Welcome everyone to the 2017 Tour Review Thread!   The upcoming year is going to be exciting with concerts scheduled already for 2017!!  MB has some USA shows starting off the year in January and more shows through early April so far and I’m sure many more to come around the globe as the year unfolds!  Also exciting for 2017 is the February 10th release of Songs of Cinema and I am betting a few more songs from the CD will make it in the tour setlist!  Woo Hoo!  This is the best time to be a fan with MB’s concerts and we may have a Michael Bolton Charities event later in the year, we never know. Michael has multiple projects in the works and he is good at keeping us guessing. I appreciate the opportunity to start a new thread once again for 2017 to give us all a place to share the best part of being a fan--- experiencing Michael in person doing what he does best-SING!!!!!! 

I am looking forward to another fun year of posts and sharing great times by the best Michael Bolton fans in the world on this forum. I will post events to keep the thread moving along as the concerts come up as I have in the past.  

Let the year long concert party begin and I wish concerts for all of you in 2017!! I know many fans are on other social media sites but I do hope we can continue with the exciting tour reviews here in 2017!  You all make the thread fun.  

Happy Concert Time again in 2017!!

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Have a greta time Kerie!!! My cd just came but NO signature!!! Well you know what I will have to do!!! LOL Can't wait to hear your review!!! Your husband sounds as sweet as mine!! Enjoy your cd :))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Have a super time Kerie and looking forward to review !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I agree with Kathy LAFD. If you got the money (&many of us may not) go when & while you can.

It is with a very heavy heart that I tell yall I won't be able to go see Michael tomorrow.  The school called me at 12 today and I took my son to the doctor and he has the strep and the flu.  15 years and one day away, I miss another show :(  I'll never get to see Michael.  Hopefully my lil feels better soon.  Say a prayer for him.

Oh no Joy, I am very sorry to hear this.  Such a shame for you.  I hope he's better soon and MB is back around your way again before too long and you can go see him.

Take care,

Robin in MD :)

Oh Joy, I'm so sorry sweetie...of all the rotten luck... What can we say? Well I know you're feeling discouraged right now, but at least, you didn't have an M&G planned and there will be other concerts, although I'm sure that's little comfort right now. I just hope your son feels better soon. Maybe you guys can have a DVD home concert tomorrow. My heart goes out to you Joy, take good care. Big warm bear hugs to you, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada xxx

Oh! Joy! My heart goes out to you. Hope your little one gets well soon & I know you're missing a show but wow!

Hey...you made it here Robin!! Great!! I did log in and saw the full page ad pop up but there was a button to the far right that said return to site or something like that. When I clicked on it I was then returned to the forum page. I posted this info somewhere else here also. Anyway....glad you made it through the challenge!! Feel free to add to my review...I am sure I forgot something ;)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

It's not easy but doable. I'm determined to get this. As I said, I have a lot of reading to do.

Nice you are here Robin!!

Robin in MD :)

Hey now Joy....your son will be feeling better in 2 more days, can't you find anyone to come stay with him if in fact the lil guy is feeling better, do Not freak out,you can't, he is too close o you now & your son will Not want to be the cause for you to be disappointed:)! So get his meds in him, tuck him in good and tight, and We Will All Pray for the 2 of You:)! Fingers crossed:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!

Kathy, I loved your review. I felt like I was back there. Your reviews were fantastic. On the 11th, Michael did comment on my t-shirt with the three pictures. you Said, "Triple of you." He said that "That shirt looks familiar" beforehand. It was cool. He said hi to me & I hesitated & I said "Hi." He said, "A delayed hi." You gotta love him. He did shake my hand on WAMLAW the 11th & during one of the other songs. He's such a babe. Sorry folks for the adjectives to him here but he is. Awesome you're going to Coachella. I'll be there. sixth row. I forget the seat # but it's in the center. Yeah, the barracades. growl folks. Anyway, you pretty much covered reviews girlfriend & I'll come out as soon as I can with the setlists. :)  


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