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I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now. I’ve been reading since the beginning of this forum, many discussions started by fans who simply wanted to share their joy of being a Michael Bolton fan. We have threads to share concert reviews, some to share news, videos etc, but not exactly what I have in mind. I would like for this thread not to be about meeting Michael, but about MB related moments in our daily lives, that anyone can take part in. I’m sure we all have tons of fun stories about how the existence of our Michael made us smile today.


For example: I remember once working on the computer and being stressed out to finish a job, then I took a break and turned on the radio, SILYBIL was on and I felt like I’d been given a big hug! Also, I remember once reading on one of the old message boards, someone had gone to a thrift shop and found an MB T-shirt and it made her day! Another story of mine has to do with my husband driving with “The one thing” on, stopping at a light and the guy in the next car asked him who that was and said this was great music! Your anecdotes can also be about how you've converted a "non believer" or your child’s discovery of Michael and sometimes we have as many stories as we have kids! Anyway, I guess I’d like this thread to be kind of a Michael Bolton  “Vegetable soup for the soul”. :D I have a few stories in my own life like these and even started my own personal document  a while back and I thought: why not share our stories together? So there you go MB fans: share away! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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Debbie started out with Soul Provider until he sang Soul of my Soul which reminder her of her love for her own children. And it stayed her favorite after that. Thank you for thinking of her.

Thanks for retelling this Sally.   Gail

But that's our Michael his kindness&generosity. :) Can't help but love him.

Second that Robin CA and a few others who worked behind the scenes to make that story possible deserve a big shout out for their kindness and generosity in taking it on board and for not only making Debbie smile again but for giving her husband a beautiful memory that will live with him for the rest of his life no matter what happens .......that is the specialness of life, those beautiful, beautiful memories !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sally. I could be wrong but doesn's Debbie have a daughter named Danielle? She must be close to what 18 or something like that? I could be getting Debbies mixed up&I apologize for being wrong.

Danielle turned 15 in January. She's really struggling with the loss of her Mother right now.

Aw! sounds like a lovely uligy

Yeah, a lot of us started out with Soul Provider. The first song I've heard of Michael's was "That's What Love is All About."

Hey Robin,

    My very 1st song I ever heard Michael sing was "How am I supposed to live w/out you"...It was a beautiful song...still is..LOL:)!

I hadn't heard him before, then I started asking others at work who he was...finally got his name...and have been Hooked ever since:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

That was really the point of my story. But I'm glad that everyone has endeared Debbie to themselves.

Thank you.

Hey Sally,

   Oh I Love that song "Soul of my Soul"...Heck I love anything Michael sings..LOL!  But on a more personal note...my 1 and only daughter "Meg" moved out a couple of years ago....I was in total shock...and to this day I wish she would come back home...but she is All grown up now, bought her own home & All of that! She has a boyfriend & 2 dogs to share it with! We are Soooo close it's like the cord was never Cut! LOL:)! But during that time I listened to "Soul of my Soul" so much and cried like a Baby! All of you helped me get through this tough time, and I thank you All very much! My husband & I both really love the song "I'm not Ready"...and when you hear him sing "My bags are all packed....etc" Whew, it gets Us everytime! Sorry but I just had to tell you that:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!


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