Well as you have seen posted in other threads, Michael is recording and working on his next CD.  I found this yesterday and thought you would enjoy.  Any findings or info you find on the new CD...please post it here..thanks!


http://www.countryweekly.com/rascal_flatts_and_michael_bolton/news/... - The story below...click on the link for a picture:


New Country Mashup: Rascal Flatts?

published: March 1, 2011   |   author: Brad Schmitt


You know the Rascal Flatts boys have been collaborating with Justin Beiber.

Now it seems the mega-country group is going with, uh, the opposite demographic.

Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts put up a picture of his group with Michael Bolton.

Jay tweets that they’re all writing a new song for Michael’s new album.

Won’t Justin be jealous?

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Jennifer he told me he was working hard to get it out in MAY when I asked about it in Greensburg a month ago! So I think he means the USA Mother's Day!


We all know MB time, it could take him longer but it's always been well worth the wait!!!! The best things are worth waiting for so if we have to wait a bit longer, we will be glad most likely like we have in the past!!LOL


Still hoping for May!

Robin in Maryland :)

When I saw the Michael doing match with Rascal Flatts

I wonder if the next CD were between blues and country ?

 I wish !!!. this group has lovely songs like what hurts the most,

here comes goodbye ( my favorite ) and the version life is a Hihgway. 

I can't wait to hear it. I think is a great collaboration.....

Take care


Well, I'm just 'flabberghasted' that we're getting a new album at all- so soon(Michael time) after the last one! This is fantastic news- I can't wait! xxx

So excited that Michael is working on a new cd!! Fantastic news!! 

Hope it is May, i'ts not too long to wait.

Love Deb xx  

Just posted this to the main page:


As you read earlier, Michael is working on a new album that he is aiming for a May release.  He is collaborating with some names you may have heard:  Rascal Flatts, David Foster and  RA Rahman (who did the music from Slum Dog Millionaire) with a few others to be announced in time.  We will keep you posted as soon as new info can be released.

Wow Gail, MB is working with a great mix of people again this time around!! THANKS!!!

Robin :)

Thanks for keeping us posted Gail! It's encouraging that more and more details are  becoming available. Again, thanks! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks for this news Gail, looking forward to this new album so much!! :)

Love Deb xx

Awesome, I can't wait to hear the new cd!!! xx

This is such good news a new album glad it says May 2011. Just a thought no UK dates are set on the tour pages yet but a new album usually means a visit to these shores. RAH in Autumn perhaps?

Haven't heard of Rascal Flatts will have to check them out but they can't be bad if working with Michael.


Would be good if it was UK mother's day but Jennifer perhaps uk mums deserve 2 mother's day and we can persuade a family member to purchase the new album for us.

Love Janet x



Rascal Flatts are the most amazing 3 guys ever, "live". We have seen them at least 10 times. There songs are beautiful! So with the help from Michael they are going to make a Beautiful song together!

I cry everytime I hear them sing "Skin" aka Sarabeth! I lost my great nephew to Leukemia a year and a half ago, his name is Cody he was only 11 years old! He loved Rascal Flatts, too. We miss him so much! RIP Cody!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Well, atleast now we know that the new album isnt going to be a country one if it has Halleljah on it?


Sounds like its going to be an ecclectic mix and it sounds wonderful.


Soooo exciting isnt it?


Love Jennifer XX


PS Mary, I am truly saddenned to hear about your Nephew Cody. We lost our nephew when he was only 3 years old,. He was born with a cancerous brain tumour. They are at peace and flying with the angels. XX I will look up that song you mentioned. I've never heard of Rascal Flatts before so it will be interesting to hear his music.


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