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Concert in Düsseldorf, Germany

Me and my friend enjoyed the concert in Düsseldorf a lot, though we were a little irritated of the few people (just approx. a thousand) visiting the show. Michael Bolton really deserved more!

As after the first songs still the people stuck in their seats, though everybody enjoyed MBs performance, I said to my friend to stand up, stay behind the last row which was empty and to enjoy the concert there while dancing. This was an extremely good decision. She was a little concerned, but I…


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Daniel Barenboim

I wonder if Michael Bolton knows Daniel Barenboim personnally. Just thought this would be very "enriched" for him as he often is posting about great people he met. I think that Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra would be people to meet. He has just been in Germany with this special orchestra to receive the 31st of october 2010 the Westphalian Peace Price . It is given every 2 years to young people who set an example of balance and reconcilation.

This Orchestra is…


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Michael who?

Before starting my working day, I wanted to share the following.

The first time I got notice of the wide spread "variety of Michael Boltons voice" was in december last year, before, I never heard of him?! But as I see now on this page, he seems to be very popular in the US.

So I bought already in February 2 tickets for his show in Düsseldorf as it is my birthday. Now, approx. 4 weeks before, a lot of my friends call me asking what I intend to do on my brithday, as I normally…


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Tour in Germany

As the "Bolton Team" will soon leave to Europe and will hopefully come in good health to Germany, I just wanted to post some tipps concerning the cities you are visiting. Surely, such a tour is hard work and no tourist trip, but some of you probably will never have the opportunity to come back to Germany again. As it is so diffrent to the US, you will hopefully have the one or other hour to take a view to some of the interesting locations in the cities of the country of the "poems and…


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Michael Boltons remarcs concerning Seal

Nice to hear that Seal really is a good person. Of cause I never met him and never will, but I like his music and as he sometimes is in Germany I watched an interwiev with him in a german show. He really was "down to earth", very kind, friendly and courteous. So, no wonder that he is married to a german wife (who seams to be very friendly,too). :)

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DWTS a good idea?

As I was very busy with a charity project from late August untill now, I did not visit this page and so did not read before any of the "MB visit to the dancing dept." This was really astonishing as shows like this in my country attract a certain audience, but after the first show, the so called stars change to those of second row like the divorced wife of our ex-chancelor, wracked third-class soap-opera "stars", body-renewed ex-wives and ex-husbands of actors etc. They appear in shows like…


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Pavarottis concert for children in Bosnia vs voice on Tour

As I am working for charity for education for children with downs syndrom, I got in dec. 2009 as a present the DVD edition of Pavarottis concerts for children. When I heard the performances of Michael Bolton I was overwhelmed by the variety of his voice. I must admid and excuses to all fans and Mr. Bolton, I never heard of him before...So when I heard in February that he will come for a concert to Germany to Düsseldorf (100km from where I live) in December this year, I bought a ticket - I…


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