As part of our latest Michael Bolton giveaway, we want to know what YOUR favorite single is on Michael's latest album.
Post your answers below and on July 9th, 2010, one of you will be randomly selected to win a signed 3x3 Michael Bolton poster!

Good luck!

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michael the whole album is great and i have a few favorite songs .invisible tattoo is the number one for me but would have to say
my lady i am totally in love with. the new songs on the usa cd are fantastic so going with MY LADY

My favorite song off new album????? now theres a hard the lot over and over in my car.. but i think the one i love singing and the words are soooo good is invible tattoo love you always Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kay
Hey Michael,
HOPE IT'S TOO LATE because you are THE BEST. You MURDER MY HEART with JUST ONE LOVE, but YOU COMFORT ME as I am a SURVIVOR. I NEED YOU TO FALL as I am READY FOR YOU, CAN YOU FEEL ME? You can SIGN YOUR NAME with an INVISIBLE TATTOO because it's CRAZY LOVE. Love always, you are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite song from the new album is the 12 songs!!!! but choose a THE BEST!!!!
My name´s Maribel and I from Spain With LOVE FOREVER, love you Michael!!!
IT'S SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!! All the songs have something that make them special in a different way... but the one that really seduces me is INVISIBLE TATOO . There is so much tenderness on this song!!! ... So many people have a love mark!!!

I'd love him to include this song on his concerts. By the way, I don't understand why it doesn't appeared on the US cd.

Best ;)
Hope It's Too Late. It's actually my favourite ALL TIME Michael song.

Michael x
My Favourite song from One World One Love is 'Murder My Heart'. Deb
Well I love every song on your new cd Michael, but my absolute favourite has got to be JUST ONE LOVE.
I play it over and over I love it. I love you and all your music Michael.
Love Sandra xxxx
I love them all!!!!!! But if you're gonna twist my arm- lol- it would have to be 'Need You To Fall'. Beautiful. xxx
I like "Hope It's Too Late"
Adore the whole cd ,was totally worth the wait .I love Hope its to late and You comfort me .My son (8 years old ) loves Murder my heart and Need you to fall ,hes sings them all the time.xx
Bill's going with "Hope it's too Late" as well :)
I know his not in the comp. but just saying :)
Love Dianna xxx


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