Before starting my working day, I wanted to share the following.

The first time I got notice of the wide spread "variety of Michael Boltons voice" was in december last year, before, I never heard of him?! But as I see now on this page, he seems to be very popular in the US.

So I bought already in February 2 tickets for his show in Düsseldorf as it is my birthday. Now, approx. 4 weeks before, a lot of my friends call me asking what I intend to do on my brithday, as I normally invite them 4 weeks before and we are having a surprising day. This time I tell them, that I will spend the day in Düsseldorf and in the evening will go to a Michael Bolton concert (with a friend who already heard of MB). The answer is : Michael who? Even in my favorite Music-shop, they know MB, but do not have any CDs or didn'T know about the world tour. This is reallly a pitty. And if you look at the number of tickets still ready to be sold, it is something. Will there still be a concert? Why is there no promotion? I haven't heard a song in the radio. E.g. Bon Jovi is doing a very good promotion, so they are promoting in addition to his normal concerts a secret concert, just with a small audience and people call the radio station and are keen to go there. Which reminds me of a nice invitation I had 2 years ago. A friend sent me an invitation called " 40 women and one man" - the name of the man was secret and until he came in nobody not even her relatives knew his name:) We (really just 40 women, partly who never met before from all over Germany) met in a very cosy and nice restaurant, exclusively rented for us that day and waited for this man. Then he came in and everyone was surprised and a little disappointed - but only until he started to talk. No, it hasn't been Brad Pit or a nice looking man, no, it's been a very well known politician. But though, he was not a beauty (as everyone had expected when you invite just one man for 40 women:)), he was great in discussion and including him, we all spent an interesting, amusing and great evening, we will never forget.

I very much hope, there will be some promotion to be sure the concert will be a great success and MB will be known better in Germany.

Best regards to everyone reading this,


P.S. What about the other countries in Europe?

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