As part of our latest Michael Bolton giveaway, we want to know what YOUR favorite single is on Michael's latest album.
Post your answers below and on July 9th, 2010, one of you will be randomly selected to win a signed 3x3 Michael Bolton poster!

Good luck!

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Please go to tours, gigs section and join the rally call to Save Our Band! There is a possibility they could be disbanded. Let them know we care and that we want stability just like them!
Hello ,Michael :))) Your music is wonderfull , I love your music , you are great :):):):):)
Yet you make a magic songs , keep on :):):):):) and come in again in Bulgaria ( beacuse last time I could not go.. )
... and my favorite single on your latest is "Just one love"
My favorite song is "Ready For You".
Well, it took me a while to decide, but I think I finally settled on "You Comfort Me" as my favorite off this new album! It was hard to pick though!
For me I would have to say that Comfort Me is my favorite but I am very fond of almost all. If I were to comment on a few I would say that he seems to have found something but did not finish seeing though as he is still appearing single. He needs to proceed with what he believes he found like he states in the What your doing to me song or the best. For someone who waits for so long to find or resolve something needs review what he may have signed in the past to move to the present and forward. For someone who listens to anothers heartbeat and hears it so easily and wishes for them to hear but is the hearing block appears something other than signing chests needs to happen. Seems to go back to the words of the mistake that he can unmake my mistake so he is waiting for the next lifetime. Boy is that smart, nothing like dealing with our mistakes and errors, I know he would need to come back to reality to deal with it. Then again maybe if he tries to wait till next lifetime he wont get one, we are in the end times.......
well ann maybe michael has found what he is looking for but dont want to share his personal life on the forum

Joan. Aren't you the one who lived or lives in Belgian (pardon spelling) or is it someone named Jo.


Sorry I'm off topic.


Favorite song would have to be you comfort me&invisible tatoo.


Boltonnut from L. A. CA

My favorite single is "The Best", what can I say besides it's the BEST!!! It makes me want to dance! Heather
Holly. Did you get to meet up with Michael in Rhode Island? Or did you buy a signed CD?

I only bought the CD but I did meet up with Helen and Kay and Saundra I missed Orrin and Isa but, they were there too.
Awesome you met Saundra&Kay&Helen. Sorry you miss Orrin.
I am sorry I missed Orrin too. I saw someone I thought could be Helen and had to convince myself that i should go up to the front to make sure my eyes weren't seeing things. I went up and saw it was her and, Robin I almost cried I was so happy to see her. Helen looked really good we talked for a long time and then I went back to my seat when the owner of the seat in front of Helen came. Michael sounded great I hope he comes in to Boston later this year or next year.


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