We may start getting a few promotional appearances for GEMS now.  The first will be June 8th on the Loveline with Dr. Drew from 10 p.m. to midnight.  You can find a station here:




Also it looks like you can listen live or on the website either after but you have to be a loveline member. 








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Hey Girls,

   We went, and we are All 3 worn out...so tomorrow night I will try to give you all All of the details:)! My ankles are swolen so I need to put them on Ice....LOL!

Alot of walking!!! Stay tuned:)! And thanks for All of your kind wishes:)! Very nice of you All!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

Hi Mary,

Hope you had a great time at the fair and some corn dogs for Wee One. Maybe a trip to Sonic today for a corn dog for myself. Hope your ankles are better, too, Mary.

Kathy T:-))

Well, Mary, how did the show go or did you get to the back of the buss. Must be flying high. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life&Michael Bolton :)

As we wait with bated breath. :) get them ankles better. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life&Michael Bolton ;) how did mom do?

Hey girls,

    I hope you are ready for this, cause I gotta take you through step by step! Enjoy:)!

1st I talked my mom into wearing a Rascal Flatts T-Shirt, then I talked Meghan into wearing the "Back to the Good Part" T-Shirt she bought me for Christmas last year, then I of course wore my "Gems" T-shirt! So there you go, we were dressed & ready to go, armed with our Poster of "Love Is Everything"...LOL!

Since we don't live very far from this venue, maybe 10 mins. we  left here around 3:30 or so...we got in & went straight to the buses...and they had plenty of them, too! So we kinda walked around, looking from side to side, but some guards kept telling Us All to move, in order to keep the aisles free for those Golf cars..to get by! So I went to this one side that the cars enter at, and the guard said it was ok to stay there, but they hadn't arrived as of yet...so we waited for about 30 mins. til my mom said she was ready to go inside to the exhibits...so we went ( I didn't want to) but what can I say I had to go with Meg & my mom!

Beings that this was Saturday the place was packed with everybody & there dogs! Nobody's in a hurry, except for me...LOL! I wanted to get back to those Buses!  Well I got some of that Peanut Butter Fudge! (1 piece was $1) I got 4 pieces! It's the best fudge ever! So we went  to the lottery booth, the Wamz booth (where Coyote was, Sylvie) but I didn't say anything! I just signed up to win tixs. (Didn't Win)! But we tried!

People kept asking my mom if she was going to the concert, it was funny:)! I few woman asked me if Michael had a New cd coming out, I said yes, but they should check Gems out 1st:)!  So we went through all of that stuff inside, and then we went out to get our Fair Food....I brought mine home, I got myself 2 corn dogs Sylvia, and they were Delicious:)! Meg. tried this burger that's called the "Krispie Kreme Donut Burger" she got it with chicken (dressed)...OMG I wouldn't dare even try a bite of that, but she liked it! My mom had a corn dog, too & some Tea...then we bought Pork sandwiches and brought them home, (mine was for my hubby) my mom took hers home...and Meg. got her boyfriend one, they looked delicious!

So now we are going back to the Buses, and we got my mom settled in on a bench with all of our goods! Meg. & I go hang out by the Buses & Yes we did see them a few times but they just waved and went on....!!!  So I was upset because right before I left to go get my mom..I sat down and wrote them a letter explaining why that song means sooooo much to me...and I really wanted to give it to them....when all of a sudden there guitar player (John) came walking in...where we were standing, and Meg. said mom look, shoot I yelled Hey please come here, just for a min. and he did..I asked him to give the letter to them (I glued it on Red construction paper) and he said, Which one of the guys do you want to have it? I said it was for All 3 of them...Then Meg. asked for a pix. with him & of course he said Yes! So off he went carrying my letter...and I was tickled so much that I got All teary eyed..and told Meg. to just give me a min..& she did! We didn't stay much longer, my mom wasn't getting around very good, but she was a Trooper to say the least..we got home safe & sound and we were All 3 worn out!  Meghan will be posting that pix. here tomorrow, so hang tight:)!

Well that sums it all up...I've tried my darndest to promote that song...so I hope one day to hear it on the Radio! I hope you all had a good time as well:)!

Good-Nite All!

Mary (Meg's mom)!

So, did Meg get a picture with them? I know, Mary, you said your letter was given to them. Now how cool is that. Thanks for having corndogs for me, ok? Love chocolate fudge more than peanut butter fudge but I'm glad y'all had an awesome time. :) Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life&Michael Bolton:)

Mary thanks for a terrific review of your day and it sounds absolutely wonderful and so glad your mum stayed the course and enjoyed herself too !! :)    Great that you at least met John and got picture and did you not ask him where the others were ????? LOL.

I have one confession to make for I looked up a recipe for Corn Dogs and I am sorry to say as soon as I saw frankfurters, I thought, I won't be tasting a Corn Dog for I don't like frankfurters and in actual fact I haven't had red meat since way back last year.....not a deliberate thing I just haven't had and nor have inclination to have....sorry !!! :((((((


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Mary, thanks for coming in and telling us about your day! Oh wow, with those 3 T-shirts, I hope the 3 of you are in the picture! :D Girlfriend, at that price, maybe you should get the recipe for that peanut butter fudge... :D I’m actually surprised Coyote doesn’t know you by name or by sight by now... ;D The burger Meg had sounds like something my son would try, no thanks! Oh Mary, I’m so glad to hear you talked to at least one of the guys and your letter was received, which is the most important thing. So did John comment on your poster? You guys seem to get such a kick out of making those... :D God bless your mom for putting up with the "fan thing"! :D Well sweetie, as far as I’m concerned, you did promote Michael, “Gems” and “Love is everything” so mission accomplished! Thanks again for sharing with us sweetie, take care and have a great day. Big warm hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

So, I reread your review, so, Mary, you did get to speak to one of the guys from Rascal Flatts? I forgot to comment on your shirts&posters&all that awesome stuff. I still have to say, "Go mom." Love it. :) Boltonnut who loves life&Michael Bolton from L. A. CA :)

Hey Mary,

It was meant for you to run into John, the guitar player. I am so happy for you that you were able to give John the letter to give to Rascal Flatts about the meaning of "Love Is Everything" to you. I love that song as well, great song, brought my Gems cd out this morning.
Glad you all had a good time and enjoyed your favorite treats.
I loved your review, sweet memories for all of you. Thanks for sharing, Mary.


Kathy T.:-))

Great Rascals story Mary!!! I loved your patience....for it usually always pays off!!! Good for you and your t-shirt partners!!! lol

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Speaking of fudge, I do have an awesome fudge recipe&can't make it any more. Allergies, too much on the hands but one can make chocolate or peanut butter fudge. Off topic here. Patience is a virture, that's for sure&I'm glad Mary y'all met the guitarist&the letter was received. Wow! Boltonnut from L. A. CA who loves life&Michael Bolton :)


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