Sorry it has taken me a while to do a sticky of this link to the birthday calendar.  Thanks, Dianna, for the great job you did putting this together!

*****UPDATE -10/15/2015

I've added an updated calendar below for those who are asking. Thanks, Sylvie for updating it.  I have posted it in two formats so all should be able to get it.


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Hello, Madame Helen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thank's with all my heart for having two nice boys, particulary one : Michael !!!!! Without you, no love from all of fans for your boys.... Again, deeply : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MADAME !!! All my wishes for this new year.... Long life with us !!! I kiss you tenderly Bye BD

Know you are on holiday right now in Ethiopia....having a wonderful time.....but I do hope you manage on here in the near future Jaana for I want to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday on this, our official site, and to hope that today is a beautiful one for you and you know I wish you nothing but good health, good luck and happiness and here is a little bit of Mr. Bolton for you on this special day :-


Yes "pinched" from our very own wonderful Marie on FB, after asking permission.....what pictures that girl comes up with and I hope you like this one for I certainly do and so does Marie !!!! :)    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jaana !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


P.S.  To let Sylvie and Robin CA know what I have put in is a montage of pictures of Michael smiling and in between pictures are pink hearts and the words "Beautiful Smile" are written across picture in pink for a "Pink Lady" perhaps !!!!! :)    Marie makes all montages up of Michael and they are truly wonderful - in a lot she places little pictures and then puts the words to various songs but they are so tastefully and beautifully done that they are works of art....they are just gorgeous and you almost can't wait to see what she produces next !! :)   Sylvia.

Oh yes, I want to wish Jaana a wonderful and very happy
birthday too and I do hope she peeks in at least after her vacation. Jaana, I
wish you mostly lots of health, great success in everything you endeavour and as
much joy as your heart can handle! I for one miss your sweet bubbly personality
around the forum and hope to read you again soon. Again, happy birthday
sweetie, take care. Big hugs,sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: Sylvia, I’ve heard of Marie’s pictures, thanks for the

Jaana I would like to wish you sincere happiness always

love Dianna xxx





Hello Sylvia,

How you have the time and, the most important, the sources to realise this very nice work ??? !!! LOL

Yes, i know,you have some chance to choose some pictures on FB and you have, also, the time to make this good work on the beautiful face of MB with a lot of smile photos !

Again, like a joke between us, one world : Thank's !!!! I kiss all with tenderness, and, of course, particulary, the first personn who was founded this site, with good ideas or wishes : MICHAEL... Bye BD

Hi Bernadette......I only wish I had made the picture but I did not; Marie Rusova created it and I asked her if it was okay to use as I thought it was rather beautiful and fitting for a Pink Lady with all the pink colouring in it .....I am glad that you liked it !!! :)

J'aimerais pouvoir faire ces photos Bernadette mais je dois laisser cela a Marie !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Thank's for this information !!!! lol But it's one of the wonderful smiles of Michael !!!!  Thank's again.... Bye BD

A very special birthday wish from Marie which she has asked me to place on here on her behalf which I have the very great pleasure of doing and it is for JAANA on her special day -



Sylvia on behalf of Marie Rusova.


For Robin and Sylvie Marie has made up a beautiful picture where she has placed four pictures of Jaana wearing different MB t-shirts to the left and sweeping over the corner as though rising in a arch with another two of MB over on the right; one lying almost straight on and the other angled to the right and slightly overlapping each other as do the pictures of Jaana herself and she has surrounded them by red roses and, I believe, apple blossom and she has written in the centre of the picture: "Jaana, Happy Birthday to you, 30th November 2011" and the background colour goes from a green into a pink and it is beautiful !! :)   Sylvia.

Hey Sylvia, thanks a lot for the description, that sounds pretty! Dumb question but did she put this arrangement on Facebook since Jaana is there more often than here? Just wondering. In any case, thanks again Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada 

Marie sent one to Jaana on FB but wanted this one brought over here as she wanted to join with us all in the thread.  :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Happy Birthday Jaana!!!   :)


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