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how does society see people with challenges

Hello everyone Today I got a dose of reality to see how people with challenges I mean it's really kinda sad how people are treated when they have challenges I mean I wonder if people would step foot in some one shoes for a day that would be such a huge wakeup call for a lot of people who call them selves Normal Society yeah what is Normal? really I mean I am a…

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hello :) check this out all

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Im not ready

Hello dearest friends, how are you? anyways this song by Micheal Bolton is just one of those inspirational songs anyways it reminds me of not saying ready to say to bye to my dad when he passed away I didn't want to let him go :( god I miss him so much it's so hard to not being able to see him again and I just don't know what I can do with out my dad being here any one :( it just really sucks not having a fatherly figure in my life I feel so alone with my dad here :( it's so hard during that… Continue

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Hello everyone, the reason for this post is going to a powerful one :) the reason I look up to Mr Bolton is because he has saved my life from so many things from being in a dark place from being bullied…


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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope all is well with you :) anyways I have been extremely busy sorry I haven't been on this site. anyways I hope you all have amazing weekend. god bless nothing much to say =) I can't wait to hear Micheal Boltons new music Yay!!!! well have a good one all if any of you want made photos please let me know :)


from alayna <3…


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Hello Micheal Bolton fans how are you? anyways I love his new song

murder my heart It's a great song I love it anyways everyone I do make photos as well if you need any of Micheal Bolton please let me know have amazing day everyone.

from… Continue

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