of words."
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton
Michael Bolton publicity photo
Bolton went on to take his fans "back in time." "Will you go back in time with us?" he asked, and the answer was a resounding "yes." He immediately broke into "You Don't Know Me" by Eddy Arnold, and he sang the Frank Sinatra classic "That's Life," where he displayed his trademark, wide vocal range.
Any Disney fans, especially of the feature film Hercules, were blown away by his rendition of "Go the Distance," which was nostalgic and filled with raw emotions.
He brought out the ever-talented Sam Fly on stage with him to sing "Make You Feel My Love," which was made popular by Adele, but Bolton noted that it was "composed by Bob Dylan." Fly truly possessed the voice of an angel, and it complimented Bolton's voice perfectly. Equally noteworthy was their duet of his Grammy-winning "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You." Another stand-out moment in the show was when he serenaded fans to "When a Man Loves a Woman."
The Verdict
Overall, Michael Bolton and his band were superb at The Paramount in Huntington, when they dusted off these classics songs, and re-introduced them to their Long Island audience. His live show garnered an A rating.
To learn more about singer-songwriter Michael Bolton and his music, check out his official website.
More about michael bolton, the paramount, grammy, new york

Hope all that went to the paramount had a good time. Those going to Bethlehem tonight will have an awesome time. Please come back with reviews and those who went last night, reviews, please? Thanks.

Another super article with great set of pics of Michael on stage at the Paramount Theatre, Huntington New York, on 29th March.  Thanks go to Katia for finding and sharing on Twitter.


For many Michael Bolton is a household name. Whether you are a fan of his music, he has sold over sixty-five million records worldwide and has nine No. 1 singles, enjoyed his comedic appearances on television with several appearances on Two And A Half Men as well as other popular shows, or loved the Emmy nominated viral video “Captain Jack Sparrow,” there is no denying his talent.

You may also know him as a songwriter of some of your favorite songs. Yes of course those beloved songs of his own but he has also worked with Bob Dylan, Paul Stanley and Lady Gaga just to name a few, and his songs have been recorded by KISS, Kanye West, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Marc Anthony. Also let us not forget that he is a Social Activist who commits himself to humanitarian causes, especially with The Michael Bolton Charities that has been going strong for nearly a quarter of a century.


It is amazing that as busy as Bolton is he still finds time to tour the world and take all his talents directly to his fans. Coming back to the United States from several shows in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, he made a stop at The Paramount in Huntington, NY  where he would be playing to a nearly sold out crowd of adoring fans. With so much diversity in his music and the things he has done during his career, it was no surprise just how diverse the audience was and it also looked as if it was date night for many of them as well.


There was no opening act this evening so the fans were ready to take in a full night of hits by their favorite artist. Shortly after eight o’clock the house lights went dark and the stage was barely lit as Ryan Parrino (guitar), Nelson Braxton (bass), Drew McKeon (drums), Brian Becvar (piano), Jason Peterson DeLaire (keyboard/sax), Ashley Tessandori (backing vocals) and Sam Fly (backing vocals) came on stage and took their places to play an instrumental opening song; before long Michael Bolton came out to a flood of cheering and screaming fans.


Bolton was dressed comfortably in blue jeans, a buttoned down white collared shirt and a soft black velvet jacket, he had his guitar strapped on and they started the night with “Stand by Me.” Before the next song Bolton said hello to the crowd and encouraged everyone to take as many pictures as they would like during the show. They continued with the Bee Gees song “To Love Somebody” and the first sing along song of the night “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.” Playing one of his chart topping hits “Said I Loved You…but I Lied” had a good many now standing at their seats, singing and swaying along.

As with every song, Bolton would take time to talk to the audience, giving some history about the song and in some cases the artist who wrote them, if he did not write it. The next song was no exception, except for when he stated the song title “You Don’t Know Me” many screamed back to him saying things like “We do know you!” which garnished him with a big smile just before he began to sing the song. Then after “That’s Life” and “Go the Distance,” Bolton showed a bit of his comedic side while introducing the next song “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” by saying “When I try to do duets by myself … it’s lonely.” After the laughter he introduced Fly as his duet partner and they sang that song and the next two, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and  “The Prayer.”


Bolton gets his guitar back on and gets the crowd ready to rock to some blues with “Sweet Home Chicago,” a song the gave the band time to jam and do some solos. With the house already rocking it was a great time for Peterson DeLaire to do a full solo on the sax. Then came the song, and for many the moment, that would be the highlight of the night, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Not only was everyone up on their feet singing along, many were up close and personal with him as he went out among the crowd to sing the song. But the night was not over, they continued with “How Can We Be Lovers,” “Forever Isn’t Long Enough” and the classic “Time, Love & Tenderness.” The band took a few moments before coming back out to do one last song, “Soul Provider” and everyone was up singing, clapping and just having a great time.


Bolton is an amazing entertainer and really embraces his fans including them in the whole show. His vocals are as strong as ever as he effortlessly hits all those notes he is so known for. His band is comprised of the strongest seasoned musicians that complement his every move. The tour will continue in the United States later this year, after they return from Australia and they will also be going to the United Kingdom in 2018 as well. With many more chances to see Michael Bolton live this year be sure you get your chance too and get your tickets now.

See full gallery of the night here.

Catch this tour!

Hi All,  This is my first post in 2018

Bethlehem, PA, Sands Event Center 3/31/2018

MB gave another great show at this casino venue last night. I have been there both times before to see him and knew it was a high stage. We had 2nd row right side center aisle seats luckily so I could sit out a little angled in the aisle to take pics and we did not have really tall folks in front of us.  They comped out the left front section for about 14 rows back for their casino high rollers so we were lucky to get these seats for this one.

We were able to visit with Milo and some of the band earlier in the afternoon outside when we all arrived around same time and hugs all around.  Milo and the band are so sweet.  Bummer was as in previous times they would not let anyone even close to MB's car at the one entrance so it wasn't possible to see him after at the car.  Oh well, always another time.

Sally and her friends had new t-shirts they made up again and they were cute.  They were sitting in our section a bit further down from us.  Was nice seeing the girls again.

MB and the band were great and people were yelling out all kinds of funny stuff. The lady that yells "Turn Around" was there and she is a hoot.  MB gets a kick out of her every time..  After he got done Sweet Home Chicago he saw me and tossed the pick my way and it landed at my feet, I was surprised it made it out that far.  Thank you MB!!! Another one for the collection.  Also he acknowledged Doug James and his wife in the audience and everyone went crazy.  It was nice to say hi to them again after the show. We met them backstage in Hagerstown, MD in December of 2016 when we did the VIP concert experience.

When he went to do WAMLAW in the audience the box was in the center aisle about maybe 10 rows back from us and we knew he'd come by us. The crowd sorta encroached into the aisle and MB went a bit fast up the middle and past us to get thru there and he hugged the stage walking up in front to the right side up the steps and back to the stage. The crowd was going nuts for him.. Once he was back we all went to the stage, it's a high one and I have to stand on my toes some but he saw me and pointed and smiled and winked and looked for my friend and waved and smiled to her as well.  He mouthed hello Robin too..  Then when he went up and down the stage to shake hands for HCWBL he smiled and made sure he took mine for a moment. Woo Hoo!!  I was trying to get pics during all this too between the monitors where we stood. People were rocking out, some handed him flowers and someone tossed panties on stage after the show ended and before they walked back out for the encore. MB made a strange face and tossed them up onto the piano. LOL   He ended the show with Soul Provider which we loved.   I got some pics I have up on Facebook, a few on twitter also. I will put a few here too.

We were able to speak to JP after outside and saw some of the other band members leaving. They are so sweet and nice and always take a moment to say hello.

So that was show #157. It rocked, till next time!!

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Robin MD for an awesome review. I felt like I was there watching all of you but couldn't move to go anywhere. :) Loved it "Soul Provider" was the oncour song.

Thanks for super review Robin and so glad you had a great time and got to see everyone.  Just a pity didn't get to car but sounds as though enough happened at stage to make up for and glad you all got to stage.  Saw pic on Instagram of the "panties" lying on the stage before MB came back out and caption was something like: "panties bought new at Walmart's cheapest rail just for the occasion"  Don't know if it was person who had thrown them that took pic or not but thought quite funny !!! lol

Thanks again for review and for share of super pics .... roll on #158 !! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend



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