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I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now. I’ve been reading since the beginning of this forum, many discussions started by fans who simply wanted to share their joy of being a Michael Bolton fan. We have threads to share concert reviews, some to share news, videos etc, but not exactly what I have in mind. I would like for this thread not to be about meeting Michael, but about MB related moments in our daily lives, that anyone can take part in. I’m sure we all have tons of fun stories about how the existence of our Michael made us smile today.


For example: I remember once working on the computer and being stressed out to finish a job, then I took a break and turned on the radio, SILYBIL was on and I felt like I’d been given a big hug! Also, I remember once reading on one of the old message boards, someone had gone to a thrift shop and found an MB T-shirt and it made her day! Another story of mine has to do with my husband driving with “The one thing” on, stopping at a light and the guy in the next car asked him who that was and said this was great music! Your anecdotes can also be about how you've converted a "non believer" or your child’s discovery of Michael and sometimes we have as many stories as we have kids! Anyway, I guess I’d like this thread to be kind of a Michael Bolton  “Vegetable soup for the soul”. :D I have a few stories in my own life like these and even started my own personal document  a while back and I thought: why not share our stories together? So there you go MB fans: share away! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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Thanks for another fun story over breakfast Robin CA.....thanks !!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi everyone, well speaking of hearing Michael in unexpected places, sometime last year, I was at my opera buddy's house, spending the day getting ready for a recital. Listening to the classical station on the radio, we heard, during a post opera special feature, a montage of pop stars singing "Che gelida manina" off "My secret passion" and of course, Michael was the most spectacular of the bunch! I was just so thrilled to hear him somewhere so unexpected and that the classical station recognized him to have recorded one of the better recordings of non-operatic stars! :D I have to say that it wasn't much contest, but it was still thrilling to hear that... :D Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Wow! Sylvie, Now how awesome is that. Thanks for sharing.

Does anyone know or heard about Michael  singing on Natlie Coles new CD? My wife told me he was so let me know if he is so I can check my wife story out lol.

Her newest CD was just released in spanish. She does many. duets, but i didn't see Michael on it.

I know when Michael did the 4th song on his Arias CD @ the symphony tour 9/8/01 in Atlanta, I cried so bad on that song. Wow! I guess I'm an easier cryer. Embarrassing sometimes but Michael does that to me somehow.

Yeah, girl, Lexington, KY. Did I write OH? Oops, my bad. The thing is though, my friends Leeta&Anna passed away since. We'd all send tapes back&forth to one another--you know like pen pals writing letters. Sylvie&I met through email @ first, & then, we taped but we did meet twice in CT in 2002&2004. I've been taping (I know I'm off topic) with folks 44 years now--reel to reel&then, cassette&still do the taping. Enough of that. I can't think of the town Anna lived in but she was close to Lexington.

Hey Jimmy, well I just checked Natalie's latest CD, "En Espanol" released June 25 and I'm afraid your wife is wrong. She does sing a few duets, notably with Andrea Bocelli but not our Michael. This could have been why they were both at the Latin Songwriters Awards recently, (coincidentally in Florida) but no, Michael isn't on her CD. Check it out here:


Take care Jimmy. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

When I was in Columbia SC, I was the only MB fan. Leet & Anna were just tape pals & I don't mean just in a negative here. But Mary went with me, Ruby's daughter. She liked him&all but she wouldn't consider herself a fan. Oh! well!

There only seems to be Sylvia, Sylvie, Mary, Kathy from Tulsa on this thread. Oh! well!

Hey Robin R.   That's ok...I bet there are a few lurkers that read our stories! But don't want to share there's:)! All in good FUN:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Plenty more than us four have put in comments in this thread as for a start it was almost kicked off by Karina Brewer and by the number of views it has had, as Mary says, there are plenty of lurkers and if you are not happy with just the four of us being in talking Robin then don't bother with it anymore.  There are plenty of threads that you don't come into, e.g. I have a Miscellany thread with all things about Michael, granted there are a lot of pictures in it but a lot of information too, i.e. everything about his trip to Ischia to receive his Legend Award last week is reported in it and too Sylvie and I have a New Resolution thread that we have now had going for practically two years and at times it is only her and I that post in it but again we know by number of views that there are plenty of lurkers but we don't complain that you are not coming in with comments so, personally, don't see why you are complaining on this about other people.  We accept that because you are on Twitter and FB a lot and with the threads you do follow on here that that is enough and other people could find that what they do already is enough for them for you must remember the majority of people on here are not like us Robin, single women, with not a lot of family commitments and therefore time to be on here, for many have husbands, children or grandchildren that take up their time and especially, as now we are into summer, then those commitments can increase greatly and cut down on free time. 


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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