What's this?

I nearly didn't join my e-mail blocked some of the contents and I thought it might have been a hoax or something!

Was there something on the old forum that said there would be a new format and did I miss it?

Not that it matters this one looks REAL good and once I get use to it I will be fine.

Well now I will have a look around!

All the best



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It seems that a lot of topics have been 'copied' from the UK site. Is there going to be 2 sites we need to check??

Thanks, Anna
No nothing was posted before the invite when out. I'm sorry, I thought it was going to be. I've now posted. This is going to be the new Official site and forum but they are letting you check it out and test everything before the old one is closed down. So check out all the little things here. The site is great as far as sharing things..videos, pictures. You can add pictures to your posts here by clicking on the little camera and uploading from your computer too.

I was afraid the email might be a hoax too. But took a chance on it too! Glad I did! LOL!

Gail, you may want to check and see whether the site can be programmed so that clicking on a link in a message will open the link in a new tab or window, not in the same window. As it is now, if you click a link, it takes you right out of the forum.

Best of luck with the new site!
Oh yes, and does the Bolton photo at the top of each page have to load each time you go to a new page? That shouldn't be. And it was a major annoyance on the Bolton UK site too.

Any idea whether this site is going to be keyboard accessible for our visually disabled friends who use screen reader programs like Jaws?

Jan, as far as the link...when you get ready to click on a link in a post right click on your mouse on the link and then click open in new window.

I'm going to ask you to do me a favor as far as the visually disabled. Go to the first story in the news section and click on the email address there and send your thougths on that to them. All of the web people and admin are reading those and I would appreciate if they would hear from other people besides myself on that point. I had asked for at least the links at the top to be out of the flash media so the Jaws program could find it but I see it isn't. You did or do deal with this a lot so would you send a note....thanks!! Gail
Will do, Gail. About the links, yes, I knew about the right click, but a lot of sites like Facebook and my email program set it so that links automatically will open a new tab. (That way you don't chance losing the page you came from. :)
I've just e-mailed them to ask if they will be adding a rich text editor so that we can post with a larger fonts and add smilies etc..
This might make the posts easier to read for the visually impaired too. (This may already be available in our profiles I shall need to investigate more)

I've also asked if there is any way that we could have a function so that we can add music clips to our posts?

Isnt it great that we can add pictures straight from our computers now though? Wow!! Luxury!! Ha Ha!!

Great to see you here Jan.

Love Jennifer XXXX
How do you get to your profile to add the avatar and our banners like before? I needed help on the other forum.. Sorry...I have to go to work but will check back at lunch.. Moving us again!! Yikes!!!


Ok I did figure it out.. Do we get to have signature banners like before and different colored text? I hope so.. I loved the old forum but this one seems very nice and moves along faster for me. Wow! I got up to a new forum on here!!LOL

Have a good one, still learning here.
Robin :)
Hi all!
Soooo, I'm going to try this photo-link!! Let's see if it works, lol! There is photo from the concert in Milano 2010!
Hugs from Jaana - re

I almost ignored the e-mail too because of the hoax factor!

I don't see an option to display only the discussions/forums you haven't read since your last visit. With all the topics that are here, it would be mind-boggling to have to wade through things you've already seen/read. Am I missing it or isn't it an option?

HI Anna, I hope we get the same feature to only go to those not read like the other board had. I miss that. Too many things here to read through. Also can we save our settings again to have the most recent posts on top in the threads??? Just wondering.

I do like this site too.


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