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I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now. I’ve been reading since the beginning of this forum, many discussions started by fans who simply wanted to share their joy of being a Michael Bolton fan. We have threads to share concert reviews, some to share news, videos etc, but not exactly what I have in mind. I would like for this thread not to be about meeting Michael, but about MB related moments in our daily lives, that anyone can take part in. I’m sure we all have tons of fun stories about how the existence of our Michael made us smile today.


For example: I remember once working on the computer and being stressed out to finish a job, then I took a break and turned on the radio, SILYBIL was on and I felt like I’d been given a big hug! Also, I remember once reading on one of the old message boards, someone had gone to a thrift shop and found an MB T-shirt and it made her day! Another story of mine has to do with my husband driving with “The one thing” on, stopping at a light and the guy in the next car asked him who that was and said this was great music! Your anecdotes can also be about how you've converted a "non believer" or your child’s discovery of Michael and sometimes we have as many stories as we have kids! Anyway, I guess I’d like this thread to be kind of a Michael Bolton  “Vegetable soup for the soul”. :D I have a few stories in my own life like these and even started my own personal document  a while back and I thought: why not share our stories together? So there you go MB fans: share away! Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

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Hey Kellie,

Table deco. contest! Wow, make sure you get some pix for Us to see! And come back with your review, please! I hope you WIN:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your comments about the grocery! That was Fun! Sylvia...had to stay longer though:)! LOL:)! Sometimes we will hear MB's music and Meg. will say something like, hey mom isn't that Michael? And then we just start singing along! I know it's not often, but it does happen!

Robin R. I know what you mean I just love how MB sings "Drift Away"....every song he sings has a special meaning to it! To read about my melt-down you would have to go back to 2012 tours thread page 100 or so..and Meg. tells you all about it! Whew, I almost had to get up & leave I was a wreck...but then my legs were like rubber-bands...so I couldn't! Cried like a baby when he sang "Dock of the Bay" right in front of me...sobbed! I was so Excited:)! I can relate:)! Not to mention her very own Melt-down, too!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Mary, I hear you about Dock of the Bay. When Michael was talking about ZeldaRedding, I cried. So, yeah, Melt downs @ concerts. Let's see, To Make Me Feel Your Love, "lean on me," WAMLAW, & so forth. I've cried @ concerts myself. "Completely." I'll have to think of more. This last concert, I was a good girl & didn't melt down. 

Correction, that review would be on the 2011 thread:)! LOL! Can't keep up with the years, they go by sooo fast:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

PS. I have another story coming your way soon, stay tuned:)! Gotta get all the facts just right! LOL:)!


The first time I saw Michael in concert was 8/12/92 @ the Capitol Center in Maryland. I don't even remember the seat I was in but I went with my sister&this couple Jane&her then boyfriend. We had this gentleman take us. I won't go into the heck of a situation in going but the concert was awesome. The guy that took us was cool but unfortunately, he got a ticket but praise God we didn't have to pay for it. We had to unfortunately leave during WAMLAW & I vaued I'd neve leave during the last song&so far, so good. Ok. Let me explain about the heck we went through after all. This guy who worked for paratransit transportation in Maryland offered to take us. He even forgot he was going to North Carolina, so, this other cab driver got this other person to take us. Well, the first guy came all the way back from North Carolina knowing the commitment he had with us 4. I called Dave & told him that this guy came all the way back from NC to take us & to let the gentleman know we weren't ale to use his services. Dave got really angry. I could have not told him @ all; could have had his friend come&we not be there but I wasn't about to do that. So, this guy traveled several hours back to take us & even went back to NC the next day. I felt bad he got a ticket but all & all, despite what all we went throuh, we had an awesome time. I can't elieve it's almost 21 years ago. Sorry for the long novel but this is the thread to share MB stories to everyone. :) What we all go through to see the babe.

Hey Robin R.

Don't apologize for sharing your 1st adventure with Us, this is why Sylvie put this thread here:)! Chicken Michael Soup for the Soul:)! LOL!!! Great story, thanks for sharing:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Oh! I know Mary. The stuff we go through to see the babe. Pardon my errors. The gentleman that took us got the ticket just before we left. Wow! But to think instead of 1 trip to&from NC, it was 2. How kind of him.

Great story Robin CA and thanks for sharing and Mary adore your "Chicken Michael Soup" for that has got a nice ring to it and could well imagine it doing you the world of good !!!!! lol

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia, I wonder what's the name of the group out here you won.

I hope I'm not repeating this story. If I am, please forgive me. The second time I saw Michael was in visiting my friend Leeta in Columbia SC 9/5/93.Leet turned 40 on the 4th. I planned this trip within 3 weeks. Though it was the second time meeting Leeta, she really wanted me to come. She will willing to pay for Mary's ticket. Mary is Leeta's friend Ruby's daughter. So, I hopped on the plane & had to transfer in Lexington, KY&my friend Anna lived nearby & she came to meet me. Never met Anna but only once. See, I have a hobby of taping to folks in the USA&across the pond. Well, enough of that. I got to Leeta&Ruby's the 4th&Mary&I went to see Michael in Hilton's Head. The show was just totally awesome&rain, did it rain or what? The morning of the 5th, I had called the venue to see if the show was going on&they said rain or shine. Before&after, it poured, but not during. Now how cool was that. I had an awesome time. Didn't have a gold club seat but that's ok. Michael was awesome. 

Hey Robin, that's one of the cool things about going to concerts: all the BB's and friends we meet. Robin, you have an awesome memory! Thanks for sharing girl, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Awesome story Robin R......girl you go everywhere for Michael:)! That is just WILD...I know you liked it here in KY... which by the way that was Kentucky Rain falling down! Just like Elvis sang about!!! Or was that Billy Ray Cyrus? LOL!

Mary (meg's mom)!


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