"What song do you want to hear the most live?" Question posed by MB on FB.

Question was put out on FB on Wednesday on MB's page and as there has been a fair amount of voting thought I would bring over here and let those not on FB see and join in the little bit of fun and so as of Saturday, 5th May, at 12.30 p.m. GMT this is the state of the votes for the five songs that were chosen to ask the question of .........

"When A Man Loves A Woman"                                        -                    1299 votes

"How Am I Supposed To Live Without You"                      -                    2105 votes

"Go The Distance"                                                             -                      269 votes

"Said I Loved You But I Lied"                                            -                       797 votes

"How Can We Be Lovers"                                                 -                       298 votes


Will keep you informed how the voting goes until it looks as though everyone has had their turn !! :)


I voted for "Go The Distance" and look where it is ......... !!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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Hi Sylvia,

Thanks Sylvie :)

Gosh when I answered of cause everybody knows which one I voted for :)

Come on how could SILYBIL be so little votes and as for GTD that's just down right stupid!!!!

I love all them song and they made Michael what he is today we all have to remember the fact is we are he fans he's true fans right here.

A lot of people hmm excuse me our age :) aren't on the forum or FB or twitter I wish they were because really that question needs to be asked by not just us but all his adoring fans everywhere and I think they would say "Do them please"


We buy all the lastest Cd of Michael's and we embrace them but I tell you when I speak to people (anybody who wants to listen) no one really knows that Michael is still going the Distance and putting out Cd etc. He's concert I think sell pretty good over here but all the above songs I feel is why alot of people come because  they made him :)

There are so many songs I would love to have been able to pick from that I would love to hear Michael sing but from a professional point of view I think he has to keep these in :)

perhaps cut back on the Sinarta songs ( I enjoy them but....)


If he could set the stage and do "Fields of Gold" with Eva in the back ground at his shows people would be floored. I'd be Crying !

I love "Fools Game" too I'd also love to here him sing "My Lady" live oh boy there are just so many !!!


I just want to throw something out here I love Bob Seger and I think Michael could pull that song off "Shame on the Moon"


Love Dianna who will forever think SILYBIL was the best song ever written to this day :)

Oh that is beautiful Dianna....love the picture you have chosen of MB too !! :)    Agree with you about "Fields of Gold" ....oh....that would be something else to actually see and hear for that was beautiful when he sang it on "Loose Women" when he was here in the UK and too as you suggest a lot of the "older" songs...yes....a little walk back in time !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Dianna, I agree about the SILYBIL and GTD votes, who’s voting anyway? You know, that reminds me of something Michael said in a recent article: in today’s music industry, since people can pick the songs they want instead of a full CD, they don’t embrace the artist as they did in previous decades. When I first discovered Michael, it was thanks to WIBOMFA, but the first tape my husband bought me was the TLT album. I’m so glad he made that mistake because I fell in love with that album and then searched for anything else I could find of his. As far as not many people not knowing Michael is still going strong, I don’t want to open that can of worms again, but I think that’s because his new material doesn’t get played enough on the radio. As far as the FB list goes, I was actually surprised that the list didn’t extend to TLT and “Steel bars” or DOTB for that matter.  I think Michael includes the Sinatra songs to showcase his versatility, although he could technically do that with “Fool’s game”! lol We kid around a lot about the rock songs we love and deep down know he wouldn’t sing them again, but I feel he could find different arrangements and sing “Walk away” or WIBOMFA. In ’95, he recorded a gorgeous, more subdued  live piano version of WIBOMFA on a single. I’d also love to hear songs like “You wouldn’t know love”, “Never get enough of your love” or “ain’t no sunshine” or even “Need you to fall” and countless others including my dream "Che gelida manina". Oh sweetie, pass around the tissues my way for “Fields of gold”... Then again, Michael could take advantage of the fact that he has a trumpet player and sing “You are so beautiful”... Ooh, goosebumps time on that one live! Phew, too many songs, too little time... :D I think Robin R would agree with you about the Bob Seger song. I don’t know that one though, I’ll have to look it up, thanks Dianna. Wow, sorry for the novel guys... XD Take care Dianna. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

hi Sylvie

I agree with all you have said

I would love to hear him sing WIBOMFA and so many others :)

Here's the linkto Bob seger I love his voice :)


I have 30 Cd of Bob Seger I guess I'm a fan lol!

Love Dianna xxx

Hey Dianna, thanks for saving me the trouble girl! Oh my, I had forgotten about that song, can you forgive me? :D I love the lyrics and listening to it, I thought this would have been a great song for Michael Bolotin... 30 Bob Seger CD's huh?To be honest, I didn't know he'd made that many. My 30+ collections are (of course you know) Olivia Newton-John and Hall & Oates, though Ray Charles is pretty close... Thank you for sharing Dianna, I enjoyed that. :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I think it's actually 26 CD he has made to be honest had to go count them LOL!

I have so many Cd's I just love them and I love the fact that a lot of us have such a wide range of music in which we share and Michael has introduced us to so many great artist's I thank him for that as well :)

Love Dianna xxx

Thanks for the link Dianna and you couldn't have picked a better one for Michael to sing for I could hear him and especially the ending......he could let rip on that one !!!! :)    We will get MB organized ....Motown this time....Bob Seger next and then one of ALL those beautiful songs he has sung but which have never found there way onto a CD....now that definitely could be a double !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




Hey Sylvia, I'm all for that CD of MB written songs that others have recorded! In a 1998 interview, Michael said he had written about 300 songs... :D I wouldn't mind his version of "By the time this night is over" or a studio version of "Don't make me wait for love" or Joe Cocker's "Living without your love" or many of the songs he's written for Laura Branigan, or even  his own version of "Forever" by Kiss, phew! He could produce them any which way he'd like, of course, I'm giving him permission! lol Thanks for sharing Sylvia, I'm really enjoying this thread! Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

HeyDianna, I'll second that motion! I would have never explored Andrew Lloyd Webber's music without Michael and although I had already warmed up to opera, thanks to him, I started actually attending some and just love it... :D Thanks again for sharing sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Yep I agree with both of you

More Cd's and I love the idea of Michael recording some he has wrote for other people that would be interesting!

Michael doing a couple of Bob seger's hits YES!!!!!

I'll give my permission as well ; )

Love Dianna xxx

The list is just about never ending of what we would love to hear that man sing and I for one would love another aria CD or complete Andrew Lloyd Weber one BUT most of all ......which was what I wrote about in that thread you tried to resurrect Sylvie but it wouldn't let us in.....is to hear Michael singing Jacques Brel's, "If You Go Away"....I can feel tears just at the thought of it.....last version I heard of that was Barbra Streisand's and it didn't half get to me....I cried and cried and even though I knew every time I listened to it it was going to have same effect .....I couldn't stop.....do you think perchance with all my other tendencies I am maybe a little bit of a masochist !! lol   Message in a bottle to Michael please listen to Jacques Brel and consider .....know there is a lot of Brel's work that MB couldn't possibly sing but ......... !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Wow Sylvia, nice choice! I'll be honest Sylvia, I seriously doubt Michael would record another aria CD, although I hope to God I'm wrong. Now you have something with "Ne me quitte pas" because a lot of people have recorded it even Ray Charles. Well girl, I don't know about being a masochist, but sometimes we need those sad songs to get the bad feelings out. Have you ever heard Dusty Springfield's version? Very good one! I heard Sting, many years ago singing it, but strangely enough, I was more fascinated by his pronunciation than by the fact that it's one of the saddest songs on the planet. You see, maybe that's why our Michael hasn't sung it: he's making uplifting albums, God bless him. Take care Sylvia and thanks for bringing that up, now it's stuck in my head! lol Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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