Sorry it has taken me a while to do a sticky of this link to the birthday calendar.  Thanks, Dianna, for the great job you did putting this together!

*****UPDATE -10/15/2015

I've added an updated calendar below for those who are asking. Thanks, Sylvie for updating it.  I have posted it in two formats so all should be able to get it.


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Happy birthday to you Ivana & celebrate it with many more returns. Boltonnut from L. A.CA USA :)

Hi, Ivana

Happy Birthday !!! I hope you have a wonderful and special one.

My best wishes. Enjoy it !!

Take care


I want to wish  my little Norwegian friend Janniche “congratulations” because that’s how you wish  someone a happy birthday in Norway. Have a wonderful carefree birthday sweetie, be well and have lots of fun! Take care Janniche. Big warm birthday hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

P.S.: To my knowledge, Janniche's birthday is today, the 21st.

Hey Janniche, those of us old enough to remember could tell you about an old song that went: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"" and another song called "Go ahead and cry" but girlfriend, you're only getting at an age where people can't  treat you as a kid and you deserve respect! Now why does that remind me of rodney Dangerfield? ;D if you're getting old, what does that make all of us? lol Sweetheart, remember that life is what you make it and you can be happy if you choose that the world won't get to you. Now treat yourself to something you love like blasting MB music and make the world go away! :D Which is another song us grannies can know, wow, I'm on a roll! lol take care my young friend. Big bear hugs to you sweetie, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada xxx

Welcome back Sassy!!! Or do you sound more like Grumpy!!!!! LOL I think you need more strawberries!!!! Hey...did you hear Michael is coming to Norway?????

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Just checking your "young" reflexes Sassy!!!! LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob

& Sylvie, I know them air ole' songs. Yes ma'm. I'm probably about the oldest BB up here. I was somewhere today & I had to fill out a form for my age & I think I caused the girl a coronary. :) We're onlyas old as we feel & I ain't doin' too bad. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

Happy Birthday Sassy Janniche!!!! lol  Hope you had a nice one and find time to collect more Michael photos to share with us on the forum!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Hey Janniche, you see, that's why we all get along so well: a lot of us are still teenagers in our heads! :D take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

LOL....... :)))))))  So true Sylvie!!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Kathy & Sylvie,

Yes, that is true! I feel like I am a teenager sometimes, talking with you all online, talking with girlfriends on the phone etc. Going to concerts, like we did for years.........but then I look in the mirror..........or my hip starts to bother me.........and I body is not the same age as my mind!!!


from the Jersey Shore

Hi Joy, that's the advantage Robin R and I have on you all! :D We're all teenagers, but with a lot of experience... :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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