Welcome to the 2018 Concert Review Thread!!  Hopefully, you will come here and post all your exciting experiences at the Michael concerts and events this coming year.  Michael will be having concerts all over the world this year, so everyone please let us know how it goes.  Include photos and all the info you feel like sharing!!  I know a lot of you are members of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but don't forget about those of us on the forum!  Bring your fun here as well!!  Thanks, Gail

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Thanks Usha! So glad you are having fun. I know I loved the show in Bethlehem, PA last weekend.  He did Soul Provider as the encore and we all loved it standing at the stage!! Have fun rocking out!!

Robin in MD :)

Wasn’t that awesome. 2 of my daughters, Davina and Taryn will be up later , we waiting to see if we get them tickets. Thx , Usha

Where is the concert, Usha? Have an awesome time.

All right now Usha. Thanks for an awesome review, girl. I misread before.

Thanks Usha for popping on and so glad you had wonderful time !!! :)  Thanks too for super pics, they are terrific and don't blame you for going to both shows ... I sure would have done if been there, definitely !!! lol

Thanks again Usha and stay on that MB cloud for as long as possible !!! :)

BTW, agree entirely, Sam Fly is superb and one of the best, if not THE BEST, duet singers he has had with him.... hope she stays !!!  She doesn't try to compete and take over the limelight, she sings WITH him and is getting better and better as time goes on ... she is a dream !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Thank you guys.

I’m such a sucker for Michael, yes. back for another night . It was superb. He did Jack Sparrow , as it was requested so much on the previous night.  Michael is amazing, the band is marvellous and Sam has an exquisite voice, she wowed the crowd with “The Prayer”. JP Delaire is in his own class....exceptional !

Our own Patience was also there , we had a blast together, lovely lady .  Also got pics with JP and my daughters, he is ever so sweet. 

My daughters were not lucky to get tickets they waited too late but we all had good time, even saw Michael as he was leaving earlier today . And I was too “shy” to approach him .....really ... yes .....

What a fun weekend ! Best regards, Usha 

Here are some more pics.


Here are a couple more pics . Thx , Usha 


Nice pics!  Glad you had a great time at both shows.  There is a vid on instagram of him doing Jack Sparrow!  Love it.  

Thanks for sharing Usha!!

Robin in MD :)

bHere are a few pics I got at Bethlehem Event Center over a week ago.


Nice pics.  I have one with JP and my daughters, will post later.

Thx, Usha

Thanks for share super pics Usha and Michael sure is looking great, thanks !!! :)

So glad you met up with Patience for wondered if she would be going.  Right Patience where is your review and pics, come on girl, where are you ??????   To be serious, so glad you both met and know you will both have had a fantastic time .... roll on for next time MB hits Niagara !!! lol  

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


We sure had fun. Now we're friends forever.  Patience has some great pics too. Hope she posts soon.

Thank you. Best regards, Usha  


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