I wanted to start a new thread here to keep any promotional tv or other appearances for Michael new book or CD.  So far this is what I have.  They will also be listed on the main page but I will try to remember to bring them over here.  As always, check your local listings for times and stations but most will be NBC.  Times will vary:


Monday, January 28th
-Good Day NY 9:20am

WednesdayJanuary 30th 
-Today Show and performance



Thursday, January 31st (this is actually at 12:30 a.m. EST so definitely check listings on this one)
-Jimmy Fallon 

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Thanks Gail,

Michael has been so busy, I don't know how he fits in all of this running around, and still answers our questions, how much Red Bull does he go through? He did say that he would be doing a sequel to the book, as he is teeing off on to the back 9.


My brother-in-law checked out the talk&said it's all reruns. So, we'll see. Like I said, I can't get Rachael Ray&fox&friends. I may be saying it wrong.

Hey Robin R.   Not to worry I'm sure Gail will post it on here if possible:)! She's good at that stuff!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Some way, some how, I'll hear the shows. I don't have cable & Rachel doesn't come on here any more.

Good day

I just received a notification that my two books I order of MB for my birthday ( The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life and his other book The Secret of the Lost Kingdom) has arrived at our post office.  I'm so happy that my books has arrived that I'm crying tears of joy. Will be posting pictures later on today when I have gone and fetch the books from the post office. Thank you for everything you do MB !!!!

Sheroda from South Africa

Oh that is wonderful news Sheroda and thanks for coming on and sharing with us and now you have a new bedtime book to read to your son and you can read it every single night and no one will guess it is just because you want to look at the picture of MB !!! LOL   Have fun with them Sheroda and please come back on to the Comments on Book thread once you have read and let us know what you think about it !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hello my wee scottish friend

I know for a 150% that I will not be able to put either of MB's books down . I will certainly come back and comment on the book thread once I have read it finish and let you know what I think about it. Keep well my friend.

Hugs from South Africa


Here is a picture of Michael out and about in Manhattan yesterday, 7th March.......................



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


You are a great friend my wee scottish friend. Thank you for the stunning picture of MB.

Sheroda from SA 

Sheroda, I'm glad you've received your books&for your birthday too. Welcome to the forum. You may have already been up here but just wanted to welcome. I'd rather do it twice than not @ all. Enjoy reading.

Sherodal Goodnight! I'm so happy for you! I also received my book a few days ago ... and I'm very happy ... but I'm slow because I transcribe and translate first then Spanish ... slowly but surely ... every night I read a little .. . but what little I've read ... I love it! is very livable and very agile and transparent ... as I see it is his personality ... a taste and a hug from Argentina, Mar

Buenas noches Sherodal! me alegro mucho por vos!! Yo también recibí hace unos días mi libro...y también estoy muy felíz...pero voy lenta porque debo transcribirlo primero y traducirlo luego al español...sin prisa pero sin pausa...todas las noches leo un poco...pero lo poco que llevo leído...me encanta!! es muy llevadero y ágil y muy transparente...como veo que es su personalidad...un gusto y un abrazo desde Argentina, Mar

To let you know that Michael will be on SCOOP: The Talk show on CBS on Wednesday, March 13 Singer Michael  Bolton performs live and discusses his new book "The Soul of it All;" Talk  Takeaway: sex advice with relationship expert Anna David (n)

Read more about Scoop: THE TALK on CBS - Week of March 11, 2013 - BWWTVWorld by tv.broadwayworld.com



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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