2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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Hi Michael Fans,
Just got home from concert, OMGosh is was so great. If you have a chance to see him GO GO GO, he doesn't disappoint. Ok let me tell ya what happened.
First, my seats were ok, but when the concert started they asked everyone to move up front to fill in the seats. I was now about 6 front row far left. When the music played everyone went wild, as he came out he began to sing Soul Provider, you swear it was a CD, he still has the voice. We searched the stage, the crowd went wild, then the lights came up around this handsome figure wearing a gorgeous velvet looking jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans. You simply melted. Ok that was just the opening song. He change about 3 times during the show.
Next, into his 7th song, Summertime, I had the opportunity to give him my flowers. I was the only one in the entire venue who did!!! so Tip #1 if you plan to go see him, bring flowers!!! but wait...the best is yet to come. When I walked towards the stage towards him, he slowly leaned forward, looked into my eyes and very very slowly grabbed the flowers all the while not missing a beat of his sexy song. Then ever so gently he slid his pinky down to my hand and grabbed my index finger holding on to me so I wouldn't leave, all the while I never let my smile fade and I think I mouthed thank you. I can't remember his eyes put you in such a trance. Well then he gently nodded his head to the beat of the music and looked at me as to say thank you, oh I wanted to die right then and there. He let me go, I think I blew him a kiss. I don't know how I made it back to my seat. I almost wanted to cry!!! I composed myself, then went on to enjoy the concert.
Towards the end of the show When a Man Loves A Women begins to play and Michael starts singing, but you don't see him, a spot light appears, he's in the middle of the venue, the fans go crazy surrounding him, flashes go off, he starts walking towards the stage, but the girls won't let him move. He shakes their hands, they caress his body, finally he's able to make it safely up front. TIP #2 if you see the stage hands move the stairs during the band's instrumental time, that's a clue he might be moving for his spot, you might go take a bathroom break just to see if you get a glimps of him depending how your venue is set up, then quickly go back to your seat for his song.
So during this song, the fans all move towards the stage following Michael, what's great is security allow us to stay up front, so TIP #3 if you see a rush, Go Go Go. Michael then goes on to sing 4 more wonderful songs, I recorded some.
As for meeting him, well it wasn't what I expected, they lined us up, told us in a nice manner, please no autographs or hugs, no questions, and we have to take pictures in groups, so I had to stand with some strangers, but let me tell you when the other couple were getting their camera ready I went forward and shook his hand, he leaned forward to bow at me, shook my hand, I told him I hope he liked the flowers, I told him I enjoyed the concert, he said thank you. Then while taking the pic, I told him Sylvie said Hi, from Monterael its her birthday today. Sylvie, sorry I didn't think he heard me it was very very crazy back there. He didn't really get a chance to hear any of us, everyone was trying to get this attention, the guy in my pic wanted something signed but Michael bowed at him and told him "sorry he couldn't sign anything right now". Michael was so polite about it. It was crazy back then quickly they moved up some stairs and out the doors outside. It happened so fast!!
With the excitement of it all I went back inside and up to the stage, I was going to ask for a drumstick from the clean up crew, but I saw someone with it, so I asked them for a playlist. A young man looked around and brought me a sheet with all the songs of that night. TIP#4 ask and you shall recieve. My sister taught me this. Bang your hands, as if playing drums, on the stage to the cleaning crew, but look and point to the drums, chance are they will throw you a stick (i did, got one from Air Supply and Lionel Richie) Also they tape the songlist on the stage floor or on various areas, so just ask someone for one, that's how I got Rick Springfields and Air Supply. Oh I almost forgot!
Michael did say that he would be on Dancing With the Stars, the crowd went wild. He said he couldn't tell us who his partner is until Wednesday. But he did say " she is awesome". He also said it would be difficult because of his tour schedule but he was willing to work it out. He told us to follow on twitter and facebook. The crowd went wild, now we get to see him on a regular basis.
Ok so I'm sorry I went on so long, this has turned into a book, but I'm on such a High, I hope I can sleep tonight. Thank you for all your support. I hope to get those videos and pics out real soon. There not the best but I would love to share them anyhow.
Goodnight until tomorrow. In about 6 hours!!! Love and Kisses from Texas- Sylvia (Pardon if I made mistakes, it's late and my eyes are tired)
Thank you Sylvia for your review I can tell you have enjoyed yourself to the max
So very pleased you had a night you will forever remember
Love Dianna xxx
Great review Sylvia, thanks
while I was reading your review I was with my mind in my last M.B.'s concert in Italy. The same great experience!

Silvy from CH
Likewise, Silvy.
Fantastic review Sylvia!! I can tell how excited you are. What an amazing time you had.
The part about giving Michael the flowers is brilliant. So happy for you that you had the best time.
Look forward to seeing the pics and videos.

Love Deb xx
So happy for you Sylvia.Cant wait to see pics.He really does make you feel like it is just you and him doesnt he.xxx
Though I can't see&all that, I've been able to hold his hand at various concerts&once, during WAMLAW, he nodded to my friend&she nodded to him I was there&he eyed her to bring me up in which he did. He had the mike towards me singing WAMLAW&I held his hand&said, "Thank you. You're good. Your show is good." I felt stupid but loved it. That happened in Temecula in 2008.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA so, I understand. :)
Oh I just melt when I hear those kind of stories. Thanks for sharing
Goodnight from Texas- Sylvia. Counting 20 days till Michael (DWTS)
*puff puff* Oooh Silvia, I held my breath all the way through reading your review!! I was so excited!!! *puff puff*

I'm sorry that the meeting with Michael after the show wasnt exactly how you would have liked it but you have shared time with Michael and that is something a lot of fans never will get to do.

I'm so happy for you that he liked the flowers and that he held your hand with his pinky finger. Arent his hands soft but they always feel cold to me when he's on stage.

The first time I met with Michael, I did actually get 2 cheek to cheek cuddles off of him and believe me when I say, if I had died there and then in his arms, I would have died a very, very happy girlie. I think it should be a condition of being a Michael fan that every fan should recieve at least one cuddle off of him.

All in all, you have had a wonderful evening and an experience of a life time and a night that will keep you 'floating' for days and days.

Bless you and thank you for sharing your report so quickly after the concert and while you were still on Planet Michael.

Love Jennifer XXX
Wow, Sylvia you had a wonderful night and I'm thrilled Michael could announce on stage his appearing on Dancing with the Stars!!! People are already buzzing on the Net about it... You had a great night and isn't the show fantastic. I'm glad you got to give him your flowers . That's fun, I've done that over the years too. .Way to go getting moved up as far as your seats. That's always a bonus and being at the stage is always the best!!!!! LOL You and I think alike, I have a few of MB's copies of the set lists over the years too. Nice to keep to remember the show by. Good for you.

And you did get to meet him and shake his hand and chat ever so briefly.. That's wonderful.....I hope you like your photo with him, if you are standing beside him in it you could crop the strangers out...Thanks so much for sharing your night with us. I can feel your excitement in your post!!!!

Robin :)
What an amazing review... I've no words...
It's so nice you could meet him... I can't wait to watch him dancing, so I've no idea how he could do it. The only thing I hope is that I could watch the videos of the program on the internet, if not I'll dieeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Me too Manoli, I hope to see him dancing on YouTube videos!


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