Here's something new I thought we could try

As many of you know I love music of all sorts and have a wide variety of different types I enjoy

Usually if I am on the computer I am also listening to my music as well

It just so happens that right now Ready for you- Michael playing

It doesn't have to be Michael Bolton it can be anybody by the time I finish typing Anne Murray and Kenny Rogers are singing If I ever

fall in Love again

Happy new year


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Ain't nothing like the real thing "Marvin Gaye"

Well here I am it's Friday Night
Caitlyn's watching Scooby doo Cartoons
Bill's playing cards
I'm listening to Michael Bolton "I'm Alive" on my laptop
Love Dianna xxx

'Somewhere out there' From An American Tail. Sung by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.

It's the saddest song and it means such a lot to me, but makes me feel sad everytime I hear it.


Love Jennifer XX
Broken Arrow~Rod Stewart

Just One Love is playing at the moment

Sandra xx
Your Song~Rod Stewart
Shania Twain .Still the one .
Whiter shade of Pale "Michael Bolton"
Go The Distance
My Lady, by Michael Bolton!
I've been listening *Our love is like a holiday*... few days now,lol! Makes me feel soooo happy and good! But does anybody know in which cd I can find it???
Hugs Jaana
I love this song aswell, but dont know which album it comes from, if any.

It's obviously a christmas song, but dont recall it being on either of Michael christmas albums though.

I know ift was on a the album 'now thats what I call christmas' in 2001 but thats about it.

Love Jennifer XXX


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