Welcome everyone to the 2014 Tour Review Thread.  The upcoming year is going to be exciting with so many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, videos etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and the MBC Charity Event which will most likely be held later in the year too. Michael has multiple projects in the works so we never know what will happen next!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2014 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2014 to all of you!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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Thank You Sylvia for another wonderful review!!! I'm happy for you, you have been so constant on here...you deserve this Adventure of a life time!!! Michael will never forget you either, I'm sure:)!

Yes, it is Sad that people can be ignorant, and just simply learn to keep there opinions to themselves, but this is The real world, and people are so different....we should teach them a lesson in etiquette....Not Nice:(

I can't wait tor your next trip to "Boltonland"....LMBO:)! Enjoying that Cloud? I know you are:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Sylvia, thanks for your review. Wow! Another hand shake & visual contacts & waves from the babe. You write so well. I'm sorry to hear that the girl fell out. Gosh. Hope she's ok but, once again, thanks. Awesome he did some of Rock Me Baby.

Just to say girls I have copied and pasted my review for I have taken out part so for those that have already read please do not think there is really anything new for there isn't.  Went to sleep thinking about last night and answer came this morning with Michael's words of:  "Take the high road and ignore small minded people !!".....sorry Michael I forgot to do that but I hope "better late that than never" can apply !!!!   Sylvia.

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......Watered and fed so here goes for my little review of last night's show at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea.

As reported I had already sussed out theatre and in doing that had found out exactly where my seat was and was more than delighted to realize it was an aisle seat but even more than delighted when I got to theatre and found it for I was in the central section; for stalls were split into three with two aisles so I was at end of row on right hand aisle looking toward stage and my seat was K12 but again didn't feel too far away from stage because front row was fairly close with only a passage between it and stage but unfortunately and the first thing to go wrong, if you could call it something going wrong, was that it was level seating and I had one of the tallest guys sitting in front of me that I in actual fact could see anywhere in the theatre when I looked round and I could not see over his head.   I was fine either side, obviously, but he was inclined to keep talking to his partner, girlfriend, wife, whatever and of course kept leaning in toward her when he did and I felt like getting a hold of his head and fixing it in one place......LOL   Have to admit once MB came on it wasn't too bad because he was watching show and I managed to gauge my best position and of course as I was chair dancing I was probably moving far more than he had been previously and of course with MB moving about on stage it made it far easier too.   

To begin with the crowd were a little more subdued than at some of the previous concerts although they were shouting out and had a lot of fun banter going on with MB but he was just perfection and was thoroughly enjoying himself and at times believe he did forget just the exact point he was at and had to do a re-run in his mind to get back on track because he was having fun !!!! :)    The concert was absolutely and utterly wonderful and MB hit every note to perfection as did Kelly and Amanda and I swear that Kelly just keeps getting better and better, if that is at all possible.....she sang out of her heels again and as for little Amanda I believe you could almost say another Little Miss Dynamite is on the scene for I have to admit every time she starts to sing WIBOMFA goosebumps travel right through me for what a fantastic depth to her voice she has got...wonderful !!! :)    As for the rest of the band and especially that Jason Peterson DeLaire  what can you say except I am pretty certain that guy is just off of hitting that note on that sax that is going to smash every glass in the house and when he does, he is going to have some bill to pay .....LOL   When you really consider and think about them it is that they all gel and they come together as the one unit that produces such fantastic music because each and everyone of them is a true professional and a master of whatever instrument they play.

Kelly and Michael singing "The Prayer" was again outstanding and Michael's "Nessun Dorma", oh boy, oh boy, oh boy and you believe hearing that on the CD it is wonderful but LIVE, especially when theatre has wonderful acoustics, nothing can touch it, for he is not a pop singer singing opera he is, an OPERA singer, singing opera !!!   The set list was the same except at the encore he decided to do "Rock Me Baby" but he didn't extend it or even sing it as he has been known and heard to do it was very much going into the realms of an instrumental but it was fantastic to hear and he may just have had a little thought to do that because of a tweet I saw other day where someone had said to him that they didn't realize he could play the guitar as good as Hendrix....praise indeed and exceptionally justified praise too !!!!

Now onto other little things that happened during concert because before Michael had even come on two theatre staff and a security guy had come down the aisle and stopped a few rows in front of me and were looking at floor and I thought ....well....there is nothing there yet for them to be looking at but they certainly are visualizing something being there and then one said: "yes, we will place it there !!!!" and I can assure you forget my nose extending out for both my ears were flapping and imagination was running riot.  True to my thoughts when Brian was hitting that piano just before WAMLAW would start along came a fellow carrying the "stage" and placed it about four rows in front of me.  So, remembering Kathy's very sound advice that "an MB fan is always prepared"  I made sure camera was functioning and picked my bag off floor and flung over shoulder and I know girl next to me wondered what the hell I was doing and I then turned right round in seat just in time to be able to catch him almost running down aisle because stage was miles away from where it would normally have been and even after show Kelly remarked on that because they were all quite surprised at how near to the stage it had been placed but I wasn't bothering for as soon as he went past me I was out of my seat and in position standing right in front of him before his security guard had even got down on his hunkers.....OMG don't know last time I moved so fast.....a wee greyhound chasing the rabbit came to mind and I had to say to myself, don't start laughing, but I kid you not for what I did think was that all those girls on the forum would be proud of me !!!!! LOL   It was unbelievable to be standing so close to him and  when I raised my camera to take first picture after I had kind of recovered from shock, I was nearly in shock, for I couldn't see him and then this object in lens moved and I realized I was looking at some part of his face up close and then I remembered I had my zoom partially on on camera.....if he had a pluke on his face I could have photographed it....LOL   Eventually, got there, and I am so delighted with a few of the photos I took at that time for I think they are wonderful !!!    Obviously song drew to a close and MB started making his way down aisle to go back to stage so Sylvia, being a faithful wee dog, followed her master  but she had to stop at this object in front of her called a stage and I could not believe I was there again for that has been 4 out of 5 shows and not 5 because of layout of Wolverhampton theatre where no one got to stage.   Have got to say here that girl beside me was videotaping and she had phone held out just about in front of my face and at certain times, depending where he stood, I could hardly see him even although I was right at stage so first hand experience at how annoying that can actually be and kind of annoying it was !!!   Michael did come along stage and was shaking hands but had started at other end and fell just short of where I was and I thought, och well, that is that, no handshake BUT during TLAT back he came and this time started just to my left so as he drew closer I put out my hand out and of course being so wee I was down below everyone else and he was shaking hands with those above and leaning over me and he had actually gone past me and I was just about to take my arm down when he came back slightly and put his hand down and what a beautiful feeling having those fingers travel up and over yours....oh yeah and I would say far better than an actual hand shake for those at my M&G's I've kind of forgotten but those at stage boy I can still feel them for something almost sensual in the way it feels......okay girls, never fear, I am not going down that road tonight, staying on the straight and narrow for that boy has shaking me off of it enough over last few weeks without myself adding to it......LOL    Should also add that another guy in that line-up that is terrific too was Jason for when he saw me at stage I got the "point" to which I pointed right back and during show I actually got another two from him and just after my third Michael and him did it to each other as well.....so precious and so lovely !!!

Now we move onto after concert.    As I said I was in no hurry for knew Michael had his M&G's to do and I was definitely staying at stage door for it was still dry and as I only had about a 10 to 15 minute meander straight along road to hotel I was laughing so firstly went to ladies and length of queue there killed more than a couple of minutes of time and then I went and spoke to Joe at merchandise table and got a great shot of him which once I had taken I said to him just got a great shot of "man at work" and then he looked up and realized I had taken a picture and oh boy what a laugh I had with him for a few minutes because Joe hates getting his picture taken.   I then saw Kelly out in one of the corridors where she had been meeting people so went and spoke to her and it was so lovely for there was a couple still there and I asked them if they would take a picture of me with Kelly and she said but you have already got one and I said not with my new hair cut and she said oh of course we have got to get one of them and then we both looked at each other and it was slightly similar to you and I Kathy for we both burst out laughing at how stupid and inane we both had been.....OMG how wonderful and how easy  it is to go back to just being a girl !!!! LOL   What I didn't realize when the guy was taking it was that he was getting the whole of us in whereas I was thinking of only top half so I said to Kelly bend right down in fact get on your knees and the picture is quite a laugh for she is just about on her knees and it doesn't half show you that Kathy Rosario was spot on when she named me the "Wee One" and here is one of the pictures:

Time had then arrived for Kelly to get out of her heels and me to make way to stage door.    When I got down toward it could see there were a few people about but not too many and then spotted Jason talking to a couple and he saw me and how, where and from why but he has adopted the tag "Wee One" as well so he called on me and over I went and got a huge hug as he got one back for sure and then we stood and talked but apart from Michael's car being there there was also the truck getting loaded as well as the small trailer that goes at back of bus and then suddenly commotion as a girl had collapsed and only place they could sit her was at wall of stage door and security and theatre staff were there with her but eventually an ambulance had to be called and she was still in quite a state of delirium, she wasn't unconscious but was well out of it so whether badly dehydrated because sun had been fierce for a little while in afternoon or not, don't know but it caused a bit of trouble with Michael's car for it had to be moved to allow ambulance in or, at least, that was what was thought and his car was moved but eventually when ambulance came it stayed out more in the road and got her away and then Michael's car was brought back to stage door.   After a little while out came the man himself and he stopped and spoke and one girl took hold of his hands and  was talking to him but I couldn't hear what was being said as I was other side of car to door Michael had gone round to get in and other people were taking pictures of him but eventually I heard him say I have to go and just then I called out and thanked him for a wonderful show and he turned ever so slightly as he got into car as though he was going to turn to where voice had come from but angle and everything stopped him but obviously minute door was shut car started to move and just before it did.....I was quick again girls and realized what was going to happen .....so bent down quickly because I was in line with door window and waved to him and he had turned as he got into car and was starting to go into a bag that had been placed on back seat previously and he caught my movement and he immediately lifted his head and waved back....now whether it was just an automatic reaction to movement by as I will keep calling him a "gent" or, because he realized the voice was Scottish that had shouted out to him, I don't know, but I can assure you I got a lovely wave and not the Queen's one hand movement either, a proper wave and we all just stood and watch that car disappear away up and round a corner at top speed whisking him away to London where, as we all know he plays tomorrow night and everyone going is wished a fantastic show and I hope each and everyone of you are left with as many precious, wonderful and beautiful memories that I have so far been left with for I still have one to go and wondering what, if anything, will happen in Bournemouth !!!! lol    Stayed tuned to find our folks !!!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia, well I’m a little late coming in so missed your initial review. I wondered what happened since I read all replies before your review! :D  Well glad to hear the concert was so perfect and at least there was fun audience interaction, despite being more quiet. I guess Michael is really enjoying having regained his full power with “Nessun dorma”... Lucky you hearing “Rock me baby”, even if it is only instrumental! It’s fun to hear you’re gaining concert-smarts and developing cat reflexes! Lol  See: even sitting further back, you get a special moment, or should I say “moments”... Well anyway, thanks once more for sharing your terrific review Sylvia and thoroughly enjoy your last one! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QCCanada :D

GREAT review Sylvia and soooo happy I FOUND it!!! LOL I figured something was up and glad you reposted!! What a great show and all the little details filled with emotions are what make a review GREAT!! I am happy my "Wee One" title has come full circle my friend!! I think I nailed that nome de plume perfectly ;) It is soooo much fun reading about your adventures and it is even MORE fun knowing now that you have had so many of the same experiences as a lot of us on this forum. You so deserve it as you have waited quite awhile and the statement is so true....patience is a virtue AND a Bolton fan NEVER gives up!!! Looking forward to your concert "closer" coming up :)) Thanks again for a delightful review Wee One!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Thanks Kathy and glad you found it and that you enjoyed and I am sure glad this Bolton fan NEVER gave up on her dream....darn glad !!! :)  

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sylvia, you are just having a ball, aren't you?  Thanks for the giggles - don't get too excited now, will you?  "Michael Moments" are such precious things.

I'll try to find you in Bournemouth, just to say hello.

Margaret in Kent

The next show on MB's UK tour is at the Bournemouth Int'nl Centre, Bournemouth UK on Saturday, May 24, 2014.

Margaret and Sylvia and anyone else attending have a wonderful time!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Yay can't wait !!

That's great Samantha.  Please come back in afterwards and share your fun night with all of us!!

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi folks and have now arrived in Bournemouth and had a beautiful drive for I meandered from Southend-on-Sea and headed to coast at Hastings because I have never been there and then after little look about made my way along south coast to here. and I have a beautiful room.   When I checked in the receptionist was hesitant and looking and checking stuff and of course me, pessimist, started to think what is wrong and then he started to explain to me exactly where my room was that I had been allocated and he said as it is a Bank Holiday the hotel is rather busy plus they are going to have live music and being in room I was in I could be disturbed; whereupon I said I didn't really think it would bother me but he said why not go and check both rooms out and see which one you want.....now if that ain't service I don't know what is;  he has got a treble gold star already !!!!! lol.    I proceeded to check them out and first room was lovely went upstairs to second room suggested and boy, have a guess what, I'm in the second room !!! lol   I have got a double plus I've got a bath as well as shower and in actual fact I truly believe the en-suite is bigger than my loo at home.   So far off to a flying start here plus have taken photo from hotel room window and have sent it to MB with an invite for cup of tea....LOL   Below is photo I have taken and am going to have a wee cup of tea and then get out and have walk about and get down front and see what is like.   Should explain that building in photo is the BIC, Bournemouth International Centre, where the show is on Saturday....literally a walk across the road !!!!! :) Speak to you all later !!!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Dear Sylvia, I wishes you a good stay and a lot of relaxation before tomorrow evening the last Bolton adventure begins! Is this not frightening? Already the last concert? Where is the time stayed???

Petra (Germany)


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