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Beautiful Marie and LOVE the one on left....oh boy, that jacket and shirt and I wish he would still wear the taupe/camel/brown colours and let his hair go grey/white....some people think it only works great with black but not so .....come on Michael, try it !!!! :)

Díky opět Marie za krásný obrázek!!
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Thanks Sylvia

with love Marie

Thank yoiu ladies for the fantastic pictures. Much Appreciated.




He does not always smile....

This last picture scares me:

Love ALL those photos from Fox & Friends, Ivana and just a set of different expressions caught when he wasn't posing for photographs and we can all be caught with different expressions when different thoughts run through our minds but as I say I LOVE all of those for they are NATURAL and they are of Michael Bolotin !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


I just found this photo on twitter. 

Hugs !


This is a close up from when he got the VH1 Honors Award!!! Love this one.

Thanks for posting it here!

Robin in MD:)

Now that is a really Good pix of him, back in the day..when we All got Hooked on him:)!

Mary (M&M's)!

Still am hooked after all these years!




Oh Francoise,
Thanks you so much for that one........just love it!
Joy ;)

Merci Francoise and those eyes !!!!!!!! LOL.

Here is the one of him with the award and it definitely looks as though taken at same photo shoot .........................

They are good quality photos because I have enlarged that one quite a bit from the original I have so can see how someone has managed to capture just the face and what a face !!!! :)



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I remember when he got that one and watched it on my neighbor's TV as we didn't get VH1..Recorded it too I think..Loved that era with his arms and the tan..Whew!!!! LOL

Thanks for adding this one here too.

Robin in MD:)


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