I am missing a few people here





Helen are you here?






There probably alot more


I can't seem to be able to invite them over can someone help us out here!

All the best

Dianna xxx


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Thanks Jenn!! It's good to be here..I was feeling lonely on the other site..LOL
Hi Dianna!
I try to put my banner here now. Let's see if I managed to do it!

Hi Jaana,
Pleased to see your banner.
Good to see you here.
Love Dianna xxx

hi dianna

i am here hun its taking a bit of time getting used to this site lol i was asking the question on hints about our signature and picture but have now found it thanks lol
Hi Helen
Pleased your here.
There still seems to be a few missing lets hope they have no trouble finding us :)
Love Dianna xxx

Chris Gregory is here as I've added him as a friend.
Think I saw Manel too in the members list.

There are 100's of names in the members list but not that many that I recognises??

Where did all the other names come from?

Love Jennifer XXX
umm i see 700 and something in the members list to but not that many i know weird lol
I saw that too and wonder if that was the original Bolton mailing list that was started some time ago and they copied that list over here.. I don't think all of them are people actually signed up here yet.

Maybe Gail will know?

The note was sent to all of those who were on the mailing list of the www.michaelboltonmusic.co.uk site. A lot of those people came to the site but never joined the forum...so looks like now they are trying it out!! Welcome everyone!!!

Hi Dianna I'm likely not the Betty your looking for but I made it here .....yipeeeeee love the video section !
Hi Betty the Betty I was looking for was having trouble getting to this site
Not sure doesn't matter just great to see all these people starting to post
The more the merrier.
Would love Michael to post here one day~!
The video section is very good
Welcome Betty
Dianna xx

I was having problems and you were trying to get me here, OMG those eyes in your banner !!!!! Those gorgeous eyes!!!


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