Welcome everyone to the 2014 Tour Review Thread.  The upcoming year is going to be exciting with so many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, videos etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and the MBC Charity Event which will most likely be held later in the year too. Michael has multiple projects in the works so we never know what will happen next!!!! I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2014 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2014 to all of you!!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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Just back from the gig in Bournemouth. And WOW...amazing. One of the best live performances by anyone i've ever seen, and that's alot!


Thanks Great Neil. Michael never disappoints!!!!! Thanks for letting us know!

Robin in MD USA :)

Hi Neil and welcome to the forum. It sounds like this could have been your first MB concert, have you been a long time fan? Glad to hear Michael met your expectations! Thanks for sharing Neil, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QC Canada :D

Hi Neil. Thanks for your review &, I agree, welcome to the forum.

Thanks Neil for popping in with your review!! Steel Bars is awesome alright :))

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

Well folks curtain has closed on the final one and right now I don't really know where my emotions are.....take something from every human emotion and bundle it all together and you may just get where I am !!!!

To go back to beginning of night and unfortunately when time came to leave hotel the rain had arrived so it was a very, very quick zig zag into that theatre but absolutely wonderful that I was only a minute from it....if that !!!! lol   Found where my seat was and then made my way down to front to see if I could see Samantha but there weren't too many people in the front row and sorry Samantha didn't see anyone that I could think was you but just as I went to turn and go back to my seat this voice said: "Sylvia ???" and it was Margaret Hill and it was absolutely and utterly wonderful to meet you Margaret and I hope you had a fantastic time at your M&G and that it was the thrill of lifetime meeting Michael.  Once concert was finished I saw Margaret was still sitting in her seat so I went back down and wished her good luck and at same time asked girl sitting next to if she would mind taking our picture and here is that self same picture:

Sorry again Samantha but I did go along front row for a few people still about but didn't find you ....a shame but maybe next time we'll meet up and I also looked out for Debra who was at concert but no luck but I do hope that you all had a wonderful time !!! :)

Concert proper and unfortunately I found myself, just about, bang slap in the middle of a row so knew no chance of getting to stage and also too the stage was quite high, well, high for me, for I went up to it and I believe top of head was level with it for I had to lift my arm to place it on stage so bit of quick thinking and really wouldn't have made any difference if I could have got to stage for Michael stood no chance of shaking my hand unless he had really bent right down and I mean bent right down so from that point of view I wasn't too disappointed in the way the overall situation had worked out for obviously I would have been darn disappointed if the stage had been about a foot high but in lot of respects think I was better where I was and I had space to dance because majority all remained standing after WAMLAW.   Set list was the same except I became a bit suspicious as Michael was allowing a lot of banter between audience and was talking a lot more when introducing songs he was going to do and my suspicions were right for there was no Nessun Dorma as he ended that section of the show with The Prayer with Kelly.  Have to add here that there was a bit in the banter that was really funny for everyone was calling out: "love you Michael" and a lot of the girls were asking him to marry them and that was all fun and some of his answers were hysterical but this bit was good for a fellow shouted out "love you Michael" and Michael said "told you, strategically placed !!" and then the fellow shouted out again: "Yeah, but I'm straight !!"  Michael's face and his laughter and then he said: "That could be a good song title: "Said I loved you but I'm straight !!" and then he tried to become serious to continue but for a split second, whatever was going on his mind he couldn't stop it and the giggle burst out, OMG it was wonderful to see and hear and only with the experience of age did he manage to contain it but it really was a super part of the show.  Have to say that he crowd were good and I felt as good as in Glasgow although maybe a tad quieter at certain points but then came the encore he came out again with the guitar and did "Rock Me Baby" and introduced the band at that point and THEN and THEN folks, OMG, the music started and I kid you not and I did not expect it but the tears damn well came and it took me quite a bit of deep breathing to bury them for he sang "Can I Touch You, There" OMG that was wonderful and I truly, truly mean it if that was all he had sung I would still be smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat, it was just wonderful to hear that live and even though I was looking at Michael singing it all I could see was him in the white suit with the hat and it is still ringing in my ears.   Then the final line-up and the waves goodbye and then my Bolton Adventure nearly came to an end but not quite for I slowly made my way outside and saw Kelly signing her cards so waited till a lot of people had got there photo taken with her and then I said goodbye to her and wished her well and hoped for sure I will see her again someday and then went outside and made my way round to where I believed bus could be but no sign and there was one other girl and she started talking to me for she was wanting to wait and possibly see Michael but the rain started and I mean it really started pelting down and a wind with it too so much so that umbrella kept getting blown inside out but there were two staff members at a door and we spoke to them and they told us where the bus was and said Michael would be coming out of there so we made our way round but it was not exactly well lit and I will not say anymore as to how I felt but I was determined and we did find the bus and truck but there weren't many lights on but a door was open on the bus and I saw Nelson inside so I went over and spoke to him and thanked him for a wonderful set of shows.  The girl I was with had sort of disappeared then and was hanging back but we made up again and went further up but couldn't work out where Michael was going to be coming out and no sign of his car but there is an underground car park attached to the theatre and the road the guys had told us that Michael would be leaving on was the same one you hit when you exited the car park so I said to the girl that is where his car is and she agreed so we made our way back round to front of theatre and to entrance to car park and there were plenty of theatre staff all standing round entrance and they didn't half look at us and must admit I thought well okay if you saw his car and gave him a wave fair enough but I definitely felt that was all stood a chance of doing but I wanted to see band members and as you all know especially Jason so I said to girl I am going to make my way back round this way to where bus is and if nothing doing I am going back to hotel.   So the intrepid Wee One set off and OMG I got to the top of this hill and it was just getting darker and darker and I literally went round side of this building and I couldn't see anything so I stood stalk still to see if any vision would come and then I nearly burst out laughing for all I could think was: "spot the looney!!!" ...... chasing a darn tour bus;  talk about the oldest groupie yeah just about there with her zimmer frame let alone a white stick !!!! LOL   I slowly, inched my way forward for no vision was coming it was just pitch black and then suddenly a light came into view and it was the tour bus so from the light that was giving out and the truck because it was open at back as they were loading I could see the ground again and then I spotted Jason standing talking to one of the crew but I had a good laugh in getting to him for the wee bus driver was pulling all the wire to hook the trailer up as I went down toward bus he realized there was somebody there and he turned and I said "Hi" to him and he drew back and said: "OMG not you again and I hope you haven't got that  bleep bleep camera with you ??" and for two seconds I could hardly move for laughing.   I haven't mentioned the bus driver before but let's just say we have had conversations from Bristol to Southend to Bournemouth and all a laugh a minute !!!  Of course with him talking to me and me laughing Jason had looked up and spotted me and he called on me and I can assure you I went running down that last bit of road straight into his arms for a big bear hug and we had a good old chin wag and said our goodbyes and I thought it was rather sweet of him because he asked me where I had been in audience as he said he was looking for me and had started to think that maybe I hadn't made it and then I got the all important selfie and it worked perfectly this time on my camera and Jason took and here it is:

We had actually moved into a sheltered canopy bit of the doorway because it was still raining and as I say we said our goodbyes and I was just thankful I had met Jason again and been able to say to him what I did that it wasn't until I was walking back down pathway to get out to civilization that I thought ....Michael.....I never asked Jason if that was where he was coming out or if car was already in car park.......numpty sure rides again and that's me stripped of my gold star for being always prepared at a Bolton Concert.....oh no....didn't have it long, did I ??????? LOL  Hopefully I've got time to learn all the rules again before my next Bolton Adventure but hey Michael I don't want, or need, tooooooooooo long to learn them so please, please don't make it another four years....please and another little request, pick the same time of the year so that I have light nights and I stand a chance of seeing where I'm going except when chasing a tour bus as the oldest groupie in town !!! LOL

One Bolton Adventure down and I just know there is another one on the horizon  !!! :)  Can I just add that I don't think too bad as this OAP at 63 has travelled, so far, 1916 miles on her Bolton Adventure....give you final total when I get back home.

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Sounds like you had a great concert Sylvia to end your travels to see MB.  I hope we get Rock Me and CITYT too in PA. Not heard either for a while!!!  It's great you met up with Margaret, lovely photo of the both of you. I love MB's quick come-backs on stage to things people call out. That was a good one!!LOL I can picture that happening!! OMG He's something!!! LOL  Nice you got to say goodbye to some of the band. Many times we don't see MB leave a venue. He has a schedule that sometimes is very crazy and they get him out in a rush after he's done what he has to do. You had an amazing set of shows and lots of great memories to carry with you Sylvia.

Safe travels home. Thanks for posting!!!

Robin in MD excited to see MB again in less than a week!! :)

Thanks for a memorable "closer" review Wee One!! Spectacular reporting or Weeporting...more appropriately stated ;) Doesn't sound like the stage would have been any fun at all!! Most importantly you were there and gave all the usual suspects a nice send off! All of us forget to say or ask questions that we meant to say but that is what the NEXT concert is for ;) Glad you caught up with Jason! Oh the poor bus driver...ROF:!! We have all been Boltonized but he was WeeOnized!!! LOL As was MB and his band!! Thanks for a great run on concerts Sylvia and delightful fun filled reviews!! 100% pleasurable :))) Take care Wee One and get some rest!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob 

LOL Kathy and love "WeeOnized" and that poor bus driver ....I truly felt sorry for him but OMG he was a laugh a minute and I was darn pleased I met and spoke to him for a lovely guy with a wicked sense of humour .....LOL

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, Another great review, and Yes you are a "Groupie"....and boy did you have the time of our life:)! A Great Vacation w/Michael, and then Kathy & her family!!! I must say that I to am sorry it has to come to an End, this has been pretty doggone exciting here on the Forum:)! I absolutely Enjoyed All of these great stories:)!

Now why did you cry? Was it the Song, or just the thought of it being the last concert for awhile? You know you can always come to the States:)!

Not as pretty as where you live, but Michael will be here:)! LMBO! Now get plenty of Rest....before you drive Home:) Or shall I say Float home:)!

Be Safe!!!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Sylvia, thanks for your neat review. Awesome getting to see some of the band members once again. Also, Awesome MB did Can I Touch you There." Wow! Get some rest & travel safely. You sure did a lot of traveling I'd say.

Sylvia come home safe! And then I wish you every success way back to the reality! It will not be easy! That's for sure! Thank you for share with us your Bolton Adventure!

Petra (Germany)


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