Here we go with the New 2011 Concert Tour Review Thread. Michael's tour begins again in the USA in Florida on January 13, 2011!!!!!!!!  I hope Michael is well rested and ready to get back out on the road!


Please share your concert experiences, pictures, video links etc. with us here. We love hearing about the concerts and the great times had by the fans.

You all have made these threads fun in the past and I look forward to more adventures and fun this year!!

I look forward to reading everyone's reviews once again and also contributing some of my own in 2011!


Have fun everyone!! Not much longer till Michael and the band hit the road again!


Robin in Maryland,  USA

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Couple things here. When folks put the videos&youtubes out here, I really appreciate it as I don't know how to do that&the articles too. Also, Sing does "Fields of Gold" in 1993. I love vince Gill. I would like to hear that. Is it on youtube. Of course, love it by Michael. That song makes me cry like "To Make me Feel Your Love" as it reminds me of my dear friend Holland who passed 3/18/10. I don't mean to mention that. Also, I've noticed sometimes last week when I enter on the link to read replies, January of 2011 shows up. What's up with that? Am I the only one? boltonnut from L. A. CA USA&hope all in the US had a great Thanksgiving. I did though there was a little sadness. A friend of mine here in L A. died from heart problems. Sorry to mention. I know folks don't want to know. I'm not a drama queen honestly. I've been going through a lot sinceSeptember but I'm alive, breathing (though difficult sometimes)& have to keep the aith, attitude,&persevere. :)

you got me worried now Robin,what's wrong with your breathing,did u get the results back?and, probably know that anyway,but Sting actually wrote the song :Fields of Gold and was the first singer to sing this(his own) song.Much love Robin and you know-I said that in some other tread before-if you could see you'd see that you have the most beautiful looking eyes,sparkling and true

Hi Robin

Sorry to hear of your friend passing it's always horrible.

I know you have been having some health issues and hope you are feeling better real soon.

Up until Michael sang "Fields of Gold" I had never heard it, I think you are right though it is such a beautiful song and "To make you feel my love" is also a beautiful song.

I strongly believe "Fields of Gold" should have been realeased as a single for Michael it is such a pleasure to listen too and it has been done beautifully. David Foster is Brillant I have always admired him and his work he has a gift as well.

Love Dianna xxx

David Foster is awesome. He plays the piano so well as does Jim Brickman&many others. I agree. Fields of Gold by Michael should have been released. Nothing against "I'm not Ready" but anyway. Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

Glad you enjoyed the links Robin CA and on your problems with accessing certain threads a few of us are having problems at different times that is what Sylvie, Astrid and myself have been saying and talking about where we keep getting sent back to the first doesn't happen every time and not on every thread so just have to go with it and see if it is maybe caused because of the number of pages that have been used especially on this thread where it is now over 500 so maybe when Robin MD starts a new thread in 2012 the same problems will not be doesn't really matter where you place a post because notification about is still sent out and as long as people access it through the access facility given to them in the e-mail they will drop onto the correct is six of one half a dozen of the big problem  !!! :)   Sorry to hear you have experienced another loss of a friend Robin....difficult to take but, as you say, life must and has to go on and if not for ourselves, we should give it all we have got, in the memory of those who have gone !! 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.  

Since September, I've dealt with several deaths&a lot of folks family&friends being ill. I know some folks probably feel I'm a drama queen&I don't mean to be. I know we're only out here to talk about Michael. Because of my asthma difficulties, I've been put on Prednisone&an antibiotic. It's weird. Don't feel bad just quite uncomfortable&a heck of a lot of coughing but enough of that. It's a tuff year for a lot of us. Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

Here are some pictures from the Dubai concert:   Pictures from Dubai

Thank you Gail they are great. dad & Ashley


Thank you Gail for the pictures of MB , he look great !!  I love it:) Thida, Thailand,xx

Hi Thida, Hope you're ok from things that went on in Tyland. I think I'm right that there was some flooding, right? Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA

Thanks Gail, Someone got some good shots, love seeing the fans rockin out at the stage!!! LOL

Robin in MD :)

Thanks Gail

Some of them are great pic's

Love Dianna xxx


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