2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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Hi Bonnie, Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your review. Sounds like MB was in top form again last night. Tht's great to hear. I don't care for Sinatra either but LOVE when he sings it in concert.

Welcome to the forum, post often!
Robin in Maryland :)
I have to admit&I'm not ashamed but I've always loved Frank Sinatra especially since the 70's. I have quite a bit of music. Michael just brings his music out as classics&I love it. When he does Sinatra live, the music&especially him is oh! so! romantic. :) xox

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Bonnie, thanks for sharing . His concerts are amazing and it is sad when its over,but I'm usually on clod nine for weeks afterward!! Glad yyou had a wonderful time! Welcome to the forum!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hi Bonnie
welcome to the forum, I don't care for Sinatra as well, but I love the songs singing by Michael!
Silvy from Switzerland
The day after any of his concerts, I'm always on a bolton downer. Not fun.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA USA
Hi and welcome Bonnie we are all "groupie's" I guess?????? LOL
A group of people enjoying Michael's Music!
So pleased you had a great night and a wonderful concert
Michael really is very versatile isn't he just fantasic
Thanks for the review we always enjoy reading how much people enjoyed themselves at one of his concert's
All the best
Dianna xxx
Welcome to the forum. Awesome you saw Michael for your first time in L A. He's an addiction. :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Yes, right Robin, he's an addiction! You've read my mind!

Silvy from Switzerland
I'm addicted too, girls!!!
Bonnie, welcome to the forum and the rest of us "groupies" are glad to have you here! Gail
Check out quite a few new reviews on Michael's page on Tmaster.com.. They are all positive but one actually and about the show at the Wildhorse Saloon. He's got a few pages worth of reviews. Thought you guys may want to read them too.


Robin :)
Thanks Robin there are some good one's there that's for sure
Love Dianna xxx


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