Welcome everyone to the 2015 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with many concerts scheduled already around the globe!!! Those of you attending some of the Florida concerts in January,  2015 may see the upcoming Dreamjobbing winner performing as a backup singer for Michael!!  Feel free to share the details of your concert adventures, photos, etc.  This is the best time to be a Bolton fan with so many concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2015 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past. 

Happy Concert Time in 2015!! Let the year long concert party begin!!

Robin in MD USA :)

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Thanks for posting Sylvia and it is a gorgeous venue !! :). Wishing Sylvie and all going tonight a wonderful concert !! Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Thanks for these pics Sylvia! Looks like SYLVIA the solver is in a Beautiful Place, and MB is about to ROCK her World:)! @ Olivia's, too! Can only Imagine!!!

Mary (meg's mom)!

I wonder how little Miss Canada made out @ tonight's show? Am I talking about Sylvie QC?you betcha.

Before we get to read a review by Sylvie Boisvert, here's a review I found on the Internet!
Petra (Germany)
Thanks Petra.....I am sure it is a great one but I do not understand French......LOL.

I hope our Sylvie had the the time of her life last night !!!! :). She has waited a long time and for this concert I know. Looking forward to reading her review :). Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Thanks very much indeed for that article Petra...lovely one !! :)

I couldn't find anywhere to translate it so used Google and here is the way it has translated it to English and for once it sounds pretty good and as near the mark as I think you can get .......

"There is a little more than a year, Michael Bolton was in Montreal where he planned give a show at place des Arts, but that he had to cancel because of illness and had promised to return.

This Wednesday, March 11, the singer held promise to the delight of the audience in the Hall, people of all ages was to go with Michael Bolton who gave a varied show.

Michael Bolton has offered of his great hits such as To Love Somebody, How am I Supposed To Live Without You, Sittin' On The Dock of The Bay, and When a Man Loves a Woman. He also left plenty of room for his team of five musicians, leaving the scene a few times the time of some solo instrumental. He played a few duets with his vocalist Amanda Brown, among these, a stunning version of The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Amanda Brown was entitled to a solo presence on stage and sang a medley of three successes of the singer. Michael Bolton has offered a few times, inter alia of Sweet Home Chicago's Robert Johnson, as well as a blues where one could see the skills of the singer to the guitar, and then a classic song Nessun Dorma, which was his extraordinary voice that filled the room with his strength.

Michael Bolton seemed much fun with the audience saying; "Don't be shy, make as much noise as you want! (Don't be shy, make as much noise as you want!). The public has flown from the first notes and seemed to have fun as much as the singer, giving her a few standing ovations and shouting "we love you Michael" on several occasions.

Michael Bolton tour ends and following the Home Montreal will hope it stops here on a next occasion."

Danke Petra !!! :)

Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Thank you Sylvia for the translation. It was a wonderful concert I know !! :). Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay posting, but real life was calling this morning and I wanted to jot down a few lines of a first draft, while the concert was still bubbling in my head. Be sure that Olivia and I had a blast! As a preview, I can tell you that there were no new songs and the operative word of the night was: savouring! :D :D :D Thanks for the very accurate article Petra and both the pic description and translation Sylvia, much appreciated since it'll save me the trouble.  I'm working on a review and Olivia sent me enough pictures for an album! Talk to you all soon. Take care and big hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada XD 

Thanks for giving us a sneek preview Sylvie. You take care and looking forward to hearing all about your and Olivia's savoured evening with MB ;).


Kathy T. :)
I am looking forward to your review Sylvie!!

Robin in MD :)

Awesome Sylvie. I'm glad you had an awesome time but there was no doubt, was there? Can't wait to hear the or read the review. Also, awesome Olivia took pictures--enough for an album.

Bonjour Sylvie,

super contente pour toi ! merci pour ces petits mots, prends soin de toi ma belle ! Oui l'article était élogieux et super sympa à lire :) Bisous Bisous


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