HELLO EVERYONE, Since the 2011 Tour Review Thread is not playing nice and throwing us all back to the beginning lately, Gail asked if I would go ahead and start the 2012 thread. So here it is.. We can all share our excitement for Michael's upcoming touring and events in 2012 and chat and have fun here till the shows start in 2012.

Everyone is welcome to post and share their stories and pictures, videos from concerts and trips to see Michael do what he does best-SING!!!   Michael will be touring in 2012 starting so far with some shows the end of January.  There could be other events sooner too so if anyone attends a great Bolton event/concert, feel free to share your experience here.  I hope to have a review after the Chester, PA show on January 28th along with some other fans that have gotten tickets for that show and  the Atlantic City, NJ show on January 27th as well!  After that there are shows in Australia so far listed for 2012.  Following those shows we have the Concert for MBC and Traveler's Golf Event in June, 2012 and later on the MBC Gala in Sept.. We already have some exciting events to look forward to next year and I know there will be much more to come.

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum.. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as before.


Welcome everyone!!!!!


Robin in Maryland USA :)


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You're teasing Chip. I've never met you or your wife up here but I take it that those were pictures you sent? Hope you both will be able to come out here with reviews, please? Thanks. If I had won the $578 Million last week, I would have been there&done the whole USA tour. :)))))) but $$$$$$ don't exist. Shucks. Neat gift for your wife's birthday. Now how cool is that? boltonnut from L. A. CA who Loves life & Michael Bolton :) &I have a friend who lives there on the coast. I would have stayed with her. I can dream, right. Wish I could go tomorrow night as well but.....Reviews folks.

Robin CA below I have given the link into Chip's thread that he started where he has been posting about the concert since July and he has, in fact, put his review over there.    Hope you can follow it and get in and read but if not let me know and I will copy and paste what Chip has written and send to you - okay ?? :)




Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thank you for some great photos, Chip, and I read your review. I hope you and your wife enjoyed the concert and would love to hear about her response to your surprise for her.

Kathy T. :-)

Awesome pix Chip:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Firstly.....below is a link to Michael performing "Georgia" at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, on 4th December and although Michael and the band just about resemble dots on the landscape the sound quality of the video is great....first few bars of Michael L's playing are a little harsh but after that it settles down and is brilliant !! :)



Secondly......here are a few of Gillian's photos from the show at The Mahaffey, St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday 6th, and I have brought these photos over from amongst Gillian's 112 photos that she took...LOL....(she wanted the show documented in photographs and I really do believe she has achieved it !! )....and they are to let you see the change in attire of Mr. Bolton for the first couple of photos show him with his grey tie on and then we see him with a pair of shoes that I think look FANTASTIC and I want to see more of those shoes.....darn annoyed that his denims have slightly flared bottoms for they kind of hide the detail in the shoe and for Sylvie and Robin CA the shoes look the softest of leathers, or the toe could be canvas, and they look to be of a cream, don't think white, with either brown or black detail on the uppers which is leather, I think brown, but what you can see looks terrific.....wonder if he got them in Shanghai's Santoni Boutique ?? LOL    The last one I have put in I love and especially that extra long scarf .....enough from me here are the photos...................................






Gillian is going to come in with her review quite soon but as I said before she is still on holiday and hardly wants to use up hours of sightseeing sitting writing a review but what she has been doing is, when she has flown between cities, then she tries to catch up on stuff and has promised that she will try and do that soon for us but no matter when, definitely at some point in time, she will come in and give us a review.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Great pics by Gillian!!!! Thanks for posting Sylvia..Like the silver tie and the scarf both on MB!!!LOL Great pics!!!!!! We welcome Gillian's review when she can catch her breath and post it for us!!!

 Looks to like he put on the tennis shoes early in the show that he's been wearing for the 2nd half with jeans!! They look familiar!!!


Robin in MD :)

Trop bien les photos surtout la dernière, avec le jean, trop trop et encore trop

Thanks for all descriptions girls&Sylvia, Thanksfor the thread also, Sylvia. Wow! I wonder if it's the same scarf that brushed against my left hand. wow! There's so much out here to read. Wow! I'm not the greatest with the computer but I'm holding on to this to check out Chip's thread. Thanks. Boltonnut from OL. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :)

Katia has said about all the photos and especially the last one, she likes, with the jeans !! :)

Merci Katia et bon de te voir ici!! :)  

I have just thanked her and said that it is good to see her on here for Katia has only joined the forum recently and only been on one or two other threads.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




Welcome to the forum, Katia, and ENJOY!!!!!

Kathy T. :-)

Bonjour Katia et bienvenue à notre forum! Je t'ai laissé un message sur ta page, or si tu as besoin d'aide, laisse-le nous savoir. :D Fais attention à toi. Câlins, sincèrement, Sylvie du Canada :D


Hi Katia and welcome to our forum! I left you a message on your page so if you need help, let us know. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

Well, I'm sure there will be more shows for Chip's wife&perhaps with the grace of God they'll meet him. Where there's life, there's hope. :) boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life & Michael Bolton :)


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