Sorry it has taken me a while to do a sticky of this link to the birthday calendar.  Thanks, Dianna, for the great job you did putting this together!

*****UPDATE -10/15/2015

I've added an updated calendar below for those who are asking. Thanks, Sylvie for updating it.  I have posted it in two formats so all should be able to get it.


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So sorry Janniche, I wasn't on here regularly and missed your birthday.. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Robin in MD )

A Happy, Happy Birthday Pilar..................



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Happy Birthday Pilar,have a nice day! Take care Silvia PS

Have a wonderful Birthday Pilar!!!!!! Wishing you a lovely day with family an friends!!!!!

Robin in MD :)

Happy Happy Birthday Pilar!!!

Warm Greetings from Holland,

Nicolette xx

Hola Pilar, tenga un cumpleaños maravilloso y especial: Espero it' ¡s llenado de amor y de música del MB! Gracias por todo que usted trae a este sitio. Abrazos grandes, sinceramente, Silvia de Canadá: D  


Hi Pilar, have a wonderful and special birthday: I hope it's filled with love and MB music! Thank you for everything you bring to this site. Big hugs, sincerely,

Sylvie from Canada :D

You go Sylvie, speak to her in her native language. Also, thanks for the translation. :D Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA Love it.




Pilar feliz cumpleaños! Espero que tengas un maravilloso lleno de diversión y un día lleno de michael!





what in the world Gloria? Boltonnut from L. A. CA

See, Gloria, I have a speech program to read my screen & the voice changed & it scared the ba hee bee gee bees out of me. I had to admit I laughed. Even when I checked the lettering, it sounded different. I'm not bashing, understand. I'm just wondering what it's all about. :D Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Dearest Pilar...I wish you a happy birthday and many more happy and healthy years to come. Enjoy it with your dearonce...and happy easter dear.

lots of love Jacqueline xxxx


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