This thread is simple and to the point.  Who do you dream of hearing Michael duet with?  My list includes the following artists:

o Céline Dion
o Shania Twain
o Taylor Dayne
o Dixie Chicks
o Lady GaGa
o Reba McEntire
o Tim McGraw
o Gloria Estefan

If he has recorded a duet with any of the above mentioned artists, I would LOVE to hear it.  :)


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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Hi, I personally would love to hear Michael sing with both alicia Keys or Corrine Bailey Rae because they're great artists, period. My dream duet though would be if Michael sang with his brother Orrin. When I first heard his live reggae version of "Said I loved you", I had a glimmer of hope and then when I heard "Ready for you" was gonna be a reggae song, I had another one but I guess that wasn't to be. In any case, reggae or not, I'd love to hear a beautiful harmonic duet between them, I think it would be awesome... Orrin told me once that if they found the right song, they would, but who knows what the right song would be, at this specific time in their lives. Any songwriters out there? :) Sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Ha ha!! Simple!!

Oh ok, if not me, then Katherine Jenkins...oh my goodnes, I have the shivers just thinking about it!

Have a listen to this.

Love Jennifer XX
If Michael wants to make another duet i think that he must try recordings with Whitney Houston. She was back to life, i think that she needs that attention.... so Mr. Bolton please
I LOVE Melissa Etheridge and would love them to do a duet, they both could rock out with their guitars and both have a great husky rock voice :)
I think I would love for You and Michael to sing together, can I be the backup singer? Maybe I could carry a note long enough, if I sing in Alto... : )
But I don't think it would be an Opera for me to join in. A lot out of my league there. A Ballad perhaps?
Now if we can only persuade Michael to consider it???

Love ya,
Reply by Jennifer Steadman on May 8, 2010 at 11:15pm
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Delete Me!!

Ha ha!! Simple!!

Oh ok, if not me, then Katherine Jenkins...oh my goodnes, I have the shivers just thinking about it!

Have a listen to this.

Love Jennifer XX

Jennifer...this one my just come true!!! ;)
Mariah Carey would do but ha Tim Mcraw? Dixie Chicks? maybe Willie Nelson. Don't mention Wynona. Whitney Houston would be good or Alison Krauss.
Don't forget Michael himself said there has to be a connection with the other singer to do a duet. I think some chemisry would be great too.
Aaah yes, 'Under Pressure' was murdered very well by the pair of them wasnt it?

Perhaps they were, as the song say, 'Under pressure'? Perhaps the yshould have been under sever hundred pounds of pressure? Ha Ha Ha!!

Oh well, good on them for having a bsh!

Remember that awful black face make up mask she wore? Hmm, I often wondered what that was all about?

Thanks for reminding me of this awful rendition Juliet, I'll be singing it all day now! Ha Ha Ha!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
I did as well, it's awful, Batman and Robin! oh my god!!
Silvy XX
Hey Jennifer and Juliet, thanks for the warning, I won't look it up! lol Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
for me:

- Taylor Dayne
- Natacha Atlas
- Gabrielle
- and the singer of Fleetwood Mac (I don't remember the name, sorry!)

Thanks Juliet!


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