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Joy I have a machine that has both formats and I can convert VHS to DVD format and it plays both. I can also copy off the DVR to a disc and save things if I want to.. Kinda neat. It converts either way from VHS to DVD not sure why anyone would want to copy to old VHS but it would do it!!LOL I've had it for some years now.

Robin in MD:)

Hey Fiona,

I love it, you really are a fan! You wonder about the designs on his clothes! LOL! We had a big discussion here one time about what was on Michael's tie & another time something about his scarf I think.  You fit right in here girl! Look back on this link, you will see pics you won't see on the internet. Some of us have been fans for close to 25years. We have pics from the old fan club days before the internet, we can scan & post here.

Hugs from NJ


haha yeah! I'm like... if I find out what pictures or logos or style of clothes he's wearing, I'm just like, "yep, time to find that and wear it too!" LOL. 

I'm a complete newbie.. 1 week. Cries! But seriously, that's so cool that you guys have special old photos that the internet doesn't even have! I'm just here secretly saving as many as I see them LOL

Welcome Fiona.. Yes we are all young at heart at Joy said!! These are some great pics you posted here..Love them...oldies but goodies.

Feel free to post often.

Robin in MD:)

Thanks for the welcome! I'm still in the process of compiling my Michael Bolton photos folder... with a million photos.. LOL


Well Fiona, all I can say is if it's been taken and one of these ladies can't find it.....Michael is holding onto it:)! LMBO!

I don't know how they do it, but they find AWESOME pics of Michael:)! Gotta ask, have you seen MB in the Starburst commercial? It on here somewhere:)! Have Fun shopping for pics!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Yeah I saw those starburst commercials last week! They're so amusing HAHA- I watched them through browsing through all of Michael's news posts on this site... I got to the back, and the last few pages have mostly broken images though :( Not sure if it's just me?

also currently going through all the videos he shows up in posted in that video thread. :D



This is in reply to your comment about the machine you have that converts VHS to DVD. There was no "Reply" under your message........

I have heard about things like that, I want to look up reviews on them before buying them. You can still get them. Just so busy, I need time to

look up what I want to buy first, and then find the time to actually do the conversions! My home vidoes on VHS of my daughter growing up I

have had most of them converted by taking them to Costco and having it done there. Would be nice & cheaper in the long run to do it myself!

Are they fairly easy to set up & use?

Joy ;)


Hi Joy, I purchased mine in 2008. Yeah it converts one way or the other. Just be sure you use discs you want to use possibly in any machine, computer or DVD player..  When we got new satellite the guys wired it into my digital DVR box too, so I can take stuff off that and copy to DVD/discs if I want. Nothing on there I want to do that with but I could the way it's wired in..Kinda neat! My machine is a Sony brand. I think we got it at Best Buy back then, nice to play old VHS tapes and also use for DVD's.  I should convert more of my stuff but it takes time and I don't do it.  my bad...The satellite people hooked mine in for me.  And when we switched satellite providers a few years ago after we first had the newer equipment for that it was again wired to my current DVR box. 

I hope you can find one you like.

Robin in MD:)

Robin, Thanks so much for the tech info! I really want to look into this one of these days!

Joy ;)


Think this is really a lovely picture and it is of Michael with Gaby Roslin who interviewed him today, 19th October, on BBC London 94.9 on her show.



Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thanks Sylvia..Great photo!

Robin in MD :)


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