2010 Concert Tour Reviews-Please share your reviews with us here!

Hi everyone, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for everyone to post their concert reviews in again like we've done in the past. It's such fun hearing about all the shows and everyone's experiences and see their photos. 


Anyone attending, please post your review.  Its exciting that Michael and his band are hitting the road again and traveling the world!


I hope you all don't mind I started this thread for concert reviews.  I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences!



Robin :)


P.S.  Update-Nov, 2010-I wish them well and cannot wait to see the show again in 2011!!! MB totally rocked it at NJ PAC 11/3/2010!!! Thanks Michael!!!!!


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Dianna&Robin. You're both right. No show is ever the same. Robin, thanks for your descriptionsd when Michael sees me. You're not the only one who has said that. I first was like with people "Yeah, right." But the thing is, you must be right. I'm blushing. Not trying to toot my horn but if it's true, which it seems to be, then it is&thanks. :)

it will be a while before I'll post as I'll be in henderson a week. but I'll try to give my review before I leave on the 15th, ok? :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
What a wonderful performance this was. My dear husband knew how much I wanted to see Michael in person, so he bought tickets as soon as they became available. The cozy setting of the Davis Theater (1,200 seats) made the show even better. With our seats located second row, left of the stage, we had an excellent view.

The night was made more special when Michael held my hand as he sang toward the end of the concert. Due to my mobility impairment, that night might be the last time I am able to walk up to the stage unassisted at a concert. I will forever be grateful for that one chance. My husband made my dream come true and Michael made the dream even sweeter.
Hi Sue and welcome to the forum! Was this your first concert? Sorry to hear about your pending mobility problems but I’m happy for you that Michael made this night so special for you! May I ask which concert you went to? Well as you see if you’ve browsed through this thread, we all agree with you that Michael makes every concert special. Thanks for sharing your review! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi Sylvie,

This was the Sept. 6th concert in Montgomery, AL. Yes, it was my first concert. We tried two years ago to get tickets while in Las Vegas, but had no luck. Thanks and best wishes to you, too!
Thanks both Robins for the review and description! You're a lucky one Robin from CA... I'll look forward to your Henderson review sweetie, have a great concert! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi BBs. This is from Fri and Sat in Biloxi. The "Alabama girls" are BBs from..you guessed it Alabama. LOL.
Great to see you Alabama girls!! It was wonderful!! As we walked away from you guys when you told us not to do anything to embarass you, lol, a lady came up to me and said "Oh you guys are big fans?", I said "Oh yes, for many years." She said "would you like some backstage passes and reached in her purse and handed us two backstage passes!!!! We were so thrilled!!! I have been backstage before and had my pic but always with other people in the pic, this time I got to be by myself WOO HOO, can't wait to see it. When we went backstage they told us it was going to be very quick, a handshake, a pic by their photographer, no autographs and told us not to try to kiss him LOL. As I walked to him he smiled such a big smile I was blown away but I had the sense to say "We love your blog, thanks for doing that" and he said "Oh really? His eyes lit up and he said "I am trying hard to keep up with it". Then I said "congratulations on your grandaughter" and he said "Thank you, she is coming soon." Then he put his arm around me and I hugged him and they took the pic. I didn't swoon but almost LOL. As I walked away I said "you're gonna love that grandbaby, I have four grandsons and there is nothing like them" and he said " I've heard that, plus you can give them back!!" How funny is that. Anyway it was most awesome!! We were able to move up to front row on Friday night and second row on Saturday. I don't think you will be able to slap the smile off our faces for a while. Leesa has been having some computer issues but I'm sure she will post a review when she gets her computer fixed. She did get backstage passes for both nights, totally unbelieveable. Sorry so long but just wanted to share the excitement!!

Awesome Lynn. Wow! Backstage passes. I'm glad for you getting pictures, hug,&conversation. See, you treasure every moment. :)

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Hi Lynn, wow, thanks for the review! But tell us, did you enjoy the show? Lol Glad you got your pic alone with Michael. How clever of you to mention the blogs, most of us wouldn’t have thought of it! Oh Lynn, long enthusiastic reviews are the best, even incoherent ones sometimes! Lol Thanks again, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
The shows were awesome, pretty much the same song list as someone posted here recently except he did both Rock Me and HAISTLWY for encores both nights. Sat night concert had more loud fans so it was great. He did an extended version of Rock Me Sat night.
I keep liking this guy more and more! Must have been exciting to get to go backstage and meet him like that, even if it was hurried. Don't worry, I won't even attempt to slap the smile off your face, just bask in the feeling.
Amy you will fall for Michael honestly he is such a beautiful person with a heart of gold
And his music is magic!
Love Dianna xxx
Lynn that was a beautiful review I enjoyed reading it so much
Thanks for sharing with us
Love Dianna xxx


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