2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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Robin that's a very nice interview
Thanks for the link!
Love Dianna xxx
I will be there in Nashville also, I will for sure write a review as he is also doing a meet and greet and I will be there!!! Can hardly wait...Kerie
Hey Keri, I hope all goes well, please report back. Have a great time!! I'm with you in spirit!!!
I got to see him backstage in March and it was a fun time! Enjoy!!

Looking forward to hearing from you afterwards!
Robin :)
Awesome Keri. I'm totally stoked for you. I remember seeing Michael in 2001 at the Symphony tour&they had a meet&greet&I got to speak with him. Now, the one I saw him in 1996, I didn't as I told the other girl there in nashville. have fun. Enjoy. Reviews, please? :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Hey Robin, I was at that "meet & greet" also, it was a fast one!
Robin in MD
In Nashville 10/30/01? Awesome. Ah! I wish I had known, I would have love to have seen you. I wish with Trisha. Remember Trisha? I hear from here here&there.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA :)
You were and we did see you there, that's the one we waited for MB and Janis came over to the place across the street. We talked that night!!LOL
Robin in MD
Oh Kerie good on you we will be waiting to hear all about it
Have a fanastic time
If you can, Tell Michael Hi from all us here on his forum!
Love Dianna xxx
Hey Robin, thanks for the review! I appreciate that they mentionned he was sporting short hair, but they didn't go in lengths about it, pardon the pun! lol Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Oh, ok. Robin. It's coming back to me. There were so many of us. Remember Trisha? She's still in the Carolinas. She's quite tall but then, everyone's tall to me. :) though I know folks even shorter than me as I'm five feet.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA :)t.
Hey I know Trisha from the Carolinas! I met her in Nashville and we went to several concerts of Michael's all around the south that year, I guess it was in 2001!! Didn't seem that long ago!! We had a blast!!! then I met up with her again on a business trip to Charlotte and there happened to be a concert that night I got in, she went back stage, but I did not get to as my was a last minute chance to go!! Small world huh? I still hear from Trisha every Christmas!!
Yes very small world Kerie. Neat you know Trisha too. I've not talked to her in years or seen her for some time, since around that time. Nice gal.

Robin :)


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