Hi everyone a few of us were having a little chat about the good old days and I have some files that I can share with you BUT I KNOW ALOT OF YOU HAVE ALOT MORE so if you can help bring back some great memories to share with us why not and try and bring this forum back alive

Love Dianna xxx



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Hey Dianna. When you have time we hope to see more updates. Thanks for.starting a fun thread...

Robin in MD :)

That was great fun Dianna. Reading the originals is a hoot!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob


I love Bolton Adventures.  That would be a great title for a book.  I ususally write a short story about each of our trips. A few fans know that there are three of us that have been traveling together for 18 years now. I refer to my friends as Lucy and Ethel.  I am Ricky trying to keep them out of trouble.  Ha.  I was wondering... Has any of Michael's fans ever written a book about him from their viewpoint and about their experiences?  I can't because my friends would never speak to me again.  Ha again.


hey Alison,

I can honestly say that I have written a book of Bolton adventures...I gave this book to one of MB's band members, and he said he'd give it to him...I was later told that Michael got it on his next concert date...I really hoped he would get it, I put my heart & soul into it...

and I'm not shy, I tell any & everybody about it, that will listen:)! LOL!

Mary (Meg's mom)! 

How cool is that Mary!!!  My friends and I said we should have journaled our adventures over the years but we never did.. We would have had a book by now too! That's great you were able to give it to someone to get it to MB!! Way to go girl.

Robin in MD :)

Mary I remember that delightful story when you shared it with us on the tour thread!!! SUPERB Mary and I KNOW you had a blast!!! LOVED your story :) Robin you will find her story way back when....when exactly was it Mary??? lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Hey ladies, here's a thought: why don't we start a thread and call it: Bolton adventures? We have the tour thread of latest adventures that's dormant for now and Robin's thread of "16 years ago today..." that has people's first experiences:


but why not have a thread of our favorite Bolton adventures? It's a thought... Let me know what you think. Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

A great idea Sylvie for I certainly would love to read all about "Bolton Adventures" from way back and if I can just say because of the book idea being mentioned on here I thought that could have been another wonderful idea, as Mary has just about said, for a gift to Michael on his 60th but thought it could prove a little too involved to achieve BUT with your suggestion,  could a thread not be started and be one that on his 60th Gail could transfer and send to him to read if we asked her and she agreed and those that contribute also agree to Michael seeing their stories.....to share with him the fun and laughter and smiles and tears that must all have contributed to many Bolton Adventures for so many fans I believe could be something he would appreciate especially at such a milestone in his life and career ....as I say....just a thought !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, glad you liked my idea! There was such a book compiled for Michael, back in the MBPlatinum days called "Heart and soul". I'm sure it would be possible to have a new edition of it that could even be put on a CD to save trees, but let's leave Michael's 60th aside for now. I just thought that since the tour thread is quiet, it would be one way to share our favorite times among friends. Again, just a thought. Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada 

Seeing as it was your idea Sylvie, wont dont you start it. 

You can tell us all about how you first 'found' Michael and how many times you've seen if, and if you met him etc.. or if you haven't met him, what would you like to say to him..etc..

It was your idea, so you should start it for us...get the ball rolling so to speak.


You can start a new thread again Sylvie. I already told my story on the one I started about 2 years ago but feel free girl!!! I would like to read about other fans first finding MB!!!

Robin in MD:)

You silly ladies we have all been doing this daily!!!! Every one of us when we post about our concert experiences or Michael chats!! And thank you Alison for mentioning that Bolton Adventures would be a great book title!!!! I agree for I have been calling all my Bolton personal experiences Bolton Adventures since day one. Just read back on the tour thread!!! You will find every single super fan who has ever posted there and all their DELIGHTFUL details!!! We all apparently think alike when it comes to the happiness that Michael brings us :) I will post anywhere when it comes to supporting Michael...LOL

Kathy and LAFD Bob  


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